Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Genet Street House Rebuild

If you're wondering what's up with my prolific use of the green & purple color scheme... be advised that Mardi Gras began yesterday (tuesday yo') and lasts for a good long season. the official colors and green/purple/gold.

We're working on a house in Arabi right now on Genet street. Out of respect for the owner's privacy, I'm purposefully omitting the exact addy.

Here are pics from the house we're working on... Just a couple of teaser pics until I can get home and put the galleries online:

Here's the facade.

Here's my site supervisor. She's 18 years old and also from San Francisco

Here's the room I'm working on. I'm sanding and mudding the whole thing myself! I've been working on the ceiling for the last 1.5 days or so.

Here's me with a sanding sponge. It's my sander of choice when wrapped with an extra sanding paper or two (it's not in the picture... i do that when it's worn down). I know it's more work this way but it's easier to use in my opinion.

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