Monday, December 31, 2007

Set in 1 Hour: Private Party

If you received an e-mail about a party wishing me Happy Birthday... I'll be there in an hour or so with records....


Happy Freaking New YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is all.

Come Celebrate My B-day With Me!

Happy New Year's Folks! It's my b-day! To Those of You Who have been asking what my plans are:

NYE I will be between two private parties and a couple of clubs. You'll have to text/call me if you want to know what/when/where/with whom...

New Year's Day we'll all be converging upon a fantastic San Francisco tradition: Sunset Stompy. Sometime after 4 PM. Text me before your heading over just to be sure we're there already...


Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2007


a friend once told me that it's a trick to find the appropriate place to vent and to vent in an appropriate manner. i had such an opportunity today.

as i was walking down the 6 flights of stairs to the basement doing laundry cuz someone had held open the elevator due to moving i was annoyed. i held up the elevator to move, too; and i don't mind people using the elevator in this manner when they are actively moving. what i *do* mind is when they aren't there, haven't been there in some time and the elevator is blocked.

on my way up after switching laundry from washer/dryer i passed an elderly woman on the 4th floor asking me about the elevator being out of order. i informed her of the move situation...

as luck would have it, i was short one quarter and had to traverse the stairs an additional time. that's when the guy who had left both his clothes in the dryer and blocked the elevator comes down. i witnessed him apologizing to said elderly woman saying he's moving and telling her that there's nothing he could do.

then he proceeds to tell me, "i wasn't done yet with the dryer".

and here was my appropriate moment to vent.

my reply, "it's a shared resource. you weren't using it. you were merely blocking it. just like the elevator up stairs."

he said, "it's not your concern. stay out of things that don't concern you."

me. "it doesn't concern me? i've been walking up and down six flights of stairs three times now while you block the elevator. i did laundry around you in the dryer. i'd say it concerns me."

him, "there's nothing i can do."

me, "there IS something you can do. plan better. you got the elevator blocked while you're doing laundry. i moved in here and somehow managed to not hold up the elevator as long as you're doing. you're blocking two shared resources, not just one."

him, "you're an as*hole."

me, "but i'm not selfish. you're selfish. you got an elderly woman schlepping four flights of stairs. there's handicapped people living on the second floor who i hope don't come home. and i'm walking up and down six flights of stairs. you're selfish."

him. speechless.

i was shaking when i got home, just from the angst of a confrontation making me nervous. i hate confrontation, even when i'm in the right... i just hate it. it's not that i was yelling... i wasn't. i have a hard time saying something unpleasant to someone, even politely, even knowing i'm right. i don't like saying things unpleasant.

but i'm glad that for once i had the opportunity to enlighten a selfish person about the impact of their behaviour on other human beings.

martin luther king, jr talked about the opposite of self-centered being other-centered behaviour.

as this world becomes more and more densely packed this concept is vital. other-centeredness.

we should all aspire to conduct our affairs in such a manner that it doesn't impact other people. this applies to (but is not limited to):

  • walking on the sidewalk making room for people to pass us from both behind and in front of us,

  • not blocking a street,

  • not blocking the only entrance/exit to a restaurant.

  • start to finish. we should always aspire to conduct our affairs to not inconvenience others. this is basic human consideration. it's not ALL about us!

    if we could all achieve this, the world would be a much, much, much better place.

    Thursday, December 27, 2007

    Benazir Bhutto assassinated

    I don't know what to say about Benazir Bhutto's assassination so I will refrain and post this article on Washington

    what a tragic world we live in... as if we needed more proof.

    Friday, December 21, 2007

    too stoked for words -- but i'll try...

    so 4 years ago (almost exactly) i went to a Debian Christmas party @ DNA lounge. At the time Ipods were new and I was an officer at the local chapter of the American Computer Society and ended up being invited for free.

    My friend had told me to enter the contest. Well I was the first name out of the hat and won this 20 GB Ipod! It was pretty awesome but unfortunately it broke early.... It was part of that original batch they had the recall on :-( I somehow didn't end up turning mine in for a new one... I think I didn't get the warranty information in time due to a move.

    Well last night I ended up winning an 4 GB Ipod Nano! and therefore i'm too stoked for words!

    Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    special thanks to Kara

    thanks so much for calling me to tell me you liked my CD!

    and also, special thanks to everyone who's been calling and e-mailing.

    big things coming in 08!

    Monday, December 17, 2007 (DON'T)

    if you are thinking about ordering from them, don't. they screwed up my order royally and four phone calls have yet to yield a full refund.... and this is going on from 30 November.

    i gauge a company on how they handle a screwed up order cuz they happen. gets an F.

    Friday, December 14, 2007

    Hamster in the Wheel (not a dj-post)

    i'm reading Doris Lessing's the Golden Notebook right now. Doris recently received the Nobel Prize for literature and this work is considered to be her premier work and largely autobiographical. It was way ahead of it's time... It's still super-pertinent to women of all ages.

    Her protagonist is a 23-24 year-old at this point (i'm not done yet) and discusses her fears of being trapped by marriage and children against the backdrop of living years ago as a white communist in Rhodesia in a group trying to breed revolution. It speaks to racism and the inherent racism in colonial africa. I'm not going to discuss the racism in this post....

    This book has me thinking about my own life... I bring her fears forward to my times where I'm over 30 and trying to balance an IT career and DJing and dating. This fear of being trapped seems really "real" to me. Once you get married and have a kid; then the kid comes first.

    And you end up becoming a hamster in the wheel. You're constantly working to pay your mortgage, to keep yourself and your family fed, the kids off to school, soccer practice, etc.

    All of the married w/kids lady engineers I know end up not only having their career, but still do a majority of the housework and most of the taking care of the kids. And this seems like a really unfair scenario to me. Especially considering that I've made at least twice as much money as almost every single guy that I have dated.

    Why should I be saddled with both a full-time job and housework for myself and others???

    When your partner isn't cleaning the house you live in together you have two choices: a) nag him or b) do it yourself. I can't stand nagging (my mum was a horrible nag) so when this happened to me previously I chose answer b) and it made me angry that I had to do this. Of course I tried asking him to pitch in first but he kept promising to do it and had 5000 excuses as to why he never did. And we broke up and I moved out.

    If I were to get married and have a kid, I'd have to forget any DJing, screw my 20-miles/week of running, forget my art projects, my hiking, my writing, and anything else I do for myself that I love... Forget BSing with my buddies, forget all the travel I like to do to other countries... I'd basically have to put myself last... 100% of the time.

    I wonder how/why many people submit to this so freely? Why do so many people do this? Do they not have any dreams/joys of their own?? Or do they do it because that's what everyone else does and they didn't realize the implications going in?

    I say people because I realize that a lot of men get this "hamster in the wheel" feeling also and I know that all men aren't like my ex-boyfriend.

    Why? Why are so many people in such a rush to get hitched?!!!! Am I missing something?

    Enquiring minds want to know....

    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    sorry folks!

    i recently backed out on my NYE engagement. Why? I no longer want to be a part of engagements which will ultimately end up with crappy music through no fault of my own. When people come out to hear you... they don't know about all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes... all they know is whether or not you sound good and whether or not there are other people are there.

    They don't know that that mixer is a piece of poo. They don't know that the DJ before you was in a wrong place in the lineup and ran out everyone that was there. All they know is whether or not there are other folks there and how you sound.

    I believe strongly in my own abilities and am willing to hold out for what I deserve. So no NYE... But... I am lining things up for the New Year.

    Saturday, December 01, 2007

    Friday, November 30, 2007

    version 2.0 is mos' def mo' better

    so i keep yakking about overhauling my website. i've been doing the whole, "one more thing, one more thing, one more thing" to the computer program i'm using to skin or template these files.

    you can see the output of my labours in these two sets of picture pages:

    Cimetiere Pere La Chaise

    Hiking in Hendy Woods

    I've also rolled out some templating throughout photos pages 1-6. I'll put more information here and send out a mass e-mail when other stuff is done.

    Part of this effort is adding over 1000 new pages to the mix!

    Thursday, November 29, 2007

    NYE 2007

    just in case you who are reading haven't been around me in my birthday month... or have somehow forgot how obnoxiously silly i am about it all... the counting down of remaining shopping days... the not-so-suttle hints... well it's *THAT* time of year again!

    why spend sh*t loads of money going to some lameo party when you come here some bad-azz music in a phat pad fo' free. awesome music, great vibe, phat venue. but private. hit me up personally for the 4-1-1.

    come here my b-day set. w00t!

    Peter Garrett appointed by Kevin Rudd

    This is awesome! Who's Peter Garrett you say? Kevin Rudd? Tsk Tsk peeps... Tsk Tsk...

    Kevin Rudd appointed Peter Garrett environment, heritage and arts minister. Good move, mate.

    Saturday, November 24, 2007

    a flyer i did for a party coming up

    what i'm listening to right now...

    jay tripwire posted this on my space. It's a new mix. Check it out....

    Hiking in Hendy Woods

    I stayed with a whole mess of folks up in Mendocino county. Following Thanksgiving, some of us deciding to go hiking while others were involved in a cut-throat game of arse-hole... (yes, *you* know THAT game... i *know* you do).

    Anywhosit... I brought my digital camera along with me and here's the end result (linked off of one of the photos pages on my website):

    Hiking in Hendy Woods

    Here's a teaser of a picture:

    Now here's the disclaimers... I'm super stubborn so instead of using a flash, I went without. Low light pics coupled with the delay of a digital camera can make your pics less than crisp.

    happy belated thanksgiving!

    happy thanksgiving! i wanted to say thank you to my wonderful friends/coworkers/dj partners in crime and all people I have the privilege of interacting on a regular basis! this thanksgiving goes down in the books as one of the best ever!

    love yah! -xoxox

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    it's one heck of a b-day time of year!!!

