Thursday, January 15, 2009

Howdy from Big Pine Key

Sucky diving weather for two days in a row has cancelled my diving. This is probably a good thing. I hadn't planned any time for seeing Key West into my schedule. Well DUH! Key west features the southern most point in the united states.

The lady who's the site manager for the place I'm staying @ told me this little coffee shop is the center of the universe for big pine key. i've been sitting here for a minute and i think it must be true. everyone is nice and smart-allecky.... my kind of people.

i just met this girl from new jersey and started rapping with her... she was wicked cool. she saw DJ on this laptop and started asking me about music.

Today is not only sh*t diving weather, the weather is cruddy period. But here's some pics from sightseeing yesterday:

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