Wednesday, May 30, 2007

righteous beats

saturday night i went to a house party four blocks from my apartment. i heard the best beats i have heard in at least two years. it readjusted my gauge on house music? who did me this favour???!!!

henry r (who also sold me my tables years ago.... tankey henry), lil' kris, trevor, and tony. they threw righteous sets. some others played but i didn't get a chance to hear them. i was stoked to have an opportunity to throw some records with these folks!

the cooky part is the people throwing the party (J. & L.) know a large portion of another friend circle of mine. they remember my ex from christmas eve, his best friend, their girlfriend, coworkers, etc, etc, etc. they were somewhere christmas eve an hour before i was there.

i guess we were going to meet eventually.

my friend circles seem to love to eat themselves.

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