    So Happy Birthday to Alvin (i can't believe you bought food for your own b-day! you rawk it. seriously), Helen, and Kimmy! -xooxo Put me down for one supa' order of b-day sushi.

    Sunday, November 18, 2007


    I'm listening to Joey Youngman Live @ Hawt! I'm totally feeling it. You should check it out off of Underground House . net

    DJ Zenith v2.0

    i'm slaving away on my website overhaul. Finally. I have a computer program for photo galleries that is a maintenance nightmare but super-groovy when working.

    But. I'm going to be rolling out pages shortly here and will post the links when finished. You'll see it randomly clicking through my site.

    Stay tuned....

    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    Happy B-day Henry, Chris, and Gabriel

    Tonight I'm playing the Scorpio B-day bash down in Redwood City with my crew! A big happy b-day to Lil' Chris, Henry, Gabriel, Adrian, and Alex!

    What: Scorpio B-day Bash

    Where: Pioneer Saloon
    Redwood City

    When: 10 November 2007 (Saturday)
    9 PM - all night folkses (after party in full effect)

    DJs: O'Henry (Boom Boom Woods, Stirty Beats)
    Lil' Chris (Boom Boom Woods, Joint Sessions, Stirty Beats)
    Trev (Boom Boom Woods)
    Zenith (Boom Boom Woods, Zenomena)
    ??? (sorry for those I forget already :-( )

    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    [11/30] in San Francisco

    I will be DJing with: Simply Jeff, Mephisto Odyssey, Lil' Chris (Boom Boom Woods), O'Henry (Boom Boom Woods), and 10-da (Boom Boom Woods) just to name a few... stay tuned little campers!

    Saturday, November 03, 2007

    I've Been Around the Block

    have you??!!!

    Seriously boyz & germz. The new LawnChair Generals CD is awesome! The tracks are all theirs whether it's originals or their bad-azz mixes of other folkses music. Who cares! It's all awesome.

    It's rare that top-notch producers have the skillz behind the decks.

    Mad props to the LawnChair Generals!!!

    Thursday, November 01, 2007

    Stacked and Packed...

    WARNING: I have a whole pile o' rekkidzz on their way in from the UK shortly.

    I won't be releasing a new CD any time soon; save for my own amusement. It is freaking mind blowing to hear what's coming out of Europe right now... The production quality is dead on... And some of my favourite US DJ Producer combos are releasing some awesome stuffs on European Labels...

    Look out. When I get back from camping I'll be ready to throw down...

    Nothing like coming back from the dead...

    To make you appreciate life... so to speak. Is it a Tale of Two Cities??? Or is it another Dickens novel that starts... "These are the times that try men's souls...." I feel just like that.

    And my real friends have come out of the woodwork. I'm going to sound all new agey, spiritual, mumbo jumbo when I write this... So shoot me already! But...

    I put it out the universe that I wanted only real friends anymore and it has come back to me... That always happens. Every time I make up my mind that I want something it manifests itself in my life. And this was the right thing to hope for.

    And my coworkers have been spectacular to me as well. And as reward I finally resolved something that has been hanging over all of our heads for a month now. And tomorrow I will begin assisting some other coworkers on something equally as painful.

    I'm going to be getting ready to head out of town for some "Tree Therapy" as my buddy puts it next week...

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone whose been so great to me in the last couple of weeks.

    Luv' ya! Mwah...

    Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    CD Release: Our Great Green Earth [10.5.07]

    Our Great Green Earth is a CD created for the new DJ Collective Boom Boom Woods. These tremendously talented DJs have had an impact on my music. You can hear it for yourself. It's driving from the first minute right to the end. This file is available as a compressed zip archive to promote downloading all the tracks in one click.

    Tracks - 320kbps [approx. 147.7 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
    Tracks - 128kbps [approx. 70.6 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
    Single Track mp3 320kbps [approx. 179.6 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
    Single Track mp3 128kbps [approx. 73.6 megs]: Our Great Green Earth

    site move complete

    so we are officially off of my old hosting provider... Many thanks to the folks at PKR Internet. it's been a good two years. they warned me they were low bandwidth when i put my site there but their CEO is my ex's best buddy from high school and so it goes. he also happens to be in my top 3 list of computer gods so there you have it. and it's nice to have the mobile on the guy hosting your site... kinda like the bat phone and such.

    the new peeps @ Penguin Web Hosting have really been bending themselves into a pretzel to support me. and i must say they are fast like speedy gonzalez! no lie.

    no more 24 hour downloads. yippee. enjoy.

    so fast, so fast, supa fast.

    this is how we roll in my neighborhood b*Tch

    Saturday, October 20, 2007


    i placed an order recently with my ex's (from university) company. i ordered a couple of smart-allecky coffee mugs (WTF and RTFM) and a uber-geeky (yes, i used the word Uber... get over it :-) ) french-cut Pi shirt.

    as i was washing one of said coffee mugs i found two sticker on the bottom that read:

    1) Made in China (insert loud gasp here)
    2) Prop 65
    The materials used as colored decorations on the exterior of this product contain lead lead compounds, and/or cadmium, which are chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    things that make you go hmmm.....

    what else?

    well today i have plans all day long which is why i'm up so freaking early, still.

    i want to run and enjoy the weather.

    i'm fixing a home computer networking problem.

    i've uploaded my dj files at the new provider but i have yet to test/verify/and switch the DNS over. i'm doing the .org first and the rest will follow after.

    the new CD, Our Great Green Earth, will be up there for download as soon as it's done!!! then we can verify the download speeds and switch all my domains over.

    later today I'll be jamming it out with some of my DJ partners.

    tomorrow I'm going to the sunset party with my amiga. you should meet me there.

    stay tuned!

    Meth Coffee

    so my coworker stars in this highly warped video. seriously. it's his company with his better half that makes this highly potent substance. by my third cup... i usually find my lips be a-tingly....

    i'm back

    i'm up ungodly early this AM (for a saturday, especially). Why???

    i'm finishing up with my CD. The sheer task of retracking the version mastered by my DJ partner has been a challenge. I tried to track it in T-racks. For some reason t-racks is determined to put markers in a set spot. so even if i clicked at 6:06 seconds... the track was always going in at 6:28 seconds and there wasn't a darned thing i could do to change that.

    so i reverted back to cubase. it's been nothing but troubles here. the tracking i can do just fine but somehow the process of importing what my dj partner did and then trying to track it back out is causing me trouble. i'm not processing it or anything like that... it just ends up roughly sounding like shite.

    so now i'm reverting back to the original version to see if perhaps normalizing that and tracking that will yield better results.

    sigh. so i'm still a chugging. and i'm drinking my meth coffee.

    my next post is going to be about meth coffee

    Friday, October 12, 2007

    CD almost ready

    we worked on it last night. There's more to do. I'm still moving my website. It's taking an obscenely long period of time because my upload speed from home is 384 kbps and I'm uploading 8 - 9 Gigs of files.

    we're creating the background images & logos for Boom Boom Woods. I'm hopefully going to finish with my mock up of the splash page this weekend.

    Monday, October 08, 2007

    site move v2.0

    so i'm moving one of my domains to another new hosting provider..... searching for more bandwidth so i can host my posse's stuff here, too. sigh. only 13+ hours left on the upload. only. only. so after i go to work tomorrow sometime it will be uploaded. mostly. sigh. sigh. sigh!

    stay tuned. patiently.

    Sunday, October 07, 2007

    woo-woo-woo woo w00t!

    so i recorded my new CD: Our Great Green Earth Friday night. I finished the cover art for said CD. Additionally, I took a few stabs @ the logo for Boom Boom Woods.

    I think tomorrow night I will do cover art for you're a star.

    I had a great weekend amongst friends and good music. What more could a girl ask for in terms of creative inspiration??!!

    Saturday, October 06, 2007

    Congratulations R. & La La

    i just wanted to say congrats to my friends R. & La La who are getting married in less than month now! Yeah R & La la!


    i recorded a set for Boom Boom Woods last night that is by far the best I have ever done! It will be a few more days before I post it on the internet. I will be turning up the volume on it a little and having it professionally labelled with cover art. Stay tuned!

    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    Treasure Island Music Festival, 15 September 2007

    So, we got there @ around 5. By far, the two best acts were Gotan Project & Thievery Corporation. Thievery Corporation made the whole evening worth it. Gotan Project was also quite good.

    Mad props to Thievery Corporation!!!

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007


    the word of the day? german. german tech house. german language. german. i'm going german folks.

    i am listening to the rest of the catalogue from one of my favourite german labels. two shipments arrived this week from the UK and will be featured in my next project. it's untitled as of yet.

    i plan to record this weekend. it's a project for Boom Boom Woods. stay tuned.

    PS -- if you don't know what ausgezeichnet means... it means excellent (not distinguished as google language tools will tell you... although it could mean that in certain contexts... not this one)

    DNS switched back

    well, the new provider technically didn't have the staff and infrastructure in place to support my needs.

    so i'm on the lookout for a new place... again. my buddy has referred me to this place out of canada. i'll be checking them out this weekend.....

    anyway. we're back at my old place so please scuse the long download times... i'm working on it.



    where were you on 9-1-1, 2001? i was at Washington monitoring web servers 9 - 13 against hacker attacks while my coworkers broke off the high-bandwidth portions of our site to a second home page... while we made the main page an information space for family members worried about their loved ones in the pentagon and the world trade center.

    let's all think kind thoughts for the survivors and those lost to the attack....

    Sunday, September 09, 2007

    DNS switched!

    on once i see that's good i'll switch the .net and .org also.

    addendum: i realized this is a dumb plan. sweetching .net and .org in other browser tab.

