Friday, December 29, 2006

NYE @ Sugar, Happy B-day to Me!!

Happy B-day to Me! Come start your evening off with me spinning at Sugar from 9 Pm - 2 AM. My b-day starts at midnight, kidz. Only two shopping days left.

What: DJ Zenith @ Sugar

Where: Sugar, 377 Hayes @ Gough

When: 9 PM - 2 AM, 31 December 2006

Cost: Free!!!

[12/29] Throwdown Sound, Friday

What: DJ Zenith on

Where: I repeat:

When: 29 December, 3 - 5 PM PT --> West Coast
6 - 8 PM ET --> East Coast
12 AM - 2 AM Paris, Amsterdam, Remini

Saturday, December 23, 2006

tankey delfose!!!

one of the awesome things about DJing is the cute & talented boyz i get to DJ with.

oh. speaking of which: mad props to Leonard @ In House and Delfose aka Justin Cucciare

holy earthquake batman

last night i was minding my own bizness when this earthquake shook my apartment like a see-saw. seriously. i ran into my studio. my monitors are on crapp-o stands. anyway. they didn't even move. i didn't hear them move. i think my apt. must be on a good space.

Friday, December 22, 2006 and 2 New CDs

Greetings Earthlings

So! I'm back from NOLA in 1 piece no less. I'm stoked about the holiday season. I tried to bah-humbug it but these friendly San Franciscans have beaten me into co-ercion. By the way, you have 8 I repeat 8 shopping days until my b-day on
1 January. You are cordially invited to join me at the Green Gorilla Lounge underground on New Year's Eve and also the annual trip to Stompy at Cafe Cocomo on New Year's Day. If you don't join me, at least do a drinkey poo in my general direction.

Today I will be jamming it hard on I will be kept company by the very awesome Leonard at In House Records and more records than a girl could wish for. Ever. Hint: Records make great birthday gifts people. Hint Hint: I repeat, records make great b-day gifts people. Ahem.

PS: All the boys at In House, Zen City, & Tweekin Records know my tastes if you don't. Call me if you need the addresses.

What: DJ Zenith on

Where: I repeat:

When: 3 - 5 PM.



The local watering hole has been playing my latest CD like 8 times on a Saturday. Sheet. I don't even like it that much. They requested I record a new one. I'm resurrecting my last project: The Answer Is.... The new project is: Please Talk Sh*t

I won't be able to get to my new sound card until tomorrow. And tomorrow is super-holiday party time. So. Early next week. I'll let you know.

Monday, December 18, 2006

the decent proposal

today i'm working on a proposal to run the music at the local watering hole. yes, i am. the irony is now that i actually am trying to get work done... i have the same cough that everyone else in the hood seems to have.

tanky 20 degree plummet in weather. at least it's sunny. that's a positive.

say it with me people, show me the money.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

where the h*ck have i been???

i'm overwhelmed with new orleans. i feel a large obligation to report responsibly. i've continued interviewing people here. the information is overwhelming.

i don't want to hurt anyone. i do, however, want to tell the truth.

i'll be getting it together soon. i just started working on the photographs. i nuked my computer and had to reload a bunch of software including the photoshop stuff.

so, it's on it's way. stay tuned.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

the secret to the universe

i was really wallering in it for a few days. I had a pity party going befitting of rock stars.

then i discovered the secret to the universe: new records. fark loads of them.

the longest standing romantic relationship i've had in san francisco is with the record stores here. SF record shopping can't be beat.

on that note... special thanks to Leonard at In House. Not only is he adoreable but he knows what I like.

ditto to Guthrie at Tweekin'. Also, Nikola Batayla definitely does me right.


PS --> Every boyfriend I've had since I began DJing claims I ignore them while I play. Look... you may be gone in three months but my records don't seem to have a problem sticking around :-)

Monday, November 27, 2006

say what you mean, man

some people read between the lines... i sooo don't. although recently i had one incident where it hit me five days later what was being said.

i woke up with a pre-thanksgiving conversation fresh in my mind.

it hit me five days after the fact what he was trying to say.

here's a recommendation. say it straight. don't ask people to read between the lines... there are five-hundred interpretations of any given statement. anyone intelligent and mature knows this.

and in the process, don't put me in an impossible position, please.

i hate a good lose-lose situation.

don't worry. i'm getting off my high-horse now. and onto my sweet bianchi touring bike.

peace out.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

remember me

well, after a massive computer surgery, i'm back online at home again. It involved nuking my operating system and reinstalling the bare bones of things i needed. my lap top is now 3 years old and couldn't handle a lot of what i installed on it... let's say: oracle 9i lite, weblogic 8.1.4, jboss, jmeter, j-bippity boo.

i'm glad it's nuked i must say... now i can just reinstall things i need with new software. i think that works better than upgrading in a lot of cases.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

ok, i will do it


to the half a dozen folks who have asked me for DJ lessons. The answer is yes. Will do it.


Friday, November 17, 2006

next french president

go france

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

from my ex... tankey honey

from colbert last night. "Tomorrow you're all going to wake up in a brave new world - a world where the Constitution gets trampled by an army of terrorist clones created in a stem-cell research lab run by homosexual doctors who sterilize their instruments over burning American flags. Where tax-and-spend Democrats take all your hard-earned money and use it to buy electric cars for National Public Radio and teach evolution to illegal immigrants. Oh, and everybody's high!"

welcome back USA!!!

i've been cynical. i've been bummed. i, like every one else contemplated a move to somewheres exotic like new zealand... where recently that guy ended up in the hospital cuz they wouldn't let him take his insulin on the plane.

not necessary. we're all together now. bye bye you sucker rumsfeld.

good things are on the horizon. the insanity has stopped.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Go Virginia!!!

i have hope yet. i lived outside of DC in Northern Virginia for 15 years total... once for 6 years. another for 6 years. another 2 in southeastern va. followed by another 7. that skips marquette, michigan; taegu, korea (or don-daegu as it's pronounced in korean); angeles city, phillipines. anywhosit. if webb wins... even through blunders of allan. good!

.10 percent right now. i'll take it. put a W in the column.

my parents keep pestering me to visit. maybe i shall. a victory speech????

talented musician, crazy mo' fo' --> who's fly now beyotch?

we loves are j-boogie

awesome musician (he did the music... not the lyrics)

and crazy mo' fo'

vote! vote! vote!

Monday, November 06, 2006

new sound card

umm. hullo. current financial forecasts say i will have my new sound card in less than a month. yes indeedy. what does that mean?

look the f*ck out. i'm on fire and my next project will prove it.

i am going to start showing my face again people. i'm rearing to go. i will be bringing da' rekkids kiddies.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


i met this really cool guy. an artist. he really put it into perspective for me. what did he say? you are focusing on the wrong sh*t.

he's right. no more thinking about the past. it's onto the future. charity work. music. art. photography. of course my day gig. of course. of course.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

on lies

i've been thinking a lot about lies and why people lie recently. this has been a banner year for lies. every single date i have been on this year included a pack of lies on our first date. two dates ago lied about having kids and being married. another provided me with a phoney last name.

this wasted guy asked me out the other night. i proceed to ask him about lying. i want to see how he takes it. he responds to me that he really doesn't understand what's wrong with lying at all. e-x-a-c-t-l-y. this guy possessed no sense of right and wrong.

i even had my ex try to me convince that he was in fact cleaning... and i just didn't notice. the whole point to cleaning is noticing. the modern miracle of invisible cleaning is awessome, ey? what will those techies think of next???!!!

lies always come out in the end. then you are in trouble. because 1: person knows you lied and 2: whatever you didn't want that person to know comes out also. 3: then people are extremely upset rather than the originial kind of upset.

the mark of maturity is honesty. you are so comfortable and secure with yourself that you are open and honest about who that is. that's the guy i want to date. that's the guy i want in my life. someone kind and honest and smart. do they exist??? i believe they do. they are just harder to find.

