Monday, July 17, 2006

dog doody

i have felt like such dog doody at work the past however long and also over the weekend. the worst part is i'm *trying* to feel better. i went to bed early both friday and sunday... definitely didn't go out for that long saturday.... and i've been going to bed early on weekdays as i'm exhausted but nothing seems to help... i couldn't get enough sleep any day last week and i tossed and turned all last night...

i don't know if it's allergies, fatigue, or the remnants of this yucky cold my co-worker passed me but MAN... i don't remember feeling this run down ever.

to top it all off... i pinched my neck last night. i think the culprit is my "not-long-enough" love seat and a DVD session yesterday aimed at getting rest..

i *did* however get the software i need to finish my CD and plan to do that as soon as i'm feeling 100% and have a moment.

tonight i'm going out with some french speaking buddies.... i haven't seen my friend in a few months and he's bringing friends and it's good to keep up da' language skillz.

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