Saturday, October 28, 2006

patience is a virtue

i've been dating again recently... this year. not much but enough. patience is a virtue.

that's the one thing i look for in a date.

i don't know if it's senility (ha ha ha) or bad memory but it used to be that a guy understood that things didn't have to go a zillion miles an hour.

i think maybe it's the men i'm dating. all extremely good looking (smart of course.... politically sentient and must not be a homophobe), i guess they are used to getting their way in a second.

for me it's about respect. i have to know that a person respects me first. that's all. it's hard to get to know someone in five seconds so i take it slow. i have the time.

Friday, October 27, 2006

fun times

trouble with a capital T

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

DJing Saturday night (halloween pre-party)

I'm DJing a private party saturday night. Please call me to discuss.

I'm not on e-mail.


i know this guy. 1 month ago he had a bruise on his right cheek. i believe from his bike helmet. i was talking to a friend of his last night...

apparently he was mugged.

here's the odd thing. he's 6'2" and 200 lbs. who mugs someone like that? and in san francisco? guy lives in a serious swanky neighbourhood, too. i guess it can happen anywhere. still.

here's the really odd thing... this is the second time in two months.

i don't know why i'm awake thinking about it this AM except for the serious escalation in violence across the world at large.

i find myself wondering what else beside a "mugging" would do such a thing? and in the same spot. shoot... even space aliens don't have that much accuracy.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Belated B-day Jarrett!!!

Jarrett is easy to recognize... He's the tall blonde-haired blue-eyed dancing guy. He gets on your floor and dances for 3 hours straight. He's been such a boon to the SF dance community... Supporting both me, my music, and my friends.

Much love for this chicago transplant.

Happy b-day sweetie.

I owes yous a drinky poo.

on parenting

i was talking to my dad recently... we are so close. i adore both of my parents for entirely different reasons... i was describing fear.

dad explains it all so well... "you are a blair! blairs take the bull by the horns, look him squarely between the eyes, and give him the 1-2 squarely between the eyes! you're fearless. i raised you fearless!"

yes dad. you are right. what was i thinking???!!!

i love my dad.

my coworker, T. said recently on being a father... whether it's trying not to make the same mistake or acting just like his parents... they made their mark and he will always be their child.

truer words were never spoken.

i'm not a parent but if i were... i think it's a tremendous responsibility. the future is our children. raise them well.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

phone fubar

yesterday my friend called me to tell me he had seen this guy i dated recently. i was pooped. technical problem kicking my butt, fighting off a cold, what have you.

i was thinking intently about it for a moment.... i got up to call family in the east as per usual around 6ish and i accidentally called him. caught it about half-ring.


then i called the guy who just called me by accident!

double-doh! anyone thinking space cadet????

finally, third attempt... i woke the heck up and called the original person intended. he wasn't home :-(

Monday, October 16, 2006

recent photos

here's some recent pics with my buddy... he took most of them.

dogs see me and somehow there's the word s*cker tattooed on my forehead. i'm not sure why this phenomena occurs.... but i do love dogs.

here's lisdy:

lisdy & max... they took a break from competing for lap space and hugs to kiss & make up.

lisdy wrapped me around her little paws...

finally, here's chris:

and me hamming it up with chris:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

big black hole

did i fall into a big black hole???? Naw'

i'm taking care of me right now and really living it up.

what am i doing right now (listed in no organizational order)?

1) working

2) learning about grant writing

3) learning about writing and journalism period.

4) reading a book on the history of jazz,the bible, the koran, modern relationship myths, and alexandria (in egypt)

note: don't you dare flame me on the order in which i listed my books. there is no order. i'm reading 5 books simultaneoulsy. werd.

5) djing (don't you dare ever think i'll even consider stopping that. it's a part of who i am

6) sleeping

7) of course i'm writing. well, duh. i want to be published next year.