Friday, November 03, 2006

the worst

the worst thing you can do to a victim is say that it doesn't sound like so & so....

people do things in private they wouldn't do in public. it's a fact.

it resorts to blaming the victim.

that's what enables trouble to continue.

mesa verde national park

when i drove across country in 2002, i stayed with my friend michelle in colorado springs. she recommended i hit Durango in the four corners area. i did.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

patience is a virtue

i've been dating again recently... this year. not much but enough. patience is a virtue.

that's the one thing i look for in a date.

i don't know if it's senility (ha ha ha) or bad memory but it used to be that a guy understood that things didn't have to go a zillion miles an hour.

i think maybe it's the men i'm dating. all extremely good looking (smart of course.... politically sentient and must not be a homophobe), i guess they are used to getting their way in a second.

for me it's about respect. i have to know that a person respects me first. that's all. it's hard to get to know someone in five seconds so i take it slow. i have the time.

Friday, October 27, 2006

fun times

trouble with a capital T

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

DJing Saturday night (halloween pre-party)

I'm DJing a private party saturday night. Please call me to discuss.

I'm not on e-mail.


i know this guy. 1 month ago he had a bruise on his right cheek. i believe from his bike helmet. i was talking to a friend of his last night...

apparently he was mugged.

here's the odd thing. he's 6'2" and 200 lbs. who mugs someone like that? and in san francisco? guy lives in a serious swanky neighbourhood, too. i guess it can happen anywhere. still.

here's the really odd thing... this is the second time in two months.

i don't know why i'm awake thinking about it this AM except for the serious escalation in violence across the world at large.

i find myself wondering what else beside a "mugging" would do such a thing? and in the same spot. shoot... even space aliens don't have that much accuracy.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Belated B-day Jarrett!!!

Jarrett is easy to recognize... He's the tall blonde-haired blue-eyed dancing guy. He gets on your floor and dances for 3 hours straight. He's been such a boon to the SF dance community... Supporting both me, my music, and my friends.

Much love for this chicago transplant.

Happy b-day sweetie.

I owes yous a drinky poo.

on parenting

i was talking to my dad recently... we are so close. i adore both of my parents for entirely different reasons... i was describing fear.

dad explains it all so well... "you are a blair! blairs take the bull by the horns, look him squarely between the eyes, and give him the 1-2 squarely between the eyes! you're fearless. i raised you fearless!"

yes dad. you are right. what was i thinking???!!!

i love my dad.

my coworker, T. said recently on being a father... whether it's trying not to make the same mistake or acting just like his parents... they made their mark and he will always be their child.

truer words were never spoken.

i'm not a parent but if i were... i think it's a tremendous responsibility. the future is our children. raise them well.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

phone fubar

yesterday my friend called me to tell me he had seen this guy i dated recently. i was pooped. technical problem kicking my butt, fighting off a cold, what have you.

i was thinking intently about it for a moment.... i got up to call family in the east as per usual around 6ish and i accidentally called him. caught it about half-ring.


then i called the guy who just called me by accident!

double-doh! anyone thinking space cadet????

finally, third attempt... i woke the heck up and called the original person intended. he wasn't home :-(

Monday, October 16, 2006

recent photos

here's some recent pics with my buddy... he took most of them.

dogs see me and somehow there's the word s*cker tattooed on my forehead. i'm not sure why this phenomena occurs.... but i do love dogs.

here's lisdy:

lisdy & max... they took a break from competing for lap space and hugs to kiss & make up.

lisdy wrapped me around her little paws...

finally, here's chris:

and me hamming it up with chris:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

big black hole

did i fall into a big black hole???? Naw'

i'm taking care of me right now and really living it up.

what am i doing right now (listed in no organizational order)?

1) working

2) learning about grant writing

3) learning about writing and journalism period.

4) reading a book on the history of jazz,the bible, the koran, modern relationship myths, and alexandria (in egypt)

note: don't you dare flame me on the order in which i listed my books. there is no order. i'm reading 5 books simultaneoulsy. werd.

5) djing (don't you dare ever think i'll even consider stopping that. it's a part of who i am

6) sleeping

7) of course i'm writing. well, duh. i want to be published next year.

8) photography. always. i'll be pushing out a bunch of photos tonight.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

good fortune!

a friend of mine jenny one time said that some people just have luck... good luck, bad luck, but always luck. she said that about me.

through a miracle of good fortune i have met a correspondent from both NBC and CNN.

CNN's correspondent's sister has worked for southwest airlines for 20+ years.

she's not in charge of the department that i would need to speak to... but she knows who i need to talk to about my grant.

also, she gave me good advice on getting a piece published in a magazine. i'm stoked. i want to write a piece about my fundraisers and going to new orleans.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


because my cd has been played so many times, and because the 100 original prints (which are for promotional use only and came out of my pocket) went in 2 weeks, i reprinted 50 more.

if you want one, just ask. but ask quickly.

these things have a way of walking off on their own.

packaging your messages

yesterday i heard someone speak on native americans and how americans don't know it's columbus day.

he's right. hey, my grand mum named helen little was born on the cherokee reservation in concord, north carolina.

you're right. the problem is that people don't listen if they don't like the package. people do care all about the package.

he came across as know it all and frustrated. again. he's got every right to be.

however, that doesn't do good public speaking. i'm afraid his message was lost on most people.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

record store

the record store is my local pub. record store owners are like your local bar keep.

when i have a bad day, like yesterday, i headed straight for the record store half a block away (now you *know* why i'm always broke).

convo with one of my favourite said bar keeps:

z: "what does it say that i come over here in tears??!!"

"it means you are a DJ girl... all lady DJs, producers... some even who i've dated.... bad day? record store. break-up? record store. work school kicks your arse? record store. i think i have a great shoulder. you ladies come in here and cry and then uncle ____ picks out a record or two for ya'. win-win situation."

yesterday one of my dj buddies busted out the great tunage for me to heal my grief. it's difficult to not laugh your arse off when the scene of the wizard of oz where the wicked witch was melting is juxtaposed over top of some slamming beats.

then he turns to me and says, "should i have played that clip for that long? i'm thinking probably not :-)"

mad props to in house records.

Friday, October 06, 2006

luv jon stewart

he's in not-so-rare rare form:

sweet awesomeness

is weird al yankovic's: "white & nerdy"

Thursday, October 05, 2006

funny coinky-dink

so yesterday AM i was thinking really intently (and pretty much half asleep since i'd been up since 4 am) about this guy i was dating... mostly about the good times we did have together and such.

who pops in? no, not him. this guy hops in the muni and sits down next to me... he said, "you know... your boy S. kicked me out of so & so.... said i was annoying the customers."

that was funny. seriously.

funny, funny coincidence.

in fact, this past week i ran into:

a) an ex-boyfriend... actually both of them in the same darned 4 hour time-span.

b) someone S. kicked out of his bar

c) and button accordion player in my friend Steve's irish band

the fact that i met two on one day and two yesterday says something odd. hmmmm

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a special beautiful thank you

to you, you wonderful person who gave me the gandhi coffee mug last night @ dinner!