    An article that hits why I don't claim to be from DC

    although i was actually born there... and spent a little over 15 years there in different segments:

    Fred on Everything

    Village Music

    My coworker (tankey kindly J.S.) placed the Pacific Sun on my desk to point out an article about Village Music in Mill Valley (north bay) is going out of business. Sadly. At the end of September they are shutting their doors.

    Right now they are having a ridiculous sale. And DJ Shadow is playing there all throughout the month of September (using their catalogue... not his own). Although he took a day off yesterday as he had stuff to do. But mad props DJ Shadow him for playing the rest of September.

    Yesterday, I got 30 records for a mere $39.33. I had prepped myself for the sticker shock as I carried the mother load to the register. He said 39.33 and I sputtered with glee, made out the check, and went on my way with a smile.

    This AM I am listening to some of the records... Right now we have Sonny Rollins circa 1977 going. Yesterday I listened to some Count Basie. I purchased everything from Patrice Rushkin, Count Basie, and Sonny Rollins to Flock of Seagulls & Guadalcanal Diary. Yes... I did.

    Anyway, vinyl lovers... now's your chance. Village Music @ 9 E. Blithedale Avenue in downtown Mill Valley.

    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    it's time for a test cut!

    it's not finished. i'm waiting for a couple of shipments of german records from the UK. Get it? roight...

    here it is:

    Test Cut: Screw Arounds

    a classic

    the boyz (and goilz) are back from Burning Man

    and famous on you tube apparently!!!! check it out yourself....

    Friday, September 07, 2007

    pack instincts

    there's someone i know who comes over to ask me questions and then constantly interrupts my answers. yesterday he interrupted, threw in, "i know, i know, it's ______.... but i'm not doing that."

    but once again, he got it wrong.

    i informed him that he should stop interrupting me every 5 seconds and that every time he interrupted me to complete my sentences... he got it wrong.... 100% of the time.

    after he left... someone within ear shot asked me if it was only men who did that or was it women, too???

    i have thought about it long & hard. thursday nights (last night) i drive (drove) 45 minutes down to the peninsula so it gives me some time to think....

    and here's my thoughts:

    many pack animals have signs of submission & signs of dominance.

    baby horses open and close their mouths repeatedly. when you see it... it's the cutest thing. they tend to do it until they are about 3 or 4.... sometimes 5. it's a... "please, please... i'm a baby... don't hurt me. i submit."

    with dogs... they lie down. sometimes they completely roll over. if the other dog is in serious alpha mode... it will put said other dog's neck in it's mouth.

    alpha dog doesn't bite down on the submitting dog's neck. that's not the point. the point is that the alpha dog *could* bite down. it's complete dominance.

    it's my idea that the act of interrupting someone and attempting to complete their sentences like that... it's an alpha-dominance trait. it's also an act of complete arrogance and presumption.

    and i can only think of two women who have ever done this to me. one does it when she's loaded. frankly, i really can't stand it when she does that. i take it as a sign she's wasted beyond the point of good company and avoid her.

    and as far as the only other woman that does that to me.... i'm not speaking to her anymore. and she's a relative. that's one of her many myriad social issues. she doesn't get on with anyone by the way... and constantly points to every one else as having problems (not her of course).

    i don't wish to dominate or to be dominated. i want to just be.

    Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    dhis & dhat

    the time? farking early! and yet i'm up.....

    i hooked my studio puter back to the internet to update some tools to allow me to use this puter to update my DJ website. i'm overhauling the photos pages which are chiefly resident on this puter and require better tools to get the job done more quickly.

    german class is going well for me now... but it's quite a bit of work.

    and then there's that pesky computer work i do for a living. i have more studies to do with that. i studied some last night after class... but i'm still a tad under the weather so my body just cut out on me...

    so the smart thing to do is to get up early and go for a run today before work??? right?

    well, i'm doing it.

    look for an e-mail to come shortly when the site is updated & moved and also look for a new mix! i'm getting some records this week and have something on the burner.

    this CD is part of a larger project that i have in the works....

    Monday, September 03, 2007

    new project in the works

    i'm about ready to make a new mix to record some fantastic new records i have and some that are on the way from the UK. i should have those midweek.

    additionally i've been digging through my current collection trying to decide what to keep. i found some great stuff! i'm not very good @ getting rid of records, sadly.

    oh well, i can't be good at everything. ho hum.

    web site move almost completed

    i'm just about ready to change the DNS entries to change one of my domains over to the new provider. i'm going to post here when i've switched it. please let me know if you hit it after i switch and you find broken areas to the site.

    i am pretty sure the new site will be fine and i'm going to test it a bit myself but i think the beatles had the right idea when they said... "i get by with a little help from my friends..." (among other things they did with their friends) -- hee hee hee

    busy, busy times

    i cut out on the sunset party last night a little early-ish. i felt bad doing it but i have so much to do these days!

    don't feel too sorry for me having a productive sunday... i really love what i am doing!

    what the h*L! am i doing you ask???!!

    well, lesseee... i have a ton of german homework today. and i have some computer-studies to do... i'm teaching myself some new technology.

    but don't feel too sorry for me just yet... the last couple of days i have studied in a bikini. in two different beaches. i achieved nice glow status yesterday! the weather report says the sun will come out later. wish me luck!

    i'm moving my website to a new provider. we will say buh-bye (& don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out) to 1 hour download times for CDs!!! yeah. we're almost done on this one.

    record shopping. today i'm giving my favourite UK online record store some serious bizness. Juno... I luv yah! Mwah!

    Updating my website. I'm overhauling the computer script that generates the picture pages and adding pictures.

    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    my bad!

    i *should* have told you that the EOM Sessions go on Deep Mix Doh!

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    part deux!

    last night we had DJ Tsen on the EOM Sessions... He was most excellent! Apparently he has 18 years and boy does it show. That's what I love about the bay area... You go places and hear a jewel such as DJ Tsen.

    I hopped on for a half an hour from maybe 10:15 PM or so on....

    Mad props to the folks @ the EOM Sessions!

    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    EOM Sessions

    i'm now heading down for the EOM Sessions. I'll have my records but I believe we are giving the stage to another DJ so give it up for him (Holla)

    It's a really good time... so if you are down on the peninsula and have the occasion to catch this Thursday night phenomenon (zenomenon) then you should jump to it with both feet.


    thanks to those of you who tuned in! Sorry for the late start... Part of it had to do with a stalled car in the left lane on 101. I'm so sorry for that... I had set up a reminder for folks who requested it that I would be on in 15 minutes. Only problem is that went out @ 8:40 AM... I came on @ 10ish. We had a few technical difficulties and then I was on my way.

    It was about 30 minutes or so in before I finally found my groove and away we went...

    I promised JC info about one track. If he checks his inbox he'll find the 4-1-1. A lady never kisses & tells on the internet. But the label for the curious is Mothership. That's all I'll say....

    Thanks again... Twas fun.

    For me these days, playing is the closest I get to heaven on earth.

    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    EOM Sessions part 1 post mortem

    I'm listening to my EOM Sessions. The set is riddled with energy so far. Two serious technical difficulties. ARGH. And it's the first recording I have of myself in machine mode...

    What is machine mode? Just what I described above: lots of loose (& sometimes misdirected) energy. Energy comes better with relaxation and flow.

    Aww, shucks. If my memory serves me correctly, I settle it down and it gets nice which is probably why I walked away with such good memories.

    I have a feeling I'll be posting some of this. The interview was pretty funny. That may get posted.

    holey b00ts batman!

    i spent money on Burning Man-esque things this month. The only problem is uh... that I'm not going to Burning Man.

    This very second I am breaking in these lil' beauties:

    I got the ones with the black glitter, for the curious. They have 5 1/4" yes 5 1/4" heels. They are platforms. But wow! And yes the star cutout in the heel is for real.

    EOM Sessions

    i'll be heading down to the EOM Sessions this Thursday night. Not to play, just to hang out. I saw the boyz recently. I felt pretty bad when I saw them... I've been fighting off a head cold but they are awesome company! Thanks to A., P., C. for being adoreable and fun as always!

    They have turned it into a cheffing festival as well. They asked me to mail them my food ideas... You bet. I love them. They have a new cat apparently that thinks he's a dog. And there's always Stella the wonder-dog who loves to goose folks in the armmpit when they dig for records. A second favourite pasttime is sitting on feet.

    I'm currently reviewing my 14 June set and interview from the show as I type this post. Mad props to the boyz for doing what they do so well.

    EOM Sessions, here I come!

    Wednesday, August 01, 2007


    so this is my second time climbing with my boss, his fiancee, coworkers, etc. i feel as if climbing is teaching me everything i need to know...

    coworker dynamics... you learn a lot about yourself when your peer has a looottt more experience than you and you have to take the back seat as a novice... after 10+ years in the IT field you learn your technical confidence. it's hard to start over. but humbling and worth it...

    patience. climbing isn't like running. you have to trust the rope and the person doing belay. you don't just plod through any old way like running. it's deliberate. you have to allow yourself to rest in a position hanging off of a rock. and you have to perservere... period.

    it's a serious mental challenge. not to mention stomach marathon.

    i just in-haled a bowl of yake udon. inhaled. burp.

    a friend of mine from Paris

    i found an english friend of mine that i met in Paris had linked up to my blog... so we return the favour...

    now where are your pics mister???!!!

    he's in Toronto @ present and as it would seem has a little bit of the wander lust... check out his blog.

