Tuesday, February 13, 2007

new night

well, all my time as a resident fag hag has paid off.

to put it in the phraseology that margaret cho uses:

fag hag: n. two words that are completely offensive separately but mean something beautiful when used together.

i will more than likely be starting a night at the bar of my curly-headed foo foo. that's what i call a two for one. i love the owners. i love the people there. everyone loves my music there and keeps asking... yo yo yo... when you playing out????!!!!

well i'm going to make it easy for you folks and bring the music straight to your earz, and then to your rearz.

guess what? they own three other bars, too. mwahahahhahha

see the evil grin. i see a plot hatching.

i've felt for a long time that there should be more cross-over between DJs dee-jaying in the straight and gay scene.

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