Tuesday, October 03, 2006

where i'm at

i'll be playing out in october. i'll announce here and in email. email me at: djzenith AT to be added to my list.

i am far too busy to update my website. i'm going to be in and out of san francisco for the bulk of october.

i'm good at returning calls & stellar at e-mail.

i'll be sending random e-mail blasts.

i'll be posting random odd blogs from random odd places.

see you soon.... i hope.




i'm so buried at work... i haven't even had time to pay bills yet. i get up i work. i work after work. i go to bed.

thank goodness i work with awesome people. which gives my dating life hope (despite recent statistics).

no, i'm *not* talking about dating coworkers. i'm saying that there's cool guys out there. *that* gives me encouragement.

more honey???

i'm completely single. but for whatever reason.... minutes 10-15 on the new deep still just kill me. i remember feeling that way about someone recently...

breathless. i'll never forget setting eyes on him and feeling that way.

it's what life is all about.

Monday, October 02, 2006

special note

to yee who i spent so much time on saturday with... call me. sorry i didn't make it out saturday night.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

miss honey dijon

listen to minutes 9-14 of the new deep. most extraordinary song.

that's where my heart is right now.

points of clarification

1) ok. twas me.

2) thanks, victoria secret.

3) green velvet... luv' ya. would do it again maybe 300 times.

4) brothers leath. ditto.

Friday, September 29, 2006

quick thanks!

to everyone who came out last night... that was the most fun i've had in a while.

i'm buried at work right now but will see you all out & about this weekend i'm sure.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

this weekend

people keep asking about the summer music conference. what i'm doing?

1): Charles Feelgood at Roe. He's great. He's Baltimore. He's been DJing forever. Great guy. Even better DJ.

2): Come Unity @ 1015. later on.


1) Festival. After that... I'm curling up with a good book/video. No really.


1) Hmmmmm. Dunno.

sugar (9/28)

it's on!

What: Sugar (9/28) --> I'm back. Catch me as I'll be in New York the first couple of weeks in october.

Where: 377 Hayes @ Gough

When: 7 PM - 12 AM

Who: Rob Crush (Crush Collective, Stompy)
Native Intelligence (Rock It Science, Sleevin Records)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena)
PH Balance

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


we just passed the 1095 mark on plays off of my website: DJ Zenith of my latest CD. This isn't my space. I'm on there but it's not a my space music profile (translation... my cd won't be played automagic-ally. a user has to click on it.

It's Funkin' Deep --> Live @ the KZSU Summer Soul-stice

this week

i return to my thursday night @ sugar. i'm ready to go.

in the meantime i have my head down buried @ work finishing a project. stay tuned.

i'll send out the 4-1-1 when i hit deadline.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

one person can change your life

for good or for bad. nuff said

i don't know why ppl like my latest album so much better than the first. i think it's the subject matter. i was in a bad place. but i love the pondering and the music. of course, i'm biased. i think it's good. mixing isn't purrrr-fect but music is all good. it soothes me.

Demo on To Burning Man 2005.

the subject-line refers to the person who inspired that album. he's truly evil but i didn't think so at the time and so you have it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

check this out

i had a 8:30 AM phone call from best friend (also in PR) that the man who inspired me to DJ was on the cover of the bay guardian.

most cool. it's fun looking at the paper and realizing you know everyone in the pic.

the final frontier

i've fixed cars. i build software. i build things. so why am i afraid of my sewing machine??? it's the final frontier.

actually, i started using it again last night. it was great. i love to make things.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

more volunteer work

i just volunteered for PAWS. i love animals. it's time to do some good.

let's talk about fly

my rents are so gonna kill me for this. but they are featured in my let's fly this week.

i can truthfully say we had a pretty rough how many first years. honestly. i won't tell you how many. but why do i love them?

flat out. they are open to hearing what i have to say. even when we didn't get along, i knew i could call them and they would be to my side in a new york minute.

i credit my dad for my warped since of humour, passion for music and jazz, and uncompromising no excuses get it done attitude. also, he passed his love of all things geeky to me (we are super science dorks --> you've been warned --> maybe we're dorks in general).

my mum is fierce. see that red hair? it's all real baby. we came from somewhere btwn sweden and northern germany both. then down to south carolina.

my mum could kick your butt at golf, or in general (see red hair go up in flames), whilst cooking you up the best darned southern fried chicken this side of the mississippi. she has a marvelous sense of direction. i credit her for raising us boys and girls equally.

she also passed her popcorn addiction along to me (it's genetic). thx to her, i make serious home-made popcorn. i don't even own a microwave.

right now, in music i've been listening to my DJ partner Native Intelligence's cd: Live @ Sugar, Ghosts in the House. I like it cuz it does what I call the slow creep. Waney as I like to call (Duane) is master of the funky voice overs. I could pick his music out in my sleep, always. He mixes everything together.

In movies, I just saw: The 40 year-old Virgin. It's quite possibly the funniest movie made. I said on a continuous loop every 1-2 minutes, You poor b*stard. Thanks to K.K & M.S. for having me over Saturday.

A History of Jazz

Another book I'm reading is about the history of Jazz, by Geoff Ward and Ken Burns. There was also the movie.

It reads of a history of New Orleans and makes an excellent precursor to my trip.

It's sad to read about the events surrounding Plessy vs. Ferguson, the case that upheld separate but equal.

I read about the Robert Charles riot and how the Buddy Bolden Orchestra got caught up in it. How Big Eye Nelson's base got beat to shreds. What a sad day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a book i'm reading

The Ethical Sl*t

before you jump on the word sl*t.... realize that my friend Steve recently commented at a show that he's never even seen me have a drunken make out session.

some people purported that i was a lesbian because i didn't do *any* hookups. i'm really not going to cover what my values are/aren't. i'll have to claim a not-the-world's business on that one.

this book comments on what it deems to be myths on relationships and monogamy. it gives a list of do's & don'ts. it has a section about boundaries and honouring your partner and finding your own limits and doing what is right for you.

it's interesting to say the least. i love reading that book on the muni. i look up every so often to stares.


thank you to my friend Tony for offering up computers and PDAs for the St. Bernard Project.

Other links: Common Ground Relief

You don't have to get on a plane to help: Volunteer Match

Monday, September 18, 2006

heading to new york

i'm going to new york! mid-october. i'll be working out of the new york office for a day, taking a couple off, and mostly cavorting with my awesome buddy, chris. i'm stoked! look out, here i come.


guess what? the number of opium fields in afghanistan has doubled. wasn't that one of your objectives in blowing them up in first place? or was it to catch osama and defuse al qaeda???!!! whoopsie. didn't do that either, did you?

hmmm.... so why is it you did what you did? and what did you accomplish?

you s*ck.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

music this week

i discovered Afro pop. The other day they played a program featuring the beginnings of latin jazz in new york in the 1920s-30s. It was so good! Now I'm listening to a program on Mali. you heard it here first.

today/tomorrow (9/17)

well, tonight it's a hot saturday night at the office. no really. but don't feel sorry for me. when i get done with this project i get some badly needed time off. i'll be heading up for some early week camping in yosemite, then back to a gig here in san francisco.

but, tomorrow you ask? we're converging in the hood around noonish. we'll hit the store and decide what picnic supplies are needed and move from there. let me know if you want to take part.