    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    morning runs

    i wish i could take the feeling i get from my morning runs and bottle it up & share it with everyone. you get to know ppl on your runs.

    runners do the good morning. it's akin to the wave you do when someone lets you in in traffic.... seldom talked about but widely known about.

    and there's all the people that walk around stow lake in the mornings. there's the aging beagle i say puppyyyyyyyy to that wags his tail in happy response while his owners say good morning.

    and there's that floating feeling i get as i drift by beautiful trees on my way down to the beach.

    everyone should have joy like this.

    custom chopsticks???

    so the mystery is on. almost two weeks ago when I was picking up friends for the ben watt show, my girlfriend said she would be moving the bag in my back seat further back to the storage place in my vehicle. i assumed said bag was leftover from our campout over a month ago.

    in said bag was 4 really nice bowls and custom designer chopsticks with their own very nice cases. each case has it's own beautifully done fabric case. i can't imagine someone isn't missing these! considering i've only had four people in my car in the last three months it's surprising that i can't identify the owner! i felt guilty unpacking the bag that's been sitting on my floor but... what do i do?

    if you are the owner of these bowls... e-mail me and i'll get them back to you....

    daft punk

    i was told that the Daft Punk show i missed friday night was awesome. one of my DJ buddies was ooooing & ahhhing last night about how cool it would be to have this amount of coordinated laser light show @ your finger tips with your beats. he said there was stuff on Youtube (although the audio isn't quite on). check out the last 4 minutes of this video or so:

    Sunday, July 29, 2007

    happy sunday

    here in the inner sunset it's foggy. my beautiful south-facing windows afford a nice view of it whilst i blog. if you know the lay of the land out here you know we have little bump we call turtle hill aka washington heights that provides a stunning view of fireworks, the park, and down to the palace of fine arts and golden gate bridge on a cloud-free day. on any kinda day our little "hill" will give you a workout you won't forget. you can even include a few of SFs brutal "hidden" staircases if you dare.

    i can't believe how exhausted i have been this weekend. i have basically slept. it must be fate that kept me away from the campout. i don't see how i would have done anything other then lay around. it's really lame to do that in front of your friends. i think laying down and being antisocial is something you don't need to drive five hours to do.

    what's in the works for me right now? so glad you asked...

    website upgrade:
    i still have my website upgrade in the works. i have taken my photos pages and upgraded the template to make room for the 1200 - 1500 pages that aren't up as well as the DJ photo sections. i have to do some organization around the DJ photos as those come from so many different sources.

    now it's down to upgrading the computer program that generates these pages. it's a dirty little game of escaping metacharacters and getting spaces (aka   tags) just right. and not all elements of my overall website template belongs and/or fits in the photos pages templates. i can do this piece in a couple of hours i think but the other organizational pieces take longer.

    right now, i am just finishing the website backup which has taken over 24 hours when all is said & done. i suffer from the same download/bandwidth woes as others. there's not enough disk space on my server to zip up all the content so i was forced to download the whole archive uncompressed. not that compression would have bought me that much when one realizes i have a lot of jpg and mp3 files up there...

    cover art:
    i have to start/finish the cover art for my last three CDs. i will be putting at least a small number of CDs five and six to CDs with cover art on them and a larger number of the latest.

    throwing parties:
    some friends and i are going to start throwing parties. we won't have a lot of energy for this until after they return from BM. i'm not going. i can't. and they are inundated getting ready. which is just as well... i will be very focussed on my day job during that time frame so it works out for everyone's schedule.

    but for now... happy sunday!

    today i'm going to get in a light run and see if i can rally some friends to go to the north beach jazz festival. my friend is playing tonight. i think it will be fun. i know... i don't like north beach that much but jazz is the magic word and i look forward to the opportunity of surprising my friend by showing up with some support.

    and of course i'm going to play some music today in any case...

    so happy sunday!

    Friday, July 27, 2007

    no i'm not @ the campout

    i'm enjoying a much-needed weekend of exercise & relaxation.

    one of my best friends is a fine photographer. he just gave me these pics from pride weekend. i had driven @ warp speed back from our campout with my peeps.

    on the drive i thought, man... it's pride weekend and i haven't done anything. it felt strange. that's when C.K. called. i was home for maybe 30 minutes before i ran out to meet him & a few people for dinner.

    C.K. will take his camera to the grave. he always has it with him. for good reason, too! check out these pics from sunday night on pride weekend....

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    another camp out on the way

    yesterday we had our public launch @ work. and now i am frantically running around trying to get out of town to a camp out. great beats under the stars is the *only* way to fly. camp outs are some of my favourite places to play.

    as a bonus, some of us are going up thursday night late to hike half-dome friday! w00t.

    i'm going at a blistering pace and am looking forward to sitting on my butt soaking up sun next to a pool and waterfalls on saturday.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007


    thanks for the overwelming positive feedback re: my latest CD. i apologize for the long download times. My hosting service had to cap my downloads as to keep me from ruining service for his other clients.

    but thx! luv 'ya.

    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    CD Release: You're a Star [7/7/07]

    Heya Peeps!

    I have just finished another CD. Yup. Number 7. Lucky number 7 on 7.7.07.

    I'm really excited about this one. I have been playing with some amazing DJs who have inspired me. This CD is the by-product. Enjoy!

    I have attached a high-fidelity version and a lo-fi version. The standard disclaimer with my website applies. There's very little bandwidth here. Read a 900 page novel while it's downloading and come back. It should be done by then (PS -- my hosting guy warned me that his setup didn't have a lot of bandwidth, so don't blame him). It's not streamed so you need to save this to your hard drive and wait for it to finish (this could be over an hour).

    Hi-Fi: You're a Star - 320 mbps

    Lo-Fi: You're a Star - 128 mpbs

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    a quick hello

    i am just inundated right now but i feel pretty content. i'm working extremely hard.

    i am actually about ready to head into the office for a solid four hours of work. but i'm not bummed about it. i want to complete the database aspect of this project i'm working on before monday. it's going to be pretty awesome when completed and it will relieve some stress on our team.

    on top of that i need to take my new CD and put a fade out in to replace the chop off i had to do to put it on CD. i wanted it on CD quickly so i could hear the new CD on a bunch of other stereos. i like to do that before releasing it to make sure the levels aren't jacked. i'm really excited about this CD.

    the plan is to have a bunch of copies ready tomorrow before I go to the word of mouth party followed up by a brunch in the east bay with some pretty awesome peeps. i'd post a link for the party but i can't seem to find it and don't have the time to hunt for it. sorry.

    just want to say thanks to everyone for making my life a wonderful place to be.

    luv 'ya! mwah.

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    game face

    when i'm trying to hear a track i go into the focus zone. i used to play here all the time. what's the problem you ask?

    well, your friends waving their hands in front of your face for five minutes... all the while you not noticing... it's extremely rude when someone shows up to a party to hear you play and you don't even notice they are there. i am a lot better about this now.

    but i was at a friend's house here so no harm no foul. (see other post about i love my friends)

    i love my friends!

    Say it with me kids... awwwww shucks.

    How Weird Festival, 6 May 2007

    So here's a pic from How Weird Festival 2007:

    Saturday, July 07, 2007

    hot friday night leads to hot saturday day

    what's my idea of a hot saturday night? i'm sooooo glad you asked! a bunch o' new records and me, myself, and my turntables.

    which is a great segue for saturday. i just recorded a cD with said new records. and i'm rearing to go for our beats & bbq in the park.

    it's a little cloudy but the weather man says that will clear up by some in the afternoon.

    translation: there will be plenty o' sun by the time i'm playing.

    so come on out. i'll see you there.

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    This Saturday [7/7] in Golden Gate Park!!!!

    What: Beats in Golden Gate Park
    Speedway Meadows Golden Gate Park
    approx. 30th & Fulton

    DJs: Trev (Boom Boom Woods)
    DJ Zenith(Zenomena,Boom Boom Woods)
    Kool Karlo
    Mo Po
    Big Dolla Bill
    Victor Vega

    When: Sat. 7 July 2007
    Noon - ?
    Set time is after 3 PM

    Friday, June 29, 2007

    LM - 2007 take 1

    we had a wonderful campout. The spot was a spiritual haven. and it couldn't have been with a better group of people. i only was able to take a few pics and shoot a video before filling up my card. sowwy, folks. the fact that i didn't do more means i had a good time.

    Here's one of me Saturday night (thanks to H.R.)

    It got pretty cold. Thanks a million to the thoughtful friends who brought the fire pits. There were two.

    here's RJ (Lo Rise) doing his thang:

    and here's a video that will take forever to download. It's not streamed. again, my apologies. Check out T's tricked sh*rt (when asked where he got it, he said... "sorry man, i got the last one")

    T. getting it on!

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    summer is for bad azzz campouts

    this coming weekend i will be going with some of my favourite DJs... some of the best in the bay area IMHO and one bad sound system to a schweet camping site near tahoe! i can't wait to go, i can't wait to play, i can't wait to commune with nature. we'll be @ 6500+ feet near a lake.

    i love my friends. they got it going on....

    Friday, June 15, 2007

    morning daze

    i'm sitting here this AM procrastinating my morning run by blogging. but i forgive myself for ultimately being later than i want to because i haven't been blogging at all.

    i have been getting up btwn 5:30 - 6:30 AM every morning for the last two weeks. even this AM. i had to move my car... san francisco street cleaners keep me working to avoid parking tickets.

    i figured i would give myself 1 month of an extra-intense workout regimen to see what i could do to my again body. i can tell that i'm getting stronger but i am also tired *all* the time.

    i haven't had the time to get enough sleep and my body seems to be quite sensitive to that these days.

    it seems as if i'm more tired from being good than i ever was from being bad.

    stay tuned! and please be sure to compliment me when you see me... even if you don't mean it.


