Tuesday, January 30, 2007

back to work darnit

if you wonder where i am, this week i have put my computer dork hat on again. i'm busily reading up on technology updates that came about while in new orleans and deepening my knowledge of technologies i have been using for years.

nuff said.

back to dee grind.

Friday, January 26, 2007

no show today

i always feel so foot loose and fancy free when i put on my track shoes and shorts when it's sunny. i've been known to leap small buildings in a single bound. no really.

so it's no surprise that as i stepped out the door yesterday for a six-mile walk, lunch with friends, hair appt, etc & so forth that i felt just gorgeous.

however. on the way back up the hill on haight street an ugly cold snap and yucky wind stepped in.

i woke up with an nasty cold/sneeze combo.

a phone screen for a job also popped up.

i'm going to hold up here in the hood with a big sweater and some cough medicine.

i have plans tonight so maybe i will feel better in time.

see you next week.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

bush, get with the program

if you want to be entertained... kind of mystery science theatre 3000 - style.... watch the presidential state of the union address in a gay bar. i couldn't believe the people turned to that game rather than watching the fifteen-minute rebuttal by jim webb. i rushed home in a cab to the local watering hole and requested my handsome resident bar keep to turn one of the 20 TVs to the rebuttal.

i offered to work the remote control. his response??? ummm, no. boyz and remote controls. what can you do??!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Zodiac Death Valley

will be playing Cafe Du Nord on 30 January featuring my curly-headed foo foo. He's been an awesome friend to me and darn fun to hang out with. Here they are on my space: http://www.myspace.com/zodiacdeathvalley

Get it while it's hot.

what a heck of a game

afc championship???!!! anyone? anyone?

wow. now that's what i'm talking about it.

i watched it with some of the coolest peeps in the universe. haight crew... luv' ya. mwah.

ucky stomach bug

i had an ugly bout with a stomach bug. but i'm incapable of sleeping all day. it hit me mid-set friday when i got to go back & forth to the bathroom. ugh.

i had to pull the plug on myself mid-set.

sorry bout that.

Friday, January 19, 2007

[1/19] on http://throwdownsound.com

sorry for the technical difficulties last week but sheet happens. now we're back. i've been assured. i called ahead. i had my people call their people.

What: DJ Zenith on http://throwdownsound.com

Where: I repeat: http://throwdownsound.com

When: 12 January, 3 - 5 PM PT --> West Coast
6 - 8 PM ET --> East Coast
12 AM - 2 AM Paris, Amsterdam, Remini

Just so you know. There's usually no one there before me. So if you get on before 3 and I'm not there, it's cuz we haven't started, yet. In this
case, the player will shut down on you. Typically, I've been on before
three but not always.

drug violence in the middle haight

yesterday @ somewhere between 4 and 5 PM three cowards walked up to another man. this was haight street at masonic. the other man wasn't very tall. the tallest said get him and the two men started beating the crap out of the other guy. the bicycle cops came so quickly. i don't know where they came from.

i'm walking back to meet my friend and some jack arse is saying "f* the pigs."

i was so angry. i was happy they were there. police are doing a job. and it's not an easy one. it's not fair to say all police are bad. somebody has to watch out for us.

i turned to him and said, "dude. not cool. they just saved this guy's life over there."

a couple of people stopped to listen in. then this guy starts telling some story which i could tell was going to end up in violence.

i said, "i don't like violence."

one of the on lookers said, "i don't like violence either."

guy keeps going on with his story. i said, "seriously, i don't like violence. i don't like stories of violence."

he kept going with his story.

he stopped the story and walked on.

my friends and i had this discussion. why is the violence escalating? san francisco is now in double digits for murders. why?

republicans eliminate the middle class. they are taking money away from people. people are desperate.

i was listening to howard zen yesterday. he is truly inspirational. he talks of how our founding fathers were 55 rich white guys who didn't have our better interests at heart. yes, they made things more democratic. but precious few got to vote. translation: white boyz got to vote. african americans were disenfranchised with poll tests. and to heck with women.

these men in power don't have our better interests at heart. we don't even have two parties.

apathy is killing us.

as howard explains it (i'm paraphrasing so forgive me howard): the US is a train going on a direction. you are on the train if you live here. to be apathetic is to trust someone else to drive your train. do you trust these people?

this is me, not howard speaking... i don't trust those yo-yos. "h*llz no."

someone should be able to work 40 hours a week and feed themselves and pay rent. period. the fact that a lot of people *do* work 40 hours a week and can't pay rent is despicable. what does that say?

it's a world economy. poverty escalates violence. if you think iraq won't affect you or poverty won't affect you, you would be mistaken.

san francisco isn't safe anymore. i'm bummed about that. i don't feel safe here anymore.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

has anyone noticed???

it's unbelieveable how bad microsoft word 2000 is at just simple things like doing an article with text. seriously. i've been trying to finish these articles for over a week and the main obstacle is word. granted. i could upgrade. why would i though when this version is so unbelievably bad?

oh. let's not forget the part where hte operating system starts defragging itself in idle mode. and then takes over your puter and doesn't give it back? that's a charming functionality. god forbid i get up and use the toilet or something insane like that.

down with word. miscrosoft, i seriously hate your product. and i mean that. down to the man. power to the people.

lowest common denominator

the realm of acceptable ways to treat your fellow man is really sinking.

back in the day... someone's house burned down, we'd all gather together and take a day and rebuild it. period. it didn't matter if was the crazy family down the street or the guy you liked.

you would just do it.

if every human did one random act of generosity per day, we'd be so set. think about it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

[1/12] on http://throwdownsound.com

I've been given the show. Every Friday. Last Friday was awesome. There was even webcam action.

Just so you know. There's usually no one there before me. So if you get on
before 3 and I'm not there, it's cuz we haven't started, yet. In this
case, the player will shut down on you. Typically, I've been on before
three but not always.

What: DJ Zenith on http://throwdownsound.com

Where: I repeat: http://throwdownsound.com

When: 12 January, 3 - 5 PM PT --> West Coast
6 - 8 PM ET --> East Coast
12 AM - 2 AM Paris, Amsterdam, Remini

what have i been up to?

i'm writing new orleans articles to submit to the new orleans time picayune. i've been offered an inside contact. it took me over an hour to get photoshop installed on this lap top. i don't know if it was on crack or what. most annoying. i'm glad i finally got it installed. adding photos to the pdf is a big part of it.

holey flash back batman

today on my space a friend from university who i gave a back stage pass to for willie nelson (don't blinking ask. i'm *still* bummed i didn't get to meet him.

how cool

Sunday, January 07, 2007

crippled servers

thx for downloading the CD and waiting patiently! five thousand people were trying to get it simultaneously so it took some people 14 hours to download it. sowwy.

i will be moving