Thursday, February 08, 2007

i've earned some good karma

three weeks ago i had what could quite possibly be one of the most difficult of my existence. several of my friends suffered what i term as seriously egregious tragedies. i don't call that many people to be in my close friend circle... but when you get there, i will bend over backwards to help. and i absolutely refuse to turn a back on a friend in need. ever.

i can't really put up what we went through on the internet. even in general terms... i have too much respect for my friend's privacy.

so yesterday i was talking to a recruiter. he asked me why i want to do contracts. i told him about new orleans and how i want to have the flexibility to go back. how i like to have the time to visit my parents on the east coast every so often. how they aren't getting any younger.

we had this long talk about a blind society. one free of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, color, religion, you name it. two great things happened: 1: he's proactively submitting me to a GLBT magazine, and 2) they offered to put me on their health care plan and PTO package as a contractor. that's so rare!

why is 1) great? most of my friends are either gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender. why you ask? so many people are so hung up on sexuality. we're taught it's bad. well i don't believe that. it's healthy. most of my GLBT friends aren't. i can have real dialogues with them about things like sex and it's not taboo. i find them to be way more in touch with themselves. at least my friends are.

so to be able to work at a place where i can do something to help promote GLBT rights and/or awareness is exciting.

i also have another interview this afternoon.

wish me luck.

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