8) photography. always. i'll be pushing out a bunch of photos tonight.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

good fortune!

a friend of mine jenny one time said that some people just have luck... good luck, bad luck, but always luck. she said that about me.

through a miracle of good fortune i have met a correspondent from both NBC and CNN.

CNN's correspondent's sister has worked for southwest airlines for 20+ years.

she's not in charge of the department that i would need to speak to... but she knows who i need to talk to about my grant.

also, she gave me good advice on getting a piece published in a magazine. i'm stoked. i want to write a piece about my fundraisers and going to new orleans.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


because my cd has been played so many times, and because the 100 original prints (which are for promotional use only and came out of my pocket) went in 2 weeks, i reprinted 50 more.

if you want one, just ask. but ask quickly.

these things have a way of walking off on their own.

packaging your messages

yesterday i heard someone speak on native americans and how americans don't know it's columbus day.

he's right. hey, my grand mum named helen little was born on the cherokee reservation in concord, north carolina.

you're right. the problem is that people don't listen if they don't like the package. people do care all about the package.

he came across as know it all and frustrated. again. he's got every right to be.

however, that doesn't do good public speaking. i'm afraid his message was lost on most people.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

record store

the record store is my local pub. record store owners are like your local bar keep.

when i have a bad day, like yesterday, i headed straight for the record store half a block away (now you *know* why i'm always broke).

convo with one of my favourite said bar keeps:

z: "what does it say that i come over here in tears??!!"

"it means you are a DJ girl... all lady DJs, producers... some even who i've dated.... bad day? record store. break-up? record store. work school kicks your arse? record store. i think i have a great shoulder. you ladies come in here and cry and then uncle ____ picks out a record or two for ya'. win-win situation."

yesterday one of my dj buddies busted out the great tunage for me to heal my grief. it's difficult to not laugh your arse off when the scene of the wizard of oz where the wicked witch was melting is juxtaposed over top of some slamming beats.

then he turns to me and says, "should i have played that clip for that long? i'm thinking probably not :-)"

mad props to in house records.

Friday, October 06, 2006

luv jon stewart

he's in not-so-rare rare form:

sweet awesomeness

is weird al yankovic's: "white & nerdy"

Thursday, October 05, 2006

funny coinky-dink

so yesterday AM i was thinking really intently (and pretty much half asleep since i'd been up since 4 am) about this guy i was dating... mostly about the good times we did have together and such.

who pops in? no, not him. this guy hops in the muni and sits down next to me... he said, "you know... your boy S. kicked me out of so & so.... said i was annoying the customers."

that was funny. seriously.

funny, funny coincidence.

in fact, this past week i ran into:

a) an ex-boyfriend... actually both of them in the same darned 4 hour time-span.

b) someone S. kicked out of his bar

c) and button accordion player in my friend Steve's irish band

the fact that i met two on one day and two yesterday says something odd. hmmmm

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a special beautiful thank you

to you, you wonderful person who gave me the gandhi coffee mug last night @ dinner!



Tuesday, October 03, 2006

where i'm at

i'll be playing out in october. i'll announce here and in email. email me at: djzenith AT to be added to my list.

i am far too busy to update my website. i'm going to be in and out of san francisco for the bulk of october.

i'm good at returning calls & stellar at e-mail.

i'll be sending random e-mail blasts.

i'll be posting random odd blogs from random odd places.

see you soon.... i hope.




i'm so buried at work... i haven't even had time to pay bills yet. i get up i work. i work after work. i go to bed.

thank goodness i work with awesome people. which gives my dating life hope (despite recent statistics).

no, i'm *not* talking about dating coworkers. i'm saying that there's cool guys out there. *that* gives me encouragement.

more honey???

i'm completely single. but for whatever reason.... minutes 10-15 on the new deep still just kill me. i remember feeling that way about someone recently...

breathless. i'll never forget setting eyes on him and feeling that way.

it's what life is all about.

Monday, October 02, 2006

special note

to yee who i spent so much time on saturday with... call me. sorry i didn't make it out saturday night.