Friday, June 29, 2007

LM - 2007 take 1

we had a wonderful campout. The spot was a spiritual haven. and it couldn't have been with a better group of people. i only was able to take a few pics and shoot a video before filling up my card. sowwy, folks. the fact that i didn't do more means i had a good time.

Here's one of me Saturday night (thanks to H.R.)

It got pretty cold. Thanks a million to the thoughtful friends who brought the fire pits. There were two.

here's RJ (Lo Rise) doing his thang:

and here's a video that will take forever to download. It's not streamed. again, my apologies. Check out T's tricked sh*rt (when asked where he got it, he said... "sorry man, i got the last one")

T. getting it on!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

summer is for bad azzz campouts

this coming weekend i will be going with some of my favourite DJs... some of the best in the bay area IMHO and one bad sound system to a schweet camping site near tahoe! i can't wait to go, i can't wait to play, i can't wait to commune with nature. we'll be @ 6500+ feet near a lake.

i love my friends. they got it going on....

Friday, June 15, 2007

morning daze

i'm sitting here this AM procrastinating my morning run by blogging. but i forgive myself for ultimately being later than i want to because i haven't been blogging at all.

i have been getting up btwn 5:30 - 6:30 AM every morning for the last two weeks. even this AM. i had to move my car... san francisco street cleaners keep me working to avoid parking tickets.

i figured i would give myself 1 month of an extra-intense workout regimen to see what i could do to my again body. i can tell that i'm getting stronger but i am also tired *all* the time.

i haven't had the time to get enough sleep and my body seems to be quite sensitive to that these days.

it seems as if i'm more tired from being good than i ever was from being bad.

stay tuned! and please be sure to compliment me when you see me... even if you don't mean it.


I had a great time last night with Chris, Paul, Stella & company. I wish every Thursday could be like that! It was so much fun. Special thanks to the boys @ El Otro Mundo, Deep Mix and to Stella. It's not every day that you get wet doggy gooses in your arm pit to help you pick records!

Links for you:

Check out the EOM Sessions

Deep Mix Deep Mix

Paul Leath on my space

El Otro Mundo on my space

Stevian on my space

Here's Stella for the curious:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thurs. [6/14] DJ Zenith on

I have the honour Thursday of playing on El Otro Mundo's Radio show (the EOM Sessions) on! I'm honoured. If you haven't heard Christopher and Paul Leath or DJ Stevian, you are missing out! The show goes from 6-10 PM and I start around 8ish.

What: DJ Zenith on EOM Sessions:

Time: Show: 6-10 PM (Pacific), 9 PM - 1 AM (Eastern)
3 AM - 7 AM (Paris, Netherlands, London, Rome & Remini, IT)

Set Time: 8-10 PM (Pacific), 11 PM - 1 AM (Eastern)
5 AM - 7 AM (Paris, Netherlands, London, Rome & Remini, IT)

Who: DJ Zenith & El Otro Mundo



Saturday, June 02, 2007

according to Chris Rock

guys don't have girl *friends*. they have girls they have slept with and girls they haven't slept with *yet*. i don't buy that but experience tells me that it's probably true in the majority of the cases.

i have a couple of guy friends that i hang out with that keep the fact that we hang out in my apartment discussing life, philosophy, and the freaking weather or whatever from their girlfriends. i feel kinda sad about that.

if the shoe were on the other foot, i wouldn't want that kinda thing being kept from me. if you're dating someone you have to trust them. a relationship with me isn't the same as being hooked up with the po-po you know.

i think by the time a guy has reached his latter 20s... experience has taught him to keep this kind of thing to himself rather than be open and be hassled by his girlfriend.

IMHO, that's a sad testimony to our society.

i would never be the other woman. it's bad karma. and i wouldn't appreciate someone being the "other woman" in my relationship. i try to operate by the old "do unto others as you would have done unto you" addage.

in fact, when my guy friends stray, i tell them to leave me out of it. i never want to be in the position where their partner asks me a question and i'm supposed to lie. i won't do that and i make it clear. it's true.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Dan, I love ya

Don't know which dan this is... i think i must know him (But i'm not sure which dan of the dan's i know this is). so, big love you to all dans that i know!

Dan's play list