Friday, June 30, 2006

the power of a woman

so many pp don't get it about women. our real power is in our companionship, our unwaivering support, our tolerance for pain, and our compassion for the less fortunate.

i believe that one of the reasons that so many relationships break up is because they are based too much on physical relations and not enough on companionship. too many ppl really don't enjoy the company of their partner. and that's too bad.

life is so short not to share the journey. it's the relationships you make that can make this journey worth living.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

update: new CD

I re-recorded my CD last night. Had a great set. Only problem is a major hiccup with my sound card. I think I red-lined it. I know i can fix it but this has bumped back reproduction by a couple of weeks. I finished the cover art for the one CD. Some of that work will go towards the cover art for my last one and will feed into my logo.

tonight i will re-record and hopefully make it out to play records with Native Intelligence at Sugar

i am super busy these days every time i get home.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

well duh

The republicans redistricted texas to disenfranchise voters.

my definition of purgatory (which is far worse than h*ll fyi)

is the 25 zillion times you have to listen to your CD to decide if you should truly let it out of the door... at your office, on your home puter, on your ghetto boom box, in your car... everywherez.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

new CD

it's final. i'm going to press. i'm doing the art work and my friend is going to be in the city to pick up the artwork Thursday. I should have both CDs by next Wednesday!


street noise

i have been dealing with brutal street noise between the hours of 4 - 6:30 AM on weekdays since i moved in mid-february. i am starting to loose my mind (for those of you who think i'm crazy already... beware)

i'm going to try to sleep with earplugs now. if that doesn't work i guess i have to live with this until my lease is up and move. ARGH!

Monday, June 26, 2006

new CD complete?

i think i've finished with my new cd: it's funkin' deep. i spent saturday making cubase my beeyotch. somehow, the act of moving my computer when i moved farked my sound card settings and it took me three hours to sort. and then i recorded.

it's up-tempo from where i normally spin but i love the music. it takes me about 10 times listening to something before deciding to officially distribute something... although i have handed out a few copies already.

i was a little critical of the tempo this past weekend... but i think i was unduly hard on myself. i was bummed about my set on the Big Love show. everyone face plants... but it's still hard to deal with. that's ok. i'm learning.

it just makes me want to work even harder.

Friday, June 23, 2006

new CD

my set at the big love show wasn't technically up to my expectations of myself although it's better than anything i've done before. unfortunately, my ears have progressed as well.

BUT. i have been having issues with this one record i really love playing but there are some technical issues to playing it. SORTED! it hit me over the head in a sleepy muni stupor of a commute. and well.

i'm heading to the studio tonight. i will iron out any kinks with my studio equipment so i can record tomorrow and master tomorrow afternoon/evening. it will be done Saturday evening.

i'm really excited.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


nothing like sending e-mail to 100+ ppl with the wrong URL. TWICE. it's not kzsuonline..... DOH!

oh well. i'm listening to the CD now and will release it if I think it's up to par.

Love you guys.

Oh. Native Intelligence aka Duane really rocked it. I mean it. He said don't expect much. I know BS when I hear it. He rocked the 2-4 AM listeners like it was his last chance.

Much love peeps.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

once again it's on

Tonight. Midnight to 2 AM. It's time for the soul-stice and the freaks come out at night. You can catch it here. It's me and partner in crime: Native Intelligence, formerly known as Duane.

What: The Big Love Summer Soul-stice marathon
KZSU Online or 90.1 on the peninsula

When: 12 AM - 2 AM DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings)
2 AM - 4 AM Native Intelligence (Sleevin Records)

Where: 90.1 on the peninsula and east bay around the 84 bridge
or KZSU Online

Big Brother

the future is now kids. big brother is sooooo loving you:

NSA has secret room on internet backbone for illegal spying

a note to a few wankers out there

for those of you who offer me gigs hoping for a date, or some sexual favor. let's not waste each other's time.

i don't sleep around. i'm not a whore. i want to get ahead on talent.

i would never sleep with someone who tried to manipulate me in that way, anyway. what kind of respect are you showing for women with your attitude? why would i sleep with someone with such an attitude??!!

if i were, i wouldn't go for $250. that's fo' sho'

i do want to date. but i'm looking for someone smart, someone who enjoys life, makes me laugh, and will be honest. if you fit that description, don't offer me a gig. just do the straight up thing! Ask. you might be surprised.

i really love men. i'm only asking for a little respect kids. seriously.

pls don't call me ice queen. a lucky guy is gonna find out soon that that is SOOOO not the case. he'll need to rest up. it WILL be fun.

web casting

i see there are free tools for streaming the software but how does one create the streamed audio? some of the software i priced is 3 grand! gimme a small break here.

not everybody has a daddy warbucks. it would be cool to do a radio show a couple of times/week from my home. saturday, 12-2 or some such something or the other rather.

so many companies make the mistake of missing the market of the little fry.

little fries want to rock it, too!

bueller? bueller?

my hosting service says they aren't ready with the bandwidth to stream software. i'm considing getting cable though. i have a 125 ethernet wire and a bunch of wireless modems. i have a bridge, etc. so i can get it around my house. that i'm good at.

things that make you go hmmmm.


This weekend I will reclaim my title as world-reigning mistress of sleep. I finally kicked the sh*t out of the street noise issue I have been dealing with. Thank goodness. No more waking up at 4 AM for busses and crap. It was just so simple. Unbelieveable. Too bad I'm gigging in the middle of the night or I would get on it tonight.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I just received a record all the way from Greece! Just in time for the Big Love Show Summer Solstice tomorrow night! Say yes to Thievery Corporation.

Monday, June 19, 2006

DJing Live on the Radio and online at KZSU

It's time for the big love show summer solstice (read soul-stice)

I'll be gigging live on the Big Love Show with Duane of Native Intelligence

Duane and I will be getting the party started.

You can listen online here: KZSU

When: 12 AM 22 June (Pacific Time)
3 AM 22 June (East Coast)
9 AM 22 June (Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam)

Who: DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings) (1st slot --> 12 AM PST)
Duane (Native Intelligence) (2nd slot --> 2 AM PST)

Loads of other DJs. This goes 12 hours!

Where: KZSU Stanford (90.1 on the peninsula) or online: KZSU