Wednesday, May 02, 2007

back to running

i haven't run over a mile in about 1.5 years. in fact, i haven't run longer than five minutes since then. this is ironic considering i spent 17 years running decent distances prior to that. *at least*

i have wondered if walking 15-20 miles/week really did that much for my muscles. i figured my cardiovascular endurance most definitely must be weaker. well, i have my answer now. as a frame of reference... i used to run that much as low-level maintenance running.

yesterday AM i woke up feeling lazy and as if i should just go run four miles. well, i did. just like that. i wasn't breaking land speed records or anything like that. in fact, i saw turtles flying by. *but*. it seemed as if the run was over quickly and i felt strong.

i think i'm going back to my trail racing... probably just 10 km races.

one of the joys of living in northern cali is the amazing trails we have. i love running from rodeo beach up the bobcat trail to the top of the headlands. you turn around to a gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge and north san francisco.

giddy up. i'm getting into shape now.

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