Friday, September 15, 2006

to my friends

i wanted to say once again how much rock. everyone from saturday night, rocks. everyone who cheered me up sunday, rocked. A who i had dinner with twice, rocks (that was the best italian food i've had since italy... werd)! to M. it goes without saying you rock.

i'm truly blessed! i'm totally going to return the favour.

new orleans

so, it's on. 13 - 20 January I'll be there. They need donations in the way of microsoft office software. i need well wishes & luvin' in between time... so i can give them some happy vibes.

wish me luck!

i am so happy to be doing something for someone else, i can't even tell you

i'm going to be teaching kids who are struggling in math & science. i'm a geek. why not use it?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

the lowest common denominator is violence

the state of the world is deteriorating. why? standards of acceptable behaviour is sinking. people say, he does wrong and she does wrong... so why should i do the right thing??? and it deteriorates, and deteriorates. the downward spiral begins.

30 years ago, making a left turn from the right lane was hideously unacceptable. or reversing on the exit ramp was unacceptable. now, someone makes a mistake (and misses their exit) and rather than suck up the consequences, and go to the next exit and safely go to their destination, they endanger everyone by reversing on the exit ramp.

i still seethe with rage when i think of one such incident in DC 5 years ago (about). the woman caused a 25 car pile up with her own selfishness and irresponsibility. she missed an exit and reversed on the exit ramp.

so now bush thinks we should lower the standards of acceptable treatment of detainees. heck, he's lowering all of our standards. he thinks he is so smart and knows so much that he gets to decide where/who gets wire tapped, with no check or balance.

what is that going to do to future american prisoners? what happens when the rest of the world follows suit and decides it's ok to try american prisoners with confidential information? what happens when all countries are doing it to each other's citizens?

what happens when people from other people start kidnapping our citizens and putting them in secret prisons? what happens when our sons/daughters disappear of the map without explanation? how would you feel if your son/daughter disappears?

once we cede power, we can't get it back. why would they give it back? cuz it would be the right thing to do? history has shown that they have no intention of doing the right thing.

it's time to rise up. not to sink down. it's time to stand up and do the right thing. no matter how difficult it is. let's stop the deterioration. let's uphold some standards, ethics, and morals.

besides voting, what can you do? how about showing your fellow man(woman) some compassion... some respect. how about telling the truth? how about random acts of kindness? how about supporting your friends, even at your own inconvenience? help someone in need.

no matter what you do... please, let's get these selfish greedy wankers out of office. by all means, let's vote. this is the most corrupt congress/house *ever*. on both sides of the party line. for real. a large majority of them stink.

let's get them out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

bad girl

well, if you read this you already know this... thanks to my buddy M.R.

he had a b-day party. trouble is, i didn't read the invite so i had no idea who's b-day it was. it's bad when they say happy b-day and i say, "it's a b-day? who's b-day?"

and it's my *friend's* b-day. aw well.

there was a hot tub involved.

here's some pics:

it wasn't me:

and my personal favourite... my macgyver impression:

baby canada geese

i did my walk in golden gate park this AM. i saw my favorite baby canada geese family. i photographed them when they were two weeks old although i remember meeting them right after they were born.

this AM i stopped to say hello and tell them how pretty they look and all grown up and one of them slowly moved his breakfast time over near me... i had my hands in pocket. i wasn't feeding him... he was just nibblin' his breakfast inches away... i hoped it was because he recognized my voice.

see them in their snuggly goodness on 19 june of this year:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my 9/11 story

9/11 2001 i worked at i lived 1.7 miles from work. i had just got done running and stretched out for my morning stretch in front of the news. i turned on the tv to see a plane crashing through a twin tower.

i thought this must be a caricature. but the cbs replay was in one of the tv corner. and then it flashed to the pentagon. i still couldn't believe my eyes. i called my boss.

he mumbled something and hung up. i didn't hear what he said but knew i had to get to work.

i got there as quickly as possible.

the tech team divided up. it was our job to keep the website up so frightened people could find out about loved ones. it was decided that the dynamic, high band-width part of the site should be moved onto a second home page. one of my team members took most of the images to an image storage facility we paid for... taking the burden off of our servers.

most of my team of four was told to monitor web servers for hackers. i had a cluster of three to monitor.

the day was a total blur. what i remember was going back and forth from the tv screen cluster in awe, just shaking my head. i remember finding out i had lost an ex-coworker, vicki yancy. my heart goes to her family. had i not quit a previous job i could have been with vicki.

i remember my ex boyfriend calling me with a frightened voice. he explained he was calling everyone.

we all called everyone that day. everyone was worried that someone may have had an inadvertent trip to the pentagon. we *all* called our new york friends... with the rest of the nation.

proudly we were the only major news national web site with over 98% availability that day.... thanks to someone's quick thinking (i can't take any credit)

the next morning (9/12) i decided to run to work. i was sitting at my desk having a telephone conversation. i had to hang up the phone mid-sentence. i couldn't breathe. i told my coworker.

he said, "i'll call an ambulance".

i said no, "it's just asthma, probably (i didn't know... i just didn't want to get hauled out on an ambulance in front of my whole work space)".

a coworker rushed up with an inhaler. it did no good. i'm glad my other coworker had ignored my ambulance protestation. the stretcher showed up instantly.

i was hauled off to arlington hospital. i remember the sounds of the fighter air craft flying overhead in the short ambulance trip. mostly because my father had taught me they are not allowed to fly over cities. they were there that day.

i sat there in E.R. there with so many with needs much greater than mine. i was merely frightened. i still couldn't breathe but there were burn victims coming in one-by-one as they dug them out of the wreckage. they hand bandages over pieces of their face and/or hands or everywhere.

finally, two hours later i rang the bell of the nurse when i couldn't feel my extremeties anymore. please, don't think i'm feeling sorry for myself. i'm not. they did a wonderful job and they had so much to deal with. i was only in mild trouble, not like those around me.

they gave me a breathing mixture which put me to right quickly. i'll never forget that scene in the ER that day. i'm sure it was much worse throughout new york and pa but it made an impact on me.

they said i had inhaled the still burning jet fuel running up the steep hills next to courthouse metro in arlington. it is invisible and it had burned all night. they said many people came in for breathing traumas.

i thank my coworkers (i don't work there anymore). but i will never forget those days. the days of 9/11 and the days after. the grief the nation felt.

i bow my heart in silence for the victims of 9/11, of terrorism, of war. each life has a value and should never be squandered.


i plan to post my 9-1-1 story as i was in arlington when it happened and within two miles of ground zero. i'm pretty swamped with work right now but stay tuned.

Monday, September 11, 2006

two weeks off

i'm taking two weeks off of DJing in public.

see you in a few weeks.


i have *the* best friends in the universe. i've never felt so blessed as i did on the way home saturday night. and sunday.

i don't know what i would do without them.


if you are in any kind of know about the gay community, you have heard of a beard. a beard is the woman a gay man dates while he's telling himself he's not gay. while i understand how difficult it is to be a gay man, even in San Francisco... being a beard really hurts.

so i would like to caution gay men in the closet against this behaviour. it's not healthy for anyone.

Friday, September 08, 2006

black 47

my buddy steve's band, Culann's Hounds is opening for Black 47 tonight! Red Devil Lounge.

It's going to be so fun. Black 47 hasn't been to SF in years.

more pictures

from last weekend... :-) all i can say is that i'm glad this sign sits next to a fire extinguisher :-) also, i wouldn't enter this person in a spelling bee. bad bet.

and j-bird. mr. j-bird if you're nasty.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

is there anyone who wasn't born in september???

apparently september boasts the most births of any month. something about drunken sex at new year's eve parties or something. hee hee.

