Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's Next?

Well so my contract end date is finalized now... It's 2 March. I will be bawling my eye balls out and emotionally trying to get myself ready for not seeing these people regularly anymore... They made me into a wayyy better person. But. Now I will be having some free time.

I'll be travelling from 7 March on through the rest of the month. I'll be home for approximately 1.5 days in between Europe and WMC. I got a fantastic deal on some tickets today. YAY!

Then I'll be travelling for half of April... Which half? Good question. It depends on a few things. I'll be going to NOLA and also other places including a trip to see my best friend from college in Texas pronounced (Tex-AZZ).

I'm probably throwing a party also in April but that depends on the venue and their calendar. Stay Tuned!

Woo hoo!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Giddy Up

So heavan to me is Saturday on a gray day music shoppin'. Or a sunny day outdoors. I'll take them both. See why I always love Satur-daze? and I mean it on the daze.

So I'm workin' on this super-set for Paris. I'm so stoked to do this 4-hour wammy type sets they do. And I'm gonna give them a little MC Solaar cause i think french hip hop is highly appropo.

This last track I just bought is so freaking wicked rad I don't know *what* to do with myself. I can't wait to play it out.

Speaking of record shopping on gray daze I'm up to 20 more tracks which is insane when you smash it with the 27 I got just before I left. I definitely *did* get some downtempo for my super set like the hip hop I mentioned and some other schtuffs.

    Things I'll be steadily working on before I leave are:
  • super set... ahhh the super set

  • business cards... gotta get those done. years coming now.

  • install the 500 GB hard drive on kaput studio puter. install OS. which OS? I don't know

  • recataloguing/organizing all music... new old

  • UGH!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm really pleased to announce that I'll be back on the decks with the menzz of Leath-AL @ the EOM Sessions!!! These guys rock it. Seriously!

What: DJ Zenith & Leath-AL on EOM Sessions


When: 19 Feb 09, 6 PM - 10 PM
8 PM - 10 PM (set time)

Guilty Suspects: Leath-AL
DJ Zenith (Zenomena, Funkentanzen)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Holey Sea Turtle and it's A-Moray (hee hee hee)

So round about noon I get on a plane today so but I wanted to put up the pictures of the sea turtle I swam with... it was fantastic!

And then there's this moray sitting under a rock:

Dive Log: Day 3 - Eagle Ray Alley

Eagle Ray Alley

This dive I got to dive with a dive master. Dive masters have done a lot of diving so they tend to have fabulous eyes...

He tapped his tank and I looked in front of me and there was a nurse shark

Then it started swimming right towards me and veered left @ the last minute!!!

And then I looked up and immediately there was another shark... this time a juvenile black-tipped reef shark:

We couldn't get the green moray to come out of his hole but he did stick his head out to hiss @ us... You can actually hear this hiss underwater...

Trumpet Fish

I swam a bit with this southern ray:

For whatever reason i didn't see many schools of pork fish so i snapped some photos of this one:

There were also other critters.... like a sea urchin:

and a sea cucumber... if you think these things look like a vacuum hose.... you aren't the only one.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dive Log: Day 3 - Permit's Ledge

Permit's Ledge

A hogfish

A honey-combed cowfish

Atlantic Spadefish

Parrot Fish

Schools of fishies:

And the funky rock-blending scorpion fish:

A Tiger Grouper:

Trumpet Fish:

Dive Log Day 2: The Big Scare

The Big Scare

So by now I had been paired up with these people I met for dinner the night before. They were really cool, fun people. Very fun. This happens after an unfortunate incident with my dive buddy @ Hard-bottomed cave. After I finished diving I find out they're harley riders! No wonder they were so fun!

The ├╝ber-shy four-eyed butterfly fish

Again, red-eyed squirrel jack

Rock lobster!!! These guys starting swinging their antenna @ you when you come near their domain. It's as if to say... "I'll kick yo' azz mo-fo! You get out of my hood!" I love it!

This dive featured a couple of swim-throughs:

And beautiful underwater scenes:

And fishies hanging out together:

And my fun dive-buddies took a pic of yours truly:

Dive Log Day 2: Hard-Bottomed Cave

This day we dove French Reef. These first pics are from a site called Hard-Bottomed Cave. I know there's not a snowball's chance in hell that my dive buddy from this first dive will ever read this blog and know it's me he dived with so I'll tell you this was the worst dive buddy experience I've ever had.

For those of you who aren't aware you always have to dive with a dive buddy. I usually end up diving with the dive master in the caribbean free of charge but they don't do that here in the states. If you want to go with a dive master, you pay. I don't know how much but I didn't want to pay.

But back to my dive buddy issues: My dive buddy just couldn't descend and I couldn't help him descend... He was doing everything they tell you not to do in dive training. I eventually ended up leaving him sort of as he was next to the boat and couldn't descend... I know I am NOT supposed to dive by myself but I knew other folks were underwater and I really wanted to dive. So I did. Here's the pics:

Hard-Bottomed Cave


A super male blue parrotfish

We swum amongst these guys the whole time and you know they aren't aggressive unless you're wearing the blingety-bling.... But... when you stare into the eyes of these gizmos you get a shiver... Can you say hello mista great barracuda??!!!



Red-Eyed Squirrel Jack:

Scrawled Cowfish: You can tell it's a cowfish by the distinctive horns on the forehead...

Spanish Grunt:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Howdy from Big Pine Key

Sucky diving weather for two days in a row has cancelled my diving. This is probably a good thing. I hadn't planned any time for seeing Key West into my schedule. Well DUH! Key west features the southern most point in the united states.

The lady who's the site manager for the place I'm staying @ told me this little coffee shop is the center of the universe for big pine key. i've been sitting here for a minute and i think it must be true. everyone is nice and smart-allecky.... my kind of people.

i just met this girl from new jersey and started rapping with her... she was wicked cool. she saw DJ on this laptop and started asking me about music.

Today is not only sh*t diving weather, the weather is cruddy period. But here's some pics from sightseeing yesterday:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brief Check in from the Conch Shop in Key Largo

So the place that I'm staying @ in Big Pine Key doesn't have internet. I'm hanging out in the local coffee shop uploading a few pics whilst I wait to have dinner with some friends @ a great spot on Islamorada. I've dove and had dinner with these people the last two nights. They're rad.

I am so high on life right now it's not even funny! I'm leaving you with a few teaser pics before I motor on...

These pics are from the French Reef dive site called the big scare

Rock Lobster

Some Fishies... A Parrot Fish & Blue Wrasse

...and... drum roll plz.... underwater ham shot action

Fun times in Miami

So I had an awesome time in Miami with my friend and his Miami friends.

We had a fabulous dinner @ Balan's on Lincoln road which is a large pedestrian walkway in South Beach with a lot of shopping & restaurants.

View from our table:

Lincoln Road Shots (had to get you some hot palm tree action)

We decided we weren't the velvet rope type of crowd so we went out in Downtown Miami. We happened upon an amnesty international fundraiser at this neat little spot called PS 14.

Then we headed to the white room around the corner. The white room was having this 1 year anniversary of a party called Pop Life so despite the pics early on with no one in them... This place ended up being packed out. I'm not a people person per se so I didn't take pics of that. The music was pretty good and I had a great time!

Sunday afternoon we hung out by the pool and then went to this fabulous sunday afternoon lunch destination called shuckers. Shuckers is part of a best western that doesn't seem to get a lot of business.

I took a ton of pics. Here they are:

Thanks, M.!