    I had a great time last night with Chris, Paul, Stella & company. I wish every Thursday could be like that! It was so much fun. Special thanks to the boys @ El Otro Mundo, Deep Mix and to Stella. It's not every day that you get wet doggy gooses in your arm pit to help you pick records!

    Links for you:

    Check out the EOM Sessions

    Deep Mix Deep Mix

    Paul Leath on my space

    El Otro Mundo on my space

    Stevian on my space

    Here's Stella for the curious:

    Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    Thurs. [6/14] DJ Zenith on

    I have the honour Thursday of playing on El Otro Mundo's Radio show (the EOM Sessions) on! I'm honoured. If you haven't heard Christopher and Paul Leath or DJ Stevian, you are missing out! The show goes from 6-10 PM and I start around 8ish.

    What: DJ Zenith on EOM Sessions:

    Time: Show: 6-10 PM (Pacific), 9 PM - 1 AM (Eastern)
    3 AM - 7 AM (Paris, Netherlands, London, Rome & Remini, IT)

    Set Time: 8-10 PM (Pacific), 11 PM - 1 AM (Eastern)
    5 AM - 7 AM (Paris, Netherlands, London, Rome & Remini, IT)

    Who: DJ Zenith & El Otro Mundo


    DJ Z.

    Saturday, June 02, 2007

    according to Chris Rock

    guys don't have girl *friends*. they have girls they have slept with and girls they haven't slept with *yet*. i don't buy that but experience tells me that it's probably true in the majority of the cases.

    i have a couple of guy friends that i hang out with that keep the fact that we hang out in my apartment discussing life, philosophy, and the freaking weather or whatever from their girlfriends. i feel kinda sad about that.

    if the shoe were on the other foot, i wouldn't want that kinda thing being kept from me. if you're dating someone you have to trust them. a relationship with me isn't the same as being hooked up with the po-po you know.

    i think by the time a guy has reached his latter 20s... experience has taught him to keep this kind of thing to himself rather than be open and be hassled by his girlfriend.

    IMHO, that's a sad testimony to our society.

    i would never be the other woman. it's bad karma. and i wouldn't appreciate someone being the "other woman" in my relationship. i try to operate by the old "do unto others as you would have done unto you" addage.

    in fact, when my guy friends stray, i tell them to leave me out of it. i never want to be in the position where their partner asks me a question and i'm supposed to lie. i won't do that and i make it clear. it's true.

    Friday, June 01, 2007

    Dan, I love ya

    Don't know which dan this is... i think i must know him (But i'm not sure which dan of the dan's i know this is). so, big love you to all dans that i know!

    Dan's play list

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    righteous beats

    saturday night i went to a house party four blocks from my apartment. i heard the best beats i have heard in at least two years. it readjusted my gauge on house music? who did me this favour???!!!

    henry r (who also sold me my tables years ago.... tankey henry), lil' kris, trevor, and tony. they threw righteous sets. some others played but i didn't get a chance to hear them. i was stoked to have an opportunity to throw some records with these folks!

    the cooky part is the people throwing the party (J. & L.) know a large portion of another friend circle of mine. they remember my ex from christmas eve, his best friend, their girlfriend, coworkers, etc, etc, etc. they were somewhere christmas eve an hour before i was there.

    i guess we were going to meet eventually.

    my friend circles seem to love to eat themselves.

    Friday, May 25, 2007

    Tonight! Friday, [3/25] DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar

    Tonight, come get your Memorial Day Weekend started with some tasty libations, good beats, and a bad azz sound system. There's no cover. That's right! FREE. FREE.

    What: DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar with DJs Toma & N!k

    Where: Swig Bar

    When: [3/25] 5:30 - 9
    7:45ish - 9 (set time)

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    pre-release stuff

    I'm going to master this last CD. I've already started. I'll have the artwork done. Stay tune. I've added a fade at the end (no more brief cut-off endings) and will make the bass more round... among other things. stay tuned.

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    [3/25] DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar

    What: DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar with DJs Toma & N!k

    Where: Swig Bar

    When: [3/25] 5:30 - 9
    7:45ish - 9 (set time)

    Monday, May 21, 2007

    DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar, Friday 25 May

    I'll be joining Toma Ramirez & friends at the Swig Bar this Friday for a happy hour set. Swig Bar is 561 Geary @ Jones. Stay tuned for further dets.

    Monday, May 07, 2007

    Heading the right direction

    People tell me there's no right path or wrong path. OK. We can discuss that another time. I *know* that I'm heading in the right direction, though. One of the symptoms is that my friend groups have all converged upon themselves one more time (this is addressed in another post).

    when you're heading the right direction... it's OK when things don't work out... because they weren't meant to. it doesn't phase me.

    i'm eating extremely well, exercising like crazy, doing computer work, and am quite happy. Speaking of happy, I'm heading down to Montara for a run in this beautiful 70-80 degree weather. This run boasts beautiful views of the Pacific coast line and serious hill action.

    friends, friends, and bad-azz friends

    Yesterday my friend circles converged upon themselves one more time.

    See if you can follow this. So. Yesterday was the 2007 How Weird Festival. My oldest friend group in San Francisco started with me meeting K.C. at 111 Minna almost 4.5 years ago at Qool (111 Minna's Wednesday night thing). I haven't been to that in about 4 years... FYI.

    K.C. has recommended me for many gigs. He's pretty harsh sometimes but always real. He's from New York and I respect real. I can handle it.

    So follow this. I met my curly-headed foo foo (a good friend of mine) through this guy I dated last July. One of my good friends, knigget, was hitting on him kinda mercilessly (he's pretty hot people). July guy works in a gay bar so it was not out of line to for my best friend to hope he was gay at least. July guy ended up telling knigget that he was hoping to go out with me instead. Awww. I met curly-headed foo-foo one time when I was hanging out with Mr. July. Curly-headed foo foo and I have been buddies ever 'since.

    So a lady-friend I met through curly-headed foo foo is now dating a guy affiliated with my oldest friend group and K.C. She showed up at K.C.'s fat-arse pad yesterday and hung out with us all day. Yay. Additionally, someone I worked with two years ago was also at the party. I spent a good deal of time at her camp at BM 2005.

    Yesterday was *so* much fun. I feasted on strawberries, home-made whipped cream, and decent croissant [pretty good for stuff you get here in the states]. The weather couldn't have been better and the mix of people was quite good.

    Saturday two weeks ago I had a similar friend-convergence experience. My buddy, R.R. had told me I should meet his buddies cuz they are also DJs and quite good. I show up to the party he invited me to and guess what??? Not only do I know these DJs... I've played with one of them. I had an awesome time.

    I feel pretty privileged to be a part of this circle of people. They make this planet a pretty fun place to be.


    I went with a friend of mine Saturday night to the Kabuki Sundance San Francisco International Film Festival screening of Delirious from director Tom DiCillo. Steve Buscemi was the lead character.

    NOTE: I typed Kabuki Sundance because I noticed Kabuki Sundance logos all over the movie posters. I am curious to Kabuki's affiliation with Sundance and thought someone might enlighten me on this one.

    It was pretty good. Michael Pitt is this amazingly sweet, good-looking kid who trips and falls into an acting position through association with Steve Buscemi's paparazzi character (Les Galantine). But Les isn't a paparazzi! He's a "licensed, certified professional" [dammit].

    Michael is a homeless guy who ends up staying with Steve. He has this knack for fixing stuff. It's notably funny that he fixes showers, bicycles, you name it... everywhere he goes. It's funny because of the reactions he gets from various New Yorkers... (you can imagine). And the music was so purposefully cheezily awful throughout... as fits inline with the theme of the movie... you can't help but laugh heartily.

    Alison Lohman's character, Kharma, is to blame for the cheezy music. Elvis Costello has a teensy role. Go Elvis!!

    I liked it. You should see it.

    NOTE: This showing was sold out at the Kabuki but I went an 1.5 hours beforehand with a good book. The rush line opens up 1 hour before screening. We had tickets easily an hour before the show. Lesson? You can still get into sold-out performances with planning.

    Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    picasso exhibit at SF MOMA

    yesterday i ventured out on free musuem today to SF MOMA. They have a Picasso exhibit through May 28. The main exhibit displays Picasso's influence on North American art. I love art passionately. However, I didn't get to study it at university at all. So I'm woefully ignorant of what is probably common knowledge to many others.

    This exhibition was amazing. What did I learn? Max Weber was the one who purchased a Picasso painting, Still Life (i believe), and brought it to North America. Max had Picasso's first exhibition at his gallery in NYC in 1911.

    I learned that I *love* the earlier Jackson Pollock work that was so heavily influenced by Picasso. I believe it was 1946 that Jackson started to get his drip style on. You can see this in his painting Galaxy which is heavily Picasso-influenced.

    Picasso influenced Max Weber (we covered that), Arshile Gorky (Armenian born American), ? Graham, Willem De Kooning, Stuart Davis, David Smith, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jasper Jones to name a few. Jasper was the only out of these artists who was established in style and returned to study Picasso in later life.

    There was a mini-exhibit on the second floor called, The Hidden Picasso. It featured examinations of a few paintings that had been painted over by another painting. Artists have reused canvases for many reasons over the years.

    What did I learn? Well, I learned that Picasso likes his can-can dancers. Werd. If you don't believe me, you are welcome to go see for your bad self. Hee hee.

    back to running

    i haven't run over a mile in about 1.5 years. in fact, i haven't run longer than five minutes since then. this is ironic considering i spent 17 years running decent distances prior to that. *at least*

    i have wondered if walking 15-20 miles/week really did that much for my muscles. i figured my cardiovascular endurance most definitely must be weaker. well, i have my answer now. as a frame of reference... i used to run that much as low-level maintenance running.

    yesterday AM i woke up feeling lazy and as if i should just go run four miles. well, i did. just like that. i wasn't breaking land speed records or anything like that. in fact, i saw turtles flying by. *but*. it seemed as if the run was over quickly and i felt strong.

    i think i'm going back to my trail racing... probably just 10 km races.

    one of the joys of living in northern cali is the amazing trails we have. i love running from rodeo beach up the bobcat trail to the top of the headlands. you turn around to a gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge and north san francisco.

    giddy up. i'm getting into shape now.