3 b-days this weekend. you count 'em up. one-two-three. yee-haw

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

let's talk about fly

say hello to ben!

why do i like ben? i haven't known him that long... he's a transplant by the way of chicago... he thinks he knows house & stuff ;-)

actually he *does* know house & stuff. he gave me some records that are wonderful. and.... well... he's fly.

see ben's artwork:

this week i'm listening to Michael Franti & Spearhead. Their new album is Yell Fire! I love the entire album. It's zeitgeist.

Politically motivated tracks Time to Go home and I know I'm not alone hit the spot.

I'm a girl so I do like a good love song. Track 7 obliges me: track 7: One Step Closer to You: "Even when I'm falling down... my heart says follow through. I take one step closer to you."

Monday, September 04, 2006

fun times

last night was so fun! many thx to b., t., & j.... you were fun. today i'm just going to relax, get some exercise... clean, and get some work done.

good to see you this weekend!

on a sad note... say goodbye to steve irwin, the crocodile hunter. you'll be missed. and i don't even have a TV.

Friday, September 01, 2006

saturday night boogie-down

an apartment floor early-evening soiree is brewing at my place. 8 PM. my neighbours apparently *like* house music. which might explain the lack of complaints i get. so. it's on. then we head to the end up to see my favourite lady DJ, miss honey dijon!

i'm so stoked. fun-fun.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

what's fly this week you ask?

ok. firstly, this week's feature is simone. he lives in remini, IT. he's so perfectly italian! check it:

why i like Simone: He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He's honest. And he's completely fun :-)

Music: Dubtribe Sound System, Bryant Street (1999)

This album spews love and positive energy. One of my favourite tracks, Wednesday night, features the lyrics... "You are beautiful. You are perfect. Just the way you are. You... are... .beautiful. You are perfect. Just the way you are.

Also haunting is: El Regalo de Amour. This album is wonderful. Check it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

going to new orleans

i've decided i want to use my credit on either jet blue or southwest to go to new orleans to aid in the reconstruction. does anyone have information on that? i know my buddy went but he's at burning man right now. there's no rush.

let's talk about fly

it's funny that i came up with the name who's fly (as an alternative to who's sexy because my friend's e-mail filters all sex related commentary and i didn't want to get him scolded)... then *very* next day i listen to the commonwealth club's (i know a woman who works there by the way) in forum discussion on hyphy (a combination of hyper and fly). it's a music movement... more on that later.

anyway. here's the why. then there will be the guidelines.

it's not the destination. it's the journey. and the people who share the journey with you make it worthwhile.

i have the good fortune of being surrounded by amazing people. at work, i work with some of the best and brightest in the software architecture business. it's a privilege.

in the DJ scene i DJ with some very cute, very talented, and very sweet guys. they are family. say it with me.... awwwwwwwwwww (yak)

so i thought it would be good to spend a little time each week commending an artist or musician who makes the journey better. sometimes i will feature an album i'm listening to also. i could feature a gem of a music store, or something cool i came across, also. I'm going to tell you exactly what I like about it and why.

the guidelines

1. It has to be someone i know or know of. This eliminates your 2nd cousin twice removed Bobby-Sue in Nebraska. Sorry kidz.

2. I have to have a digital image.

3. You can definitely nominate/submit people that we both know but you have to get me a picture and the why behind it.

4. My friend astutely pointed out that there should be guys *and* girls. There will be. I swear. Again. Get me your freaking pictures!

That's it. Who's fly starts officially next week on a schedule. I'm going to do this week officially today (including my sweet italian friend, Simone). Sometime Sunday night/Monday morning it goes up. This is PST we are talking about. West coast rulz.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this week's gigs

so this week we return with sticky goodness! it's sugar-time

What: Sugar (8/31) --> Sugar

Where: 377 Hayes @ Gough

When: 7 PM - 12 AM

Who: Rob Crush (Crush Collective, Stompy)
Native Intelligence (Rock It Science, Sleevin Records)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena) (9 PM set time)
Justin Cucciare
DJ Robb Green (Simply Shameless, Seattle)

Monday, August 28, 2006

happy b-day ben aka Harvey's is awesome

Happy b-day Ben!!! We had an awesome time @ Harvey's in the Castro.

And not only because they have some of the *hottest* bar staff in town. But because they have some of the most awesome bar staff in town.

Harvey's is a great place in large part due to the manager's vision. He fosters art, music, and community. Harvey's fosters an environment that welcomes everyone... Gay/straight/inbetween/male/female/transgender... You name it.

Thanks for being awesome Harvey's peeps! You *know* who you are/

PS --> I would totally include them as an addendum to the who's sexy/fly installment but I don't have pictures. I'll be outlining this weekly feature later in the week. Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

who's sexy?

i've decided through my DJing & e-mails that i'm going to do a weekly who's sexy installment. this week we feature my italian friend who lives in remini, IT.

Friday, August 25, 2006


last night was the first Thursday I've done after the new PR lady took over for Sugar. There were a bunch of people there.

This is the first time I've tag-teamed in this manner with three others. Rob Crush started out sounding awesome.... Then it was the four of us in rotation. We each did three tracks.... We vibed off each other so seriously!!! Everyone was on! It was so great!

Check out these pictures. It really didn't take too long for mayhem to ensue :-)

I'll apologize for the low-lights... we didn't want to blind the crowd with flash.


Native Intelligence

Justin Cucciare

and PH Balance

Just tap it already!

I'm watching you man...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This week's gig listings......

What: Sugar (8/24) --> Sugar is finger-lickin' good. Remember that.

Where: 377 Hayes @ Gough

When: 7 PM - 12 AM

Who: Rob Crush (Crush Collective, Stompy)
Native Intelligence (Rock It Science, Sleevin Records)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena) (9 PM set time)

labour day weekend

No! i'm not going to burning man! can you believe? I'm taking this year and probably next year off.... although you guys have already started working on me for next year....

fortunately my very sexy, very talented fiddle-playing friend is playing *two* shows 1.5 blocks from my home labour day weekend. one friday night, one sunday afternoon.

isn't he cute! no seriously. the whole band is really talented and good looking, too! check them out.... SF Hounds:

steve's going to play on my first track with my record label.... stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


insomnia --> inability to sleep.

this post is about insomnia... people don't get what i'm saying somehow. so let me explain insomnia...

i have insomnia. i'm getting treated for it. it's a serious medical condition. i've suffered for over a year with it. i've had it in the past... it's just been about six years or so since i last had a battle with it. i'm determined to not take pills. i'm doing this hollistic thing.

i go to bed at 10:30 three nights/week or so and wake up at 1:30 or 2 AM just bummed that i woke up again. i either:

a) get up and do stuff until my brain completely shuts off (usually 4 AM) ...
b) toss and turn until 6:30 AM when i get up.

it's awful.

i *am* going to switch my schedule around here soon to facilitate treatment for the insomnia and work and music.

stay tuned.

(end rant)

Friday, August 18, 2006

a blip

it's tough. seeing my friend's obituary hit me hard. how many years on this planet and now what is she? a paragraph. the paragraph mostly speaks to all of her survivors.

our lives are a blip on the space-time continuum... i know this.

but it was hard to read that paragraph and see that picture and know she suffered in such a hurrendous manner.

there's been a tremendous spike in cancer. we all have cancer genes they say... but it's stress that's the catalyst to their reproduction.

the world is stressed out. the conditions around the world has an impact that is unmistakeable.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

tonight @ Sugar (8/17), Saturday @ Anu (8/19)

Tonight I play once again with men who are as absolutely talented as they are cute! Ask Duane about the bikini. That's all I'm sayin....


