Monday, May 07, 2007


I went with a friend of mine Saturday night to the Kabuki Sundance San Francisco International Film Festival screening of Delirious from director Tom DiCillo. Steve Buscemi was the lead character.

NOTE: I typed Kabuki Sundance because I noticed Kabuki Sundance logos all over the movie posters. I am curious to Kabuki's affiliation with Sundance and thought someone might enlighten me on this one.

It was pretty good. Michael Pitt is this amazingly sweet, good-looking kid who trips and falls into an acting position through association with Steve Buscemi's paparazzi character (Les Galantine). But Les isn't a paparazzi! He's a "licensed, certified professional" [dammit].

Michael is a homeless guy who ends up staying with Steve. He has this knack for fixing stuff. It's notably funny that he fixes showers, bicycles, you name it... everywhere he goes. It's funny because of the reactions he gets from various New Yorkers... (you can imagine). And the music was so purposefully cheezily awful throughout... as fits inline with the theme of the movie... you can't help but laugh heartily.

Alison Lohman's character, Kharma, is to blame for the cheezy music. Elvis Costello has a teensy role. Go Elvis!!

I liked it. You should see it.

NOTE: This showing was sold out at the Kabuki but I went an 1.5 hours beforehand with a good book. The rush line opens up 1 hour before screening. We had tickets easily an hour before the show. Lesson? You can still get into sold-out performances with planning.

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