    Monday, April 30, 2007

    Today [4/30] DJ Zenith on Throwdown Sound

    Today I will be returning to Throwdown Sound for a special set.

    What: DJ Zenith on Throwdown Sound

    Where: Duh!

    When: 2-4 PM Pacific Time
                 4-6 PM Central Time
                 5-7 PM Eastern Time
                 11-1 AM Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    7 books to read and many more...

    at a minimum. as i wait for the right job to materialize, i have four (yes four) technical books i'm either reading or finishing. i am focused (as i keep blogging).

    i am glad the pressure is temporarily off so i can finish this one book i want to finish. it's only a mere 400 pages of technical sheet.

    then there's three books i am in the middle of now: DaVinci Code Decoded by Martin Lunn, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling (i'm not ashamed of this at all... i wanna be a wizard), and Noam Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance (The American Empire Project).

    Books I'm meaning to get back to or start in some cases: The Bible, The Qu'uran, Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson, Head Crash (a spoof on Snow Crash which is good even if you haven't read Snow Crash), a Jack Kerouac Biography: On the Road, Fast Food Nation, a reread of the Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and many more....

    Monday, April 23, 2007

    cycle o' life


    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    I am so singularly focused right now

    My head hasn't been this clear since at least 1999. You think I'm exaggerating? I'm not.

    I went from being pretty upset last week and not wanting to interview to looking forward to the opportunity. I wake up every day feeling happy and cool as a cucumber.

    My day(s) consist of the following:

    • 1 - 1.5 hours exercise

    • 1 - 2 hours of hanging with friends over a coffee or ginger ale. All my friends know I'm a walker freak so sometimes they call me to go for a walk. I call that a two-for-1... Hanging with peeps and getting additional exercise.

    • 2 - 3 hours of business

    • 5 hours with two specific technologies I'm looking at

    And the crazy thing is... I'm really enjoying it! I studied last night until 11:30 and got up at 5:30 to get the ball rolling again.

    I had my interest in software architecture renewed this/last week by some awesome friends. One of the top five minds in the business started it... We met three years ago. We had dinner last week.

    And it's my friends (as in plural) unrelenting support and belief in me that has made all the difference.

    Yes! Of *course* I'm still a DJ. Software is my bread & butter though. I'll be back behind the decks in public soon. Of *course* I play at home all the time. But first thing is first people.

    So in conclusion, Ms./Mr. Interviewer... bring it on! I can take it & then some.

    Sunday, April 08, 2007

    Easter post: two out of two

    We lived all over. Michigan. The Phillipines. Korea. Southeastern Virginia. Washington, DC. Just to name a few. We always invited the orphans. There was a minimum usually of 10 guests and usually closer to 20.

    My parents still have get-togethers. Their chili-con queso at super bowl is well-known. The mushroom swirls at Christmas are epic. And if you decide to eat my dad's chili.. you are on your own brother.

    When I used to bring dates to the house... I warned them. Don't do the putt-putt golf contest with the bottle of hennessey. I don't *care* that you're twice daddy's size. He looks so harmless and friendly. He's got the boisterous laugh and the disarming smile. He's irish you fool.

    Just as an aside: No, I'm not. He's a step dad. But. Still.

    Not one date ever listened. And so. They have a guest bedroom and so it goes.

    What's my point again? I never understood why some people say I only want *family* at my holidays. I had an ex who's spoiled little sister took this attitude. Sure I was invited but it was the attitude that was troublesome.

    But I've noticed lately that people are frightened over the war and bonding together. I think that is absolutely awesome. Not the part about the war. Of course not.

    I think it's awesome that people are realizing what's important. These days I'm giving all my friends a kiss on the cheek hello & good-bye. A well-timed kiss on the cheek goes a long way.

    So. Pucker up people.

    1 Easter post out of two.

    so happy Easter folkses. i am reminded of growing up in the espicopalian (anglican) church. as i was growing up as the daughter of a military officer, i was instilled with these ideas of strict patriotism and loyalty. and there's the golden rule and one of the ten commandments: do unto others as you would have done unto you (sorry if i didn't get it quite right... you get the idea).

    and as a loyal and patriotic six year-old... i wanted to carry the amercian flag in church. the american flag went up the aisle on the left and the american flag was always to the right.

    well, as you can imagine... my family was the most rambunctious group of three in the church. my brother was always harassing me... he was one year older and always off the height charts and i had to get really creative to get him to stop. then we were running up and down the outside of the pews exploring the wonderful wall-to-ceiling stained glass windows that decorated our church. who could get there fastest? why, the one that ran over the other first. and you had to be cleva.

    then we have my six year-older sister discussing how we were both: "sooooooooo immature".

    so. when i went and asked the acolyte director to be an acolyte at age six.... he didn't know how to respond. my parents had done their best to discourage me. i didn't know anything about reading between the lines. if my parents had told me straight up not to do it... i *might* not have.

    but. the acolyte director thought it would be very unchurchly to say no. he quickly found out (as he has told me since then), that the best thing to do with rowdy youngsters was to put them up front in the acolyte pews and teach them they had to behave. teach them the bible. all of the sudden, the minimum age for acolytes at our church became six.

    by the time we returned from our overseas duty, our church had become the center for the acolyte order of Francis & Claire. They rushed me to the ceremony by the bishop. For whaterver reason, you have to become a canterbury by the time you are 18. It's a distinction for life. I kept putting it off. I asked, "why"? The director said because.

    I don't regret this decision. It's just that that period in my life was so confusing to me. I was getting pulled in five hundred directions. I was in engineering school in my second year. Anywhosit.

    What does a canterbury acolyte do? He/she has fulfilled all the posts. She/he has served the priest directly in communion. Yup, she's carried the flags and the torches. Her job is to preside over the service and fill in at a moment's notice.

    I remember one time that I looked over at one of the youngsters. He had started to cry. Under my breath I tried to discern why. His mommy had disappeared from the pew in the middle of service. I had to rush him off to the bathroom so he could see she was OK.

    While we were out there, we asked him if he had to go. We took him into the restroom. We made sure he washed his hands. Then it twas back into the service. All very quietly of course. I gave him a big hug for good measure.

    What's my point you ask? It's that family is family. Not blood. Family. I live 3000 miles away from my family in the proper since so I've had to create family here. Home is where the heart is. Happy Easter.

    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    Liskov Substitution Principle

    I'm reading about it. If you're a software architect, then you need to know and love: .

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    terry gross and fresh air and george clooney

    today i am listening to an interview with george clooney. i couldn't agree more about his idea of the word *liberal*. why is that a bad word??? two words: "karl rove". but seriously. why?

    geek out

    so. i had a great interview last night. over dinner. i have no expectation to get this job. this man is one of the best and only true architects i have ever met.

    he was able to explain inversion of control, how you can use RMI without beans, and many other things. it was fun for me. he would be a tremendous architectural mentor for me. that's what it's about.

    the whole interview i could see the gears of his brain turning about how to make the language better... or write another language, or this other language that takes care of threads... why should your engineers worry about threads anyway???

    if you don't know what i'm talking about... that's fine.

    i feel blessed to have had the privilege. my gutt tells me that i'm heading in the right direction. and that's enough.

    Monday, April 02, 2007

    Saturday night

    i had one of the best saturday nights in a long time. i went on a walk and ran into a friend of mine. we sipped wine and watched movies. i've gotten over the whole bar scene for sure.

    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    life can be weird

    i ran in to my ex-s roomie yesterday. then someone mentioned him to me. they said, hey. was glad to finally meet him a month ago. haven't seen him since then. i didn't have the nerve to mention that we broke up so i made up something nice to say about him. then yet another person asked me how he was doing.

    life works in strange ways.

    another buddy told me how three different people in a 24-hour period mentioned some old cult flick he had to see.

    things that make you go hmmmm.

    Monday, March 26, 2007

    i spent a childhood trying to be in the olympics as an equestrian

    so here's some pics i scanned in just for fun.

    we got her when she was 17 months old. it's not typical for mares to be utilized in competition but Dom Rossio's Gilda was obviously amazingly talented... Even at 17 months old when we purchased her. I broke/trained her.

    Here's a newspaper clipping with Gilda:

    Prior to this, I lived in Taegu, Korea and rode a horskie named 007:

    And one of the buggers that started it all for me when I was nine was named GT:

    Booker T. Jones: Booker T. and the MGs

    I listened to an interview on NPR with Booker T. Jones. He was part of the staff band on Stacks Records out of Memphis. He was present at the discoveries of both Otis Redding and Bill Withers. He also worked with Rita Coolidge. I found this picture of when I spent a day hanging out with Rita Coolidge as a kiddie. Enjoy. It's hard work to be this cool. No really. Her drummer is to my left.

    By the way, not to short booker t. he's just astoundingly talented. there's so many great tracks that came from him. not to mention he played maybe a zillion instruments.

    Saturday, March 24, 2007


    yo' azzzzz is grazzzz. good riddance.

    the rest of us are held responsible for our sins. bush-whack. you be next.