What: Sugar (8/17) --> All things delectable and sugary sweet. Some of the sexiest bar staff in town. yes indeedy.

Where: 377 Hayes @ Gough

When: 7 PM - 12 AM

Who: Rob Crush (Crush Collective, Stompy)
Native Intelligence (Rock It Science, Sleevin Records)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena)

<---- Saturday 8/19) ----->

Please help us kick off our new night! I know there's tons o' stuff going on but still.....

Reverb @ Anu ---> 3rd Saturdays

Where: Anu Bar, 43 Market Street @ 6th

When: Saturday, 8/19
10 - 2 AM

with special guest: DJ Durben aka Ben Tom (Peach Music)

& Residents: DJ Zenith (Zenomena)
Bryan Bence (Reverb)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

send some happy thoughts to my friends in the east

a friend passed this weekend. my friends, her family, will need all the happy thoughts they can get:


what have i been doing with my insomnia these days??? so glad you asked at this fine hour of 2:32 AM. i'm doing more web-site rearchitecture. making room for the ba-zillion more pictures i have. and taking the photo pages and bringing them in line with everything else.

thx for playing.

at least instead of laying awake stressed out that i won't be able to get everything done tomorrow due to fatigue due to insomnia... i'm actually getting stuff done in advance so there's less to do.

this might work somehow. i wasn't sleeping anywhosit.

Monday, August 14, 2006

awesome freaking track

i'm listening to Miss Honey Dijon's mix the new deep. About 10 minutes in she's mixing in this song called super star. It talks about how the woman looks at the person next to her and really she's blessed, head over heels and in love, and has to go with it.

that feeling's so rare. but powerful enough we're all willing to go get our heart run over repeatedly at the possibility.

this woman's voice is beautiful. i woke up with it in my head.

mad props.

east coast trip plans


I'm not coming to DC. Gigs are cancelled. Nada. I'm not in a good place to go there right now... even if I could get my records in the overhead bin. I'm so paranoid about being separated from them on flights. Now I *know* I definitely would be.

Besides that, I don't want to listen to conservative BS.... Not even for one second. I think people in DC would rather believe the BS then have to do something about it. That's one of the reasons I moved here in the first place.

Sorry folks. I love my family, I love the few remaining friends I have there. But I don't like the prevalent conservative attitudes. We are having the best weather we've had in the summer here in a long time. It's time for the DC types to get there arse here.

Anywhosit... I'm shooting for next spring... Depending on other travel plans. There's going to be a trip to Europe or the Caribbean next year, also.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Blur-thday

Meri, Erin!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

weekend gigs

------ Thursday ---------

What: Sugar
377 Hayes @ Gough

When: Thursday, 10 Aug 06 7 PM - 12 AM

Residents: Rob Crush (Crush Collective, Stompy)
Native Intelligence (Rock It Science, Sleevin Records)
Zenith (Zenomena)
Weekly special guests

----- Saturday ----------

Where: Mars Bar (798 Brannan Street)

When: Saturday, 12 August (3 - 8 PM)
5 - 6:30 PM (Set Time)

Who: DJ Zenith (Zenomena)
DJ Robb (Simply Shameless, Seattle)
DJ Rob Crush (Crush Collective, Stompy)

new, shiny, & exciting

I'm playing Saturday @ Mars Bar from 5:30 - 6 along side Robb of Simply Shameless. Happy Birthday Erin!!! Also, happy b-day Meri! (-xoxoxo ladies. and i will
spank both of you)

This week/next week we are unveiling a new party @ sugar. We haven't agreed on a name yet. Sugar hired a PR woman so there's a few details to be ironed out.

Finally, I will have available limited edition copies of my new CD. It has my art work on it. If you'd like a copy, say so (if you haven't already). Special thx
to: DJ Durben aka Ben Tom (Peach Music) for being awesome and connecting me with DJ Von (Levende, Second Sunday), and to Amit Shoham (Tarantic) for getting the ball

We're also starting a party every third Saturdays @ Anu. I've attached our dope *arse* flyer courtesy of Danyol ( Special thx to Bryan Bence.
Get it while it's hot.

You can always catch my gig listings here:

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

pray for C.

someone i care about is dying of cancer in the east. please pray for her peace. i'm sad i'll never see her again.

To S.

Hey. If your name starts with an S. and you're reading this... you *know* who you are. Let's talk soon. My schedule's just crazy right now between my new client and gigs so I won't have time to stop in.

I've been trying to tell you something for weeks now, actually. Zero luck.

on a positive note

so yes, i'm really mad about lebanon. we've covered that topic.

on a positive note, my new CD is done tonight! i said done!

100 copies, cover art and all.... cover art by yours truly, fly add ons by dur-ben, no ben tom.

thank you DJ Durben !

not only is he adoreable, he can rock it.

speaking of him, check our party out on the 19th @ Anu

w@ke the F*ck up. i'm serious.

people are biased against muslims and people of dark skin. this is how it is. wake the f*ck up people. i'm serious. get off your lily white arses and wake the f*ck up. put down your god da*n bon bons, your cushy cozy lives, and wake the F*ck up.

the killing has got to stop. and it's not going to stop while you are too farking lazy to do anything. or you think someone else will do it. or you only care about yourself.

*the killing has got to stop*


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

on lebanon and the planet

i listen to NPR every morning for an hour just incredulous. no wonder i'm suffering from such bad insomnia.

go without sleep for a year and see what that does to you. for all those who wonder why i am a loopy girl... right now it's insomnia. no matter what i do or try or think. i can't sleep.

geezus people. stop the killing. please stop. no really. please stop. please stop killing people. stop killing the environment.

oh, and it's great to know that although *everyone* else scrubs their oil pipes weekly, BP bribed the governor of alaska to get out of regulations for cleaning their pipes and therefore they corroded right through and spilled into the alaskan ecosystem.

go fark-h0les.

fark you. welcome to the entertainment biz

i had *one* more of those nights last night. and i forgot to eat.

so now i've got my hands wrapped around some unsweetened soy milk and some coffee and OJ.....

my cover art is ready. Danyol will be doing my flyers. He's better at it than me. *Way* better.

More later.



Sunday, August 06, 2006


my brain is blown this AM. i just had one of my favourite sets in my life. i have that blissful feeling... that same one after Paris.

at the same time, i learned so much. i don't know if our teensy little brains are meant to process so much information. anyway. so there it is.

today, i have the deadlines for a lot of art work that's been outstanding for some time. i have to finish my cover art. it's done. i just have to switch colors. but what is more important is the flyer.

it will be done soon. i'm hoping it won't be hard.... as the brush strokes i'll be doing are ones i've mastered with the art pad. anyway, wish me luck.

so next saturday i will be gigging at the mars bar. more on that later. another day time party. then it's off to the hot tub party.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

stupid stupid stuff

one of the things i hate about the biz is the moronic stuff that goes on with egos. yes,i do have one also.

this magazine is doing a best DJ in america contest. how *dumb* is that? they have trance DJs, house DJs, breaks DJs, hip hop, all in one. most stupid. that's comparing apples to oranges.

and how can you say someone is the best? on what night? everyone's got their own skill set. and some DJs are better at one sound then the other. it's just dumb.

there's no best. i say get the fark over yourself man.

a word on lebanon

please, all keep the innocent victims in your heart & soul. in iraq, afghanistan, lebanon, and israel.

when will the morons learn that fighting and violence is senseless? i cry for them in my heart.

peace in the answer.

peace and love to lebanon.



Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'll be gigging Saturday for the Duck Pond Crew BM camp... You say. Duck Pond crew??!!!! Let me tell you: In the words of William Shakespeare... if a Rose smelled like a duck.... it would *still* smell as sweet. [Wait a minute. That's not right.]

But in all seriousness... My friends in this camp are some of the people I've known the longest in San Francisco... and they are wonderful people and real friends.... So please come represent. There will be lots of food for cheap. Unlimited rides on a slip & Slide for 5 clams!!! The proceeds go to their camp.

I repeat: $5 for unlimited rides on the slip & slide!!!!!!!!<------

What: Slip N Slide Party in Dolores Park (translation: sunshine & Tasty beats)

flyer here:

Where: Dolores Park (well duh, we just said that)

When: Saturday, 5 August 11 AM - dusk
3:30 - 5 PM (set time)

Who: Native Intelligence (Sleevin' Records)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings)
DJ Evinrude
DJ Sneke Pete
DJ Robb (Tilted Records, Seattle)

Note: It really means a lot to me that so many of you show up... More than once no less. I'd love to see all of your beautiful faces.



PS --> Save the date for the Still Sexy: Back to your Birthday Suit party Date: 9 September @ Club Six

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

photos from Saturday


So I thought I would make this Saturday's set a little less edgy.... this wasn't a rave, it was a small club in the castro. And of course sexy... i figured everyone likes sexy. well, apparently that's so as you can see from the pictures. mayhem ensued! what fun.

Photos by Danyol

Monday, July 31, 2006

right on

I have been saying this all along. Read on. It's discrimination and sexism that keeps women out of science and DJing for that matter:

Sunday, July 30, 2006


my brother is gigging me in DC!!!! how cool is that??? bring it on....

Saturday, July 29, 2006


why am i up at 7 AM? i was receiving text messages from this awesome guy i met whilst in paris. he's italian.... from remini. he loves my CD. and we can text message each other! can you believe? straight to italy.

xoxoxo to Simone in italia.

Friday, July 28, 2006

DC Heads up

Just got my tickets. I will be there arriving on the 14th of September in the early AM and flying out on the 23rd mid-day. I will be up in Baltimore gigging as well as in DC. Dates TBD. I'll get back with you.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thursday (7/27) @ Sugar and Saturday (7/29) @ Harvey's

This week I'll be joining Native Intelligence at Sugar and playing the art & music sessions featuring art by the talented Danyol. FYI.... Danyol's art is up right now at Harvey's at 18th & the Castro.... You should check it out!

Thursday (7/27): Native Intelligence (Sleevin Records)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings) 9ish?
Special Guest DJ: Mystery Meat....

Where: Sugar
377 Hayes @ Gough

When: 7 PM - 12 AM


Saturday (7/29):

The Art & Music Sessions featuring art by Danyol

Where: Harvey's
18th & Castro

Who: DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings) 10:45 PM - 1:15 AM set time

When: 29 July
8 PM - 2 AM

It's Funkin' Deep --> Live & The KZSU Summer Soul-stice

I finally, finally, finally solved my software issues this AM. It's actually a funny story, really. Well funny now that it's OVER. The story is kinda sad actually but it was also an invaluable learning experience for me on SOOOO many levels.

I plan to release a companion CD ASAP. It's titled: The Answer Is..... Not because I want to throw 5000 CDs at you guys... The reasoning is that this CD is very edgy, driving, and a tad fierce. That's not all that I play so I wanted to put together something loving, smooth, and soulful.

Attention! This mp3 was burned to mp3 @320 Mbps. Translation.... this file is 180 MB. It's not streamed. Some web browsers will make you wait for it to download in it's entirety before listening to it. I recommend reading a 900 page novel if you don't have a high speed connection.

For those of you who I promised to mail a copy to, I will be doing that. I am in the process of making arrangements to get it professionally reproduced (which
means cover art printed directly on the CD). That will take up to 2 weeks.

Here it is:

It's Funkin' Deep -- Live & The KZSU Summer Soul-stice

ANd----But----Wait. There's more!

SAVE the DATE: 9 September (Friday). We're throwing a party at Club Six in the Dark Room (The new VIP room with killer sound). Line up is still to be finalized but you can expect some top talent.



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thursday (7/20) @ Sugar and Saturday (7/22) @ Alpha Bar

This week I'll be joining Native Intelligence at Sugar and playing the art & music sessions featuring art by the talented Danyol. FYI.... Danyol's art is up right now at Harvey's at 18th & the Castro.... You should check it out!

Thursday (7/20): Native Intelligence (Sleevin Records)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings) 9ish?
Special Guest DJ: Mystery Meat....

Where: Sugar
377 Hayes @ Gough

When: 7 PM - 12 AM


Saturday (7/22):

The Art & Music Sessions featuring art by Danyol

Where: Alpha Bar
3848 Geary Blvd @ 3rd Avenue

Who: DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings) 7 - 8:45 set time

When: 22 July
7 PM - 12 midnight

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


i'm finally starting to feel BETTER! wow.

it's funny [and cheeeZY --> consider yourself warned] ... sometimes i get so down and out and then i remember the one thing that's it for me... i can ALWAYS play music. always. always. always.

the knowledge that i have my records, keys, a nice little studio setup, and a guitar at home gives me immense pleasure...

music is the best boyfriend i've ever had. WERD.

Monday, July 17, 2006

dog doody

i have felt like such dog doody at work the past however long and also over the weekend. the worst part is i'm *trying* to feel better. i went to bed early both friday and sunday... definitely didn't go out for that long saturday.... and i've been going to bed early on weekdays as i'm exhausted but nothing seems to help... i couldn't get enough sleep any day last week and i tossed and turned all last night...

i don't know if it's allergies, fatigue, or the remnants of this yucky cold my co-worker passed me but MAN... i don't remember feeling this run down ever.

to top it all off... i pinched my neck last night. i think the culprit is my "not-long-enough" love seat and a DVD session yesterday aimed at getting rest..

i *did* however get the software i need to finish my CD and plan to do that as soon as i'm feeling 100% and have a moment.

tonight i'm going out with some french speaking buddies.... i haven't seen my friend in a few months and he's bringing friends and it's good to keep up da' language skillz.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

software woes

well, my new cd sounds great... if i could only cut it out.

brad electro to the rescue, though! mad props man.

i'm having no computer love this week... at the office either. thankfully i've done this before.....

Monday, July 10, 2006

new CD (finally)

I didn't fix my sound card issues... But I did go back and listen to the live recording from the big love show summer soulstice. I like it.

I think at the time I first listened to it i was frustrated with lack of sleep, leaving my purse at the radio station in Stanford, and forgetting my lap top to work. I had to put it away for a couple of weeks before I could put my objective hat on.

I'm going to get advanced copies ready tonight and get out the door with it.


sound card woes [again--argh!!]

i'm thinking i might have to chuck this card and get a new one. i'm going to keep straining trying to get this one working... i also suspect potentially my mixing board... anyway until i can get the money together for a new one...

i already knew this day was coming... just not so soon. add this to the list of reasons i am broke-arse. hey. it's only $300 (ARGH!)

this week i'll be practicing music but taking a break from playing out. i want to finish a few business items and i have a few ongoing art projects i want to get finished up.

see ya' next week peeps.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

happy birthday dad


happy birthday! i love you and think about you every day.


