Wednesday, May 30, 2007

righteous beats

saturday night i went to a house party four blocks from my apartment. i heard the best beats i have heard in at least two years. it readjusted my gauge on house music? who did me this favour???!!!

henry r (who also sold me my tables years ago.... tankey henry), lil' kris, trevor, and tony. they threw righteous sets. some others played but i didn't get a chance to hear them. i was stoked to have an opportunity to throw some records with these folks!

the cooky part is the people throwing the party (J. & L.) know a large portion of another friend circle of mine. they remember my ex from christmas eve, his best friend, their girlfriend, coworkers, etc, etc, etc. they were somewhere christmas eve an hour before i was there.

i guess we were going to meet eventually.

my friend circles seem to love to eat themselves.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Tonight! Friday, [3/25] DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar

Tonight, come get your Memorial Day Weekend started with some tasty libations, good beats, and a bad azz sound system. There's no cover. That's right! FREE. FREE.

What: DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar with DJs Toma & N!k

Where: Swig Bar

When: [3/25] 5:30 - 9
7:45ish - 9 (set time)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

pre-release stuff

I'm going to master this last CD. I've already started. I'll have the artwork done. Stay tune. I've added a fade at the end (no more brief cut-off endings) and will make the bass more round... among other things. stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

[3/25] DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar

What: DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar with DJs Toma & N!k

Where: Swig Bar

When: [3/25] 5:30 - 9
7:45ish - 9 (set time)

Monday, May 21, 2007

DJ Zenith @ Swig Bar, Friday 25 May

I'll be joining Toma Ramirez & friends at the Swig Bar this Friday for a happy hour set. Swig Bar is 561 Geary @ Jones. Stay tuned for further dets.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Heading the right direction

People tell me there's no right path or wrong path. OK. We can discuss that another time. I *know* that I'm heading in the right direction, though. One of the symptoms is that my friend groups have all converged upon themselves one more time (this is addressed in another post).

when you're heading the right direction... it's OK when things don't work out... because they weren't meant to. it doesn't phase me.

i'm eating extremely well, exercising like crazy, doing computer work, and am quite happy. Speaking of happy, I'm heading down to Montara for a run in this beautiful 70-80 degree weather. This run boasts beautiful views of the Pacific coast line and serious hill action.

friends, friends, and bad-azz friends

Yesterday my friend circles converged upon themselves one more time.

See if you can follow this. So. Yesterday was the 2007 How Weird Festival. My oldest friend group in San Francisco started with me meeting K.C. at 111 Minna almost 4.5 years ago at Qool (111 Minna's Wednesday night thing). I haven't been to that in about 4 years... FYI.

K.C. has recommended me for many gigs. He's pretty harsh sometimes but always real. He's from New York and I respect real. I can handle it.

So follow this. I met my curly-headed foo foo (a good friend of mine) through this guy I dated last July. One of my good friends, knigget, was hitting on him kinda mercilessly (he's pretty hot people). July guy works in a gay bar so it was not out of line to for my best friend to hope he was gay at least. July guy ended up telling knigget that he was hoping to go out with me instead. Awww. I met curly-headed foo-foo one time when I was hanging out with Mr. July. Curly-headed foo foo and I have been buddies ever 'since.

So a lady-friend I met through curly-headed foo foo is now dating a guy affiliated with my oldest friend group and K.C. She showed up at K.C.'s fat-arse pad yesterday and hung out with us all day. Yay. Additionally, someone I worked with two years ago was also at the party. I spent a good deal of time at her camp at BM 2005.

Yesterday was *so* much fun. I feasted on strawberries, home-made whipped cream, and decent croissant [pretty good for stuff you get here in the states]. The weather couldn't have been better and the mix of people was quite good.

Saturday two weeks ago I had a similar friend-convergence experience. My buddy, R.R. had told me I should meet his buddies cuz they are also DJs and quite good. I show up to the party he invited me to and guess what??? Not only do I know these DJs... I've played with one of them. I had an awesome time.

I feel pretty privileged to be a part of this circle of people. They make this planet a pretty fun place to be.


I went with a friend of mine Saturday night to the Kabuki Sundance San Francisco International Film Festival screening of Delirious from director Tom DiCillo. Steve Buscemi was the lead character.

NOTE: I typed Kabuki Sundance because I noticed Kabuki Sundance logos all over the movie posters. I am curious to Kabuki's affiliation with Sundance and thought someone might enlighten me on this one.

It was pretty good. Michael Pitt is this amazingly sweet, good-looking kid who trips and falls into an acting position through association with Steve Buscemi's paparazzi character (Les Galantine). But Les isn't a paparazzi! He's a "licensed, certified professional" [dammit].

Michael is a homeless guy who ends up staying with Steve. He has this knack for fixing stuff. It's notably funny that he fixes showers, bicycles, you name it... everywhere he goes. It's funny because of the reactions he gets from various New Yorkers... (you can imagine). And the music was so purposefully cheezily awful throughout... as fits inline with the theme of the movie... you can't help but laugh heartily.

Alison Lohman's character, Kharma, is to blame for the cheezy music. Elvis Costello has a teensy role. Go Elvis!!

I liked it. You should see it.

NOTE: This showing was sold out at the Kabuki but I went an 1.5 hours beforehand with a good book. The rush line opens up 1 hour before screening. We had tickets easily an hour before the show. Lesson? You can still get into sold-out performances with planning.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

picasso exhibit at SF MOMA

yesterday i ventured out on free musuem today to SF MOMA. They have a Picasso exhibit through May 28. The main exhibit displays Picasso's influence on North American art. I love art passionately. However, I didn't get to study it at university at all. So I'm woefully ignorant of what is probably common knowledge to many others.

This exhibition was amazing. What did I learn? Max Weber was the one who purchased a Picasso painting, Still Life (i believe), and brought it to North America. Max had Picasso's first exhibition at his gallery in NYC in 1911.

I learned that I *love* the earlier Jackson Pollock work that was so heavily influenced by Picasso. I believe it was 1946 that Jackson started to get his drip style on. You can see this in his painting Galaxy which is heavily Picasso-influenced.

Picasso influenced Max Weber (we covered that), Arshile Gorky (Armenian born American), ? Graham, Willem De Kooning, Stuart Davis, David Smith, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jasper Jones to name a few. Jasper was the only out of these artists who was established in style and returned to study Picasso in later life.

There was a mini-exhibit on the second floor called, The Hidden Picasso. It featured examinations of a few paintings that had been painted over by another painting. Artists have reused canvases for many reasons over the years.

What did I learn? Well, I learned that Picasso likes his can-can dancers. Werd. If you don't believe me, you are welcome to go see for your bad self. Hee hee.

back to running

i haven't run over a mile in about 1.5 years. in fact, i haven't run longer than five minutes since then. this is ironic considering i spent 17 years running decent distances prior to that. *at least*

i have wondered if walking 15-20 miles/week really did that much for my muscles. i figured my cardiovascular endurance most definitely must be weaker. well, i have my answer now. as a frame of reference... i used to run that much as low-level maintenance running.

yesterday AM i woke up feeling lazy and as if i should just go run four miles. well, i did. just like that. i wasn't breaking land speed records or anything like that. in fact, i saw turtles flying by. *but*. it seemed as if the run was over quickly and i felt strong.

i think i'm going back to my trail racing... probably just 10 km races.

one of the joys of living in northern cali is the amazing trails we have. i love running from rodeo beach up the bobcat trail to the top of the headlands. you turn around to a gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge and north san francisco.

giddy up. i'm getting into shape now.