    Friday, March 23, 2007

    latest and greatest

    i have three days or so to decide if i'm sticking with my apt. i have had to have no less than 15 land lord visits in over a year. i am considering moving out to the beach. recently, i was reminded of a previous life in which i wanted to get a masters in physical oceanography. i even had support for the program.

    it was with my alma matter... which happens to be in the top 2-3 in the US for this sort of pursuit. however, i couldn't stomach the idea of even 1 more month in southeastern va. i remember to this day driving with my car packed to NOVA cackling with happy laughter the whole way in the midst of a snow storm.

    i am in discussions with a company in london as well. they are willing to pay top notch as well as relocation expenses. a london in-person interview wouldn't be too bad either. and it would be great for my DJ career. i would be locked down for two years.

    i haven't done any of the blogging from big sur. *yet*. but i will. i have been hiding out from life recently spending most of my days with friends who i adore. their love and support has gotten me through.

    look for me to be out gigging again. i have a few irons getting rather toasty in the fire.

    Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    Big Sur

    I just returned from a remarkable camping and hiking trip to Big Sur. I'll be blogging and putting my pictures up for that soon. I am running a bunch of errands this week, not to mention job interviewing so I am a little swamped at present.

    DJing Sat. March 17th

    Okay kiddies. Once again it's on!

    What: Medb
    The Celebration of a Celtic Goddess

    When: 17 Mar 07
    6 PM - 6 AM
    Odd Fellows Hall
    195 North Main Street
    Sebastopol, CA

    DJs: DJ Zenith (Zenomena)
    Eric Sharp (Rock It Science)
    Malarkey (Optimistic Music)
    Chango B (Optimistic Music)
    Ninika (Bass Nymph)
    Ornette (
    JSwift (Humpday Swing)
    Miss Julie
    Doc Brown
    Spanky V.

    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    just a quick note

    i wanted everyone to know that i *finally* have my health back. as soon as i got better i started exercising like an insane person... my arms are already cut better than they were. my regimen includes making sure that i eat healthy meals regularly as well as: cycling, yoga, walking tons, and lots of muscle work including both my abs and upper body in all sorts.

    look out.

    look for me at the goddess party coming up. i will be updating my website either this weekend or monday with the dets...

    Monday, February 26, 2007

    he didn't believe me

    it's funny. i happen to be really good buds with an ex of mine. he said he can't believe what a nice and pretty person i am. he says he wished that more people had my world view. well thanks, hon. i wish more people felt the way you did.

    the biggest DJs in the world

    when i get an e-mail telling me the biggest dj in the world is coming to town.... i know a) no they're not, b) the person sending the e-mail is an idiot, and c) the show is going to s*ck.

    what is the answer exactly?

    the reason i named my CD the answer is??? the answer is love. why is their a broken heart on the cover? two reasons: 1) it's two little z logos... i put at least one on every cd. and 2) well, my heart is kinda braccha (in italian)... that's life in the fast lane for ya.

    when i get some scratch together and release it officially, it will be much more obvious.

    good stuffs

    i'm listening to peg right now. yes. the steely dan song. i'm in the local art gallery trying to unfreeze myself. it's funny. i was listening to steely dan when i was 14. some things are just good and pleasant and timeless. i'm sure that i've officially dated myself as an old foagie but that's all right by me.

    people just don't get it

    love is unselfish. it's not about you. it's about the person you love. and for them it has to be about you, too.

    these people are so farked up. if you loved me, you'd buy me that house and the white picket fence. if you loved me, you'd do _____ . that's such shite. any sentence that begins with if you loved me... is generally going to be a tad screwed up to begin with. that's conditional love. people say there's no such thing as unconditional love... they are wrong. in my world there is.

    if you love someone.... you set them free. and if they come back to you then it was meant to be. i just did that recently. it ripped my heart out. but i did it. i still love him. hopefully it's all going to work out. that's all i can say right now.

    Thursday, February 22, 2007


    as one might expect.... of course on my way to a job interview muni trains screwed and backed up to four in number and i practically had to throw myself in front of a taxi to get there on time. the ride back was as fun. the only train that came in 25 minutes of standing at the embarcadero was one that went by the castro. i could see on the tv screens that nothing else was coming.

    so i decided that i hadn't seen a friend in a while and got out at his place of employment. he got promoted. it's well-deserved. i'm happy for him. congrats! and thank you so much for the kind words of support and encouragement! you rock.

    then by coincidence i ran into another close friend. he just got a great job. i am so happy for both of them. so i wanted to put a special shout out. they both deserve it.

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    a personal note

    i wanted to say if you and i used to date and we hung out on saturday.... i know i've been hard on you but i still think you're pretty awesome. all of our mutual friends are pretty awesome, too. good luck with your new job. see you soon.

    i learn a ton of new things every day

    yesterday i completely screwed a phone screen. well, not completely. but there is one question i didn't answer but it was so completely simple. my gutt said they weren't a place for me to work anyway so i am not sweating it too much.

    i'm happy for the experience. i spent this AM developing some test software to prove a concept i had in mind and it was good to get my hands dirty.

    its the people stuff that constantly schools me. i met a girl last night from montana. i told her what other people told me when i came to town. i have been here over four years. it takes one year for people to even take you seriously. that's because this town is so completely transient.

    i'm still learning the game. everyone is super friendly but don't take that to mean anything deep.
    and finally. you have to pick and choose your battles. it takes a lot to get me to stand up and fight. but when i do, look out. i'm serious. i'll take it to the mat at all costs.

    who's my target you ask? my slum lord. i am using every legal recourse at my disposal to get my slum lords. enough is enough. i have taken more than my fair share of law classes. the tenant's board is there to protect me. i suspect that i will be getting out of next month's rent.

    document. document. document.

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    [3/17] DJing a goddess party

    I will be DJing a goddess party complete with party bus on the 17th of March. Stay tuned. Let me know if you want in. It's going to be awesome. A small fee gets you a ride on the bus as well as free entry to the party. The line up will be good.

    boyz and their phones

    i have dated several men who are horrible with their phones. they either don't have a mobile or don't answer it in a timely fashion. it always ends up the same. eventually something happens and i don't call them to tell them about it.

    then it comes out, "why didn't you call me???!!!"

    because *you* don't answer your freaking phone. that's why. i don't play that game.


    britney spears is about as dumb as you get

    she goes to get a Kaballah tattoo only cuz it's the new hip thing. but she doesn't do her homework... so whoopsie. that's not a Kaballah tattoo at all. whoopsie.

    then she starts wearing the white trash t-shirts like... milf in training. classy act, that one.

    now she thinks... what can i do that's cool to get attention. oh, i'm gonna pull a sinead. and now the press thinks its a cry for help. ok. i know about the rehab. but still.

    it's not. it's a demonstration of extraordinary stupidity.

    stop acting surprised. the girl is dumb or as we say in the south, she's dumb as a box of rocks. this shouldn't come as a shock at this point.

    and one other thing. who cares if she has a shaved head anyway? seriously. hair grows back. it's kinda amazing like that. i shaved my head when i was 20 and it grew right back. i made money on that bet, too.

    i did it/movies

    my gay friends are incredibly offended that i haven't watched All About Eve but I have watched Sunset Boulevard. Ok, kidz. I ordered it in Netflix.

    Recently I watched Wim Wender's Far Away, So Close. It was really good. It took me a while to watch it but it was really good. I'm told the prequel is even better.

    thank goodness

    my health is returning! i couldn't figure out what it was... i was drinking bad beer from this one bar. i was sitting talking to my friend B. and he described the symptoms of what sour beer will do and that was exactly what i had.

    i had broken out in a rash and several mornings i was waking up and vomiting. i couldn't figure it out. i have great skin, usually. my grandfather's swedish and i'm blessed with some pretty awesome genes.

    it was bad beer and a process an establishment was using to clean the tap lines.

    that's why my skin would clear up and lo' and behold... a couple of days later it would go bad again. bad beer. as soon as i stopped drinking beer there my rash cleared up and i'm not sick to my stomach regularly anymore.

    top 5 ways to get yourself dumped as my recruiter

    5) Interrupt me. Your job is to find me a job I want. If you're not listening, you can't possibly do that.

    4) Leave a voice mail and mark it urgent. If your client plans so poorly that they will drop over if I don't call you in an hour... then I most definitely don't want to work there. My life would become h*ll.

    3) Say my name is Stephen. Your brain is blown by the fact that a woman could actually be in IT so my name must be Stephen. I excuse the French for this faux pas though... Yes, I have heard from Paris. Why? You remove an i from my name and it is Stephen in a french spelling.

    2) Call me five times in a day, sometimes once per hour. It's bad phone etiquette. I don't reward harassment.

    1) I used to write resumes professionally. I have a very good resume. You are getting a cut off of every hour *I* work (while you are sitting on your lazy butt). The only thing you are actually doing is a) reading my resume and b) passing it off to your client. If you tell me it would be easier that you didn't have to read my resume as in you are that freaking lazy and I should tell you what's in it. *NO* Your contribution is so little already.

    The amazing thing is all this is standard common sense and better than that... it's common courtesy. My family came up from the south. You had better never forget your common courtesy. Not if you want to work with me.