Friday, July 07, 2006

i'm going to be on the TV [again]

i guess UPN and WB are becoming some mega station and they were interviewing people and asking them what they think of when they hear the words CW.

you can only imagine.

it's a bummer i don't have one... last time i saw myself on TV it was a trip.

learning what it means to be a california

i'm nearing the close of my fourth (yes 4TH!!!) year in california. and i am figuring out what that means. cali will harden you.

i had drinks with someone the other night who said that he was over LA... but to me... he is LA. 11 years and you become a part of the beast.

he seems pretty cool just the same.

i'm still learning. patience is a virtue.


thanks to those of you who came out last night. i love you guys.

the kindness you've shown me is wonderful.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

this thursday at Sugar

I'll be playing with Native Intelligence amongst others:

What: DJ Zenith @ Sugar

When: 9 PM ish

Who: Native Intelligence (Sleevin Records)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings)
Rob (Stompy)

Where: Sugar --> 377 Hayes @ Gough

Friday, June 30, 2006

the power of a woman

so many pp don't get it about women. our real power is in our companionship, our unwaivering support, our tolerance for pain, and our compassion for the less fortunate.

i believe that one of the reasons that so many relationships break up is because they are based too much on physical relations and not enough on companionship. too many ppl really don't enjoy the company of their partner. and that's too bad.

life is so short not to share the journey. it's the relationships you make that can make this journey worth living.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

update: new CD

I re-recorded my CD last night. Had a great set. Only problem is a major hiccup with my sound card. I think I red-lined it. I know i can fix it but this has bumped back reproduction by a couple of weeks. I finished the cover art for the one CD. Some of that work will go towards the cover art for my last one and will feed into my logo.

tonight i will re-record and hopefully make it out to play records with Native Intelligence at Sugar

i am super busy these days every time i get home.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

well duh

The republicans redistricted texas to disenfranchise voters.

my definition of purgatory (which is far worse than h*ll fyi)

is the 25 zillion times you have to listen to your CD to decide if you should truly let it out of the door... at your office, on your home puter, on your ghetto boom box, in your car... everywherez.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

new CD

it's final. i'm going to press. i'm doing the art work and my friend is going to be in the city to pick up the artwork Thursday. I should have both CDs by next Wednesday!


street noise

i have been dealing with brutal street noise between the hours of 4 - 6:30 AM on weekdays since i moved in mid-february. i am starting to loose my mind (for those of you who think i'm crazy already... beware)

i'm going to try to sleep with earplugs now. if that doesn't work i guess i have to live with this until my lease is up and move. ARGH!

Monday, June 26, 2006

new CD complete?

i think i've finished with my new cd: it's funkin' deep. i spent saturday making cubase my beeyotch. somehow, the act of moving my computer when i moved farked my sound card settings and it took me three hours to sort. and then i recorded.

it's up-tempo from where i normally spin but i love the music. it takes me about 10 times listening to something before deciding to officially distribute something... although i have handed out a few copies already.

i was a little critical of the tempo this past weekend... but i think i was unduly hard on myself. i was bummed about my set on the Big Love show. everyone face plants... but it's still hard to deal with. that's ok. i'm learning.

it just makes me want to work even harder.

Friday, June 23, 2006

new CD

my set at the big love show wasn't technically up to my expectations of myself although it's better than anything i've done before. unfortunately, my ears have progressed as well.

BUT. i have been having issues with this one record i really love playing but there are some technical issues to playing it. SORTED! it hit me over the head in a sleepy muni stupor of a commute. and well.

i'm heading to the studio tonight. i will iron out any kinks with my studio equipment so i can record tomorrow and master tomorrow afternoon/evening. it will be done Saturday evening.

i'm really excited.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


nothing like sending e-mail to 100+ ppl with the wrong URL. TWICE. it's not kzsuonline..... DOH!

oh well. i'm listening to the CD now and will release it if I think it's up to par.

Love you guys.

Oh. Native Intelligence aka Duane really rocked it. I mean it. He said don't expect much. I know BS when I hear it. He rocked the 2-4 AM listeners like it was his last chance.

Much love peeps.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

once again it's on

Tonight. Midnight to 2 AM. It's time for the soul-stice and the freaks come out at night. You can catch it here. It's me and partner in crime: Native Intelligence, formerly known as Duane.

What: The Big Love Summer Soul-stice marathon
KZSU Online or 90.1 on the peninsula

When: 12 AM - 2 AM DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings)
2 AM - 4 AM Native Intelligence (Sleevin Records)

Where: 90.1 on the peninsula and east bay around the 84 bridge
or KZSU Online

Big Brother

the future is now kids. big brother is sooooo loving you:

NSA has secret room on internet backbone for illegal spying

a note to a few wankers out there

for those of you who offer me gigs hoping for a date, or some sexual favor. let's not waste each other's time.

i don't sleep around. i'm not a whore. i want to get ahead on talent.

i would never sleep with someone who tried to manipulate me in that way, anyway. what kind of respect are you showing for women with your attitude? why would i sleep with someone with such an attitude??!!

if i were, i wouldn't go for $250. that's fo' sho'

i do want to date. but i'm looking for someone smart, someone who enjoys life, makes me laugh, and will be honest. if you fit that description, don't offer me a gig. just do the straight up thing! Ask. you might be surprised.

i really love men. i'm only asking for a little respect kids. seriously.

pls don't call me ice queen. a lucky guy is gonna find out soon that that is SOOOO not the case. he'll need to rest up. it WILL be fun.

web casting

i see there are free tools for streaming the software but how does one create the streamed audio? some of the software i priced is 3 grand! gimme a small break here.

not everybody has a daddy warbucks. it would be cool to do a radio show a couple of times/week from my home. saturday, 12-2 or some such something or the other rather.

so many companies make the mistake of missing the market of the little fry.

little fries want to rock it, too!

bueller? bueller?

my hosting service says they aren't ready with the bandwidth to stream software. i'm considing getting cable though. i have a 125 ethernet wire and a bunch of wireless modems. i have a bridge, etc. so i can get it around my house. that i'm good at.

things that make you go hmmmm.


This weekend I will reclaim my title as world-reigning mistress of sleep. I finally kicked the sh*t out of the street noise issue I have been dealing with. Thank goodness. No more waking up at 4 AM for busses and crap. It was just so simple. Unbelieveable. Too bad I'm gigging in the middle of the night or I would get on it tonight.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I just received a record all the way from Greece! Just in time for the Big Love Show Summer Solstice tomorrow night! Say yes to Thievery Corporation.

Monday, June 19, 2006

DJing Live on the Radio and online at KZSU

It's time for the big love show summer solstice (read soul-stice)

I'll be gigging live on the Big Love Show with Duane of Native Intelligence

Duane and I will be getting the party started.

You can listen online here: KZSU

When: 12 AM 22 June (Pacific Time)
3 AM 22 June (East Coast)
9 AM 22 June (Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam)

Who: DJ Zenith (Zenomena Recordings) (1st slot --> 12 AM PST)
Duane (Native Intelligence) (2nd slot --> 2 AM PST)

Loads of other DJs. This goes 12 hours!

Where: KZSU Stanford (90.1 on the peninsula) or online: KZSU