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    special thanks to those i spent valentine's day with

    ok. fellow watchers of channel haight. youz guyz are always fun. thanks to C. for complimenting the way i looked although it really *was* a product of a laundry situation double code red. all compliments are cheerfully accepted.

    tankey to my one of my best friends from university who texted me a happy valentine's day message first thing to let me know he was thinking about me. tankey! tankey!

    that movie was weird & bizarre. we watched a japanese movie. i don't remember the exact name but will look it up. the set design was incredible and my friend's set designer at graduate school was the very same woman who did the set design for the movie. nuff said.

    twas fun. twas fun.

    my apartment take 2

    so, we have my refrigerator having issues. property manager argued with me about whether or not it was working. i clearly demonstrated it wasn't working. he looks kinda bad. i had to redemonstrate the window problem. the shower now finally is back to its semi-original state.

    my neighbour still has a problem with the buggies. and it impacts me. i keep my apt pretty clean. i scrub the bathroom every week and sometimes more when i feel compelled. i pick a patch of hardwood floor every week and scrub it down. eventually i make my way through the whole floor.

    the only thing i'm guilty of is having four or five stacks of books laying about. i am actually reading all of them. i think by reading them simultaneously, i do better. as i have to get back to the point where i was which includes reviewing pages i have already read. so by the time i actually do finish a book.... i feel as if i understand it. at least on some level.

    back to my original post. down with buggies from neighbours, broken refrigerators, broken windows, and slumlords.

    sooooo one of those days

    the plumbers were supposed to come at 10 AM. this is the second day in a row they were supposed to come at 10. yet the latest installment in my bathroom saga. nothing has *ever* worked in my apartment basically. and in the building for that matter.

    the stink hole gets to my apartment finally at 2 PM. and. and. and. when i finally get to get to work, hotmail's server is too dang busy. goody gum drops. seriously. just another day in the life.

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    new night

    well, all my time as a resident fag hag has paid off.

    to put it in the phraseology that margaret cho uses:

    fag hag: n. two words that are completely offensive separately but mean something beautiful when used together.

    i will more than likely be starting a night at the bar of my curly-headed foo foo. that's what i call a two for one. i love the owners. i love the people there. everyone loves my music there and keeps asking... yo yo yo... when you playing out????!!!!

    well i'm going to make it easy for you folks and bring the music straight to your earz, and then to your rearz.

    guess what? they own three other bars, too. mwahahahhahha

    see the evil grin. i see a plot hatching.

    i've felt for a long time that there should be more cross-over between DJs dee-jaying in the straight and gay scene.

    i did something incredibly dumb

    like wait too long to job hunt. but. something incredibly smart i did investment-wise when i lived in DC is saving my stupid butt. nuff said. i'm OK ppl. and not worried. i will be fine again soon and have an important job interview friday.

    i also wanted to say happy b-day to teen-bean. TJ. welcome to the sexy women of 33 club. you've earned it.

    Monday, February 12, 2007


    I just received a form letter from a recruiter telling me I had been scheduled for an interview. We've never met. They told me I had to go to some website to find out what city is when... etc, so forth.

    Why would I work with someone who works in such an unprofessional manner? I'm not an animal that needs to be herded. Last time I checked I'm a human being.

    leonardo da vinci

    all i did yesterday was sit and read and write. i was reading about leonardo da vinci. apparently, he allegedly talked to a pope. presumably pope leo X. he told him he had a dragon in a box. he got the pope good and scared. then he opened the box. out jumps a lizard painted silver with wings taped on it.

    ok. not pleasant for said lizard. but. extremely funny you must admit. i love a man with a sense of humour.

    Saturday, February 10, 2007

    yes we had a show yesterday. i didn't get a chance to e-mail. i had a job interview thursday and put all my energy into it. technical interviews can be a challenge. especially when you get 10 years in your career. they can ask you anything. and do....

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    toshiba lap tops

    if you get an offer for a really good deal on a n-used toshiba lap top a30-a35 series. don't. i mean really. don't. i have mine with beefed up RAM and it still stinks. granted, it's 3 years old. but still.

    i nuked the entire operating system recently and redid everything and it still stinks. i have no databii installed at present and it *still* sinks.

    mad props to DJ Tim B

    i met him at the local watering hole the other day. he graciously offered to help me solve a computer problem and did so within 24 hours! w00t.

    you can check out his music here:

    i've earned some good karma

    three weeks ago i had what could quite possibly be one of the most difficult of my existence. several of my friends suffered what i term as seriously egregious tragedies. i don't call that many people to be in my close friend circle... but when you get there, i will bend over backwards to help. and i absolutely refuse to turn a back on a friend in need. ever.

    i can't really put up what we went through on the internet. even in general terms... i have too much respect for my friend's privacy.

    so yesterday i was talking to a recruiter. he asked me why i want to do contracts. i told him about new orleans and how i want to have the flexibility to go back. how i like to have the time to visit my parents on the east coast every so often. how they aren't getting any younger.

    we had this long talk about a blind society. one free of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, color, religion, you name it. two great things happened: 1: he's proactively submitting me to a GLBT magazine, and 2) they offered to put me on their health care plan and PTO package as a contractor. that's so rare!

    why is 1) great? most of my friends are either gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender. why you ask? so many people are so hung up on sexuality. we're taught it's bad. well i don't believe that. it's healthy. most of my GLBT friends aren't. i can have real dialogues with them about things like sex and it's not taboo. i find them to be way more in touch with themselves. at least my friends are.

    so to be able to work at a place where i can do something to help promote GLBT rights and/or awareness is exciting.

    i also have another interview this afternoon.

    wish me luck.


    i was kinda dumb-founded during the presidential address that more people didn't jump on the health care tax thing. i was happy to hear a scathing address from jim hightower this morning regarding the idiotic idea.

    ok. tax the middle class who have "gold-plated" policies. what a great idea. no wait, you said you wouldn't raise taxes. whoopsie. but i thought you were an honest guy. *NOT*

    and then let's have the poor people who typically have more health problems *buy* a policy. whoopsie.

    guess what. in 2003 i had an annual check up on a surgery i had had over 1 year prior. My cobra ran out. I was paying $396/month for said cobra.

    kaiser said because i had been to the doctor in the six months prior, that i was uninsurable. come back in a month. i guess bush-whack hasn't had to deal with any real world medical scenarios.

    now i'm paying $166.10/month for catastrophic insurance. which means if you have anything up to $2500 it's on you. they negotiate what they like to call discounts for me. well. one time they saved me a whole $25. too bad the rest of the tab was $227.12.

    he wants to knock out the middle class. that's his main objective. it's getting more to a dictatorship every minute. he thinks he's getting line item veto. what i think he deserves is closer to the impeachment area.

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Clam Win

    A friend of mine insists it's the best antivirus software out there. and it's free. my main beef with it is that it takes four hours longer than norton. i have to leave my lap top on for six hours for it to complete. which isn't practical.

    especially since my first power cord for this lap top caught on fire. yes, fire. thank god i was home. i started to smell something and looked down and caught the fire before it burned my carpet, my home, and most importantly... my dj equipment.

    but the price is right.


    when i see a guy is going to ask me out and i'm not interested... i do everything in my power to try to discourage. tactics include ranting about my ex and what he means to be non-stop.

    trust me. if i am romantically interested in you... ex-schmex. seriously.

    or looking in other directions. or ignoring you.

    i guess it's cuz this stuff normally happens in bars... booze clouts the guys judgement.

    why? why do i do this? two reasons:

    1) a lot of guys mistake my *interest* in talking as a romantic interest. i like talking. i freely admit it.

    i'm interested in what makes people tick i'm interested in other individual's experiences and learning from them. it's too bad that a lot of men (not all) don't see anything valuable in a woman outside of dating.

    that having been typed.... i have a lot of really wonderful (and yes straight) male friends who don't behave in this way.

    2) grudges. seriously. there's a guy that asked me out four years ago and is now living with her. he still makes nasty remarks to me every time i see him. yes, he's a jack arse. and i wish he was an exception to the rule.

    just as a heads up... if a girl likes you... you don't have to try to pin her down to kiss her. you don't have to lie. you can just be yourself and it works out just fine.

    people. i don't date a lot. i just don't. i don't take people home from parties that i don't know. it's not safe and the idea doesn't appeal to me. i don't pick up boyz in bars. i'm not frigid. just picky.

    i don't hook up with boyz i just met on the first night.

    sorry. don't take it personally.

    yes i have mellowed

    but i'm more resolute than ever.

    one of my two best friends from university called me friday night to tell me how much he & his wife were living vicariously through me. to say they admired my gutsy choices. it was badly needed support at an opportune moment.

    just so everyone knows where i've disappeared off to... i *have* to finish these articles. *have to*.

    i'm making a regular rotation of my friends. a wonderful friend of mine suffered a serious tragedy and i want to be there for her. it's the right thing to do. and a lot of people i know are suffering in serious ways. i have the best friends in the universe so naturally i'd do anything for them.

    and i'm exercising a boat load while i can and have the time to. i'm about ready to go back to work again and i want to cherish the opportunities i have while i have them.

    give me a call! you have my digits.

    technical difficulties...erp

    for those of you who don't know, we had technical difficulties again last week. the only consolation prize for me is that i drove. i weigh 120 pounds. records weigh about 50. you do the math. it's freaking heavy. even with wheelie-ma-bobbers... getting the records up and down stairs and such without bludgeoning myself is an art form in and of itself.

    Friday, February 02, 2007

    [2/2] on

    Thanks so much for your well wishes. I battled a stomach flu/cold off & on for two weeks. I was a tad on the skinny side there. Fortunately I just have cold remnants now. I have stocked my fridge with good food and am eating healthy once again.

    I'm ready to play again. I will be playing with some new sound styles today and breaking out some seriously old skool sheet. Like, stuff from when I was born... 16 years ago ;-).


    What: DJ Zenith on

    Where: I repeat:

    When: 12 January, 3 - 5 PM PT --> West Coast
    6 - 8 PM ET --> East Coast
    12 AM - 2 AM Paris, Amsterdam, Remini

    PS -- Just so you know. There's usually no one there before me. So if you get on before 3 and I'm not there, it's cuz we haven't started, yet. In this case, the player will shut down on you. Typically, I've been on before three but not always.

    Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    back to work darnit

    if you wonder where i am, this week i have put my computer dork hat on again. i'm busily reading up on technology updates that came about while in new orleans and deepening my knowledge of technologies i have been using for years.

    nuff said.

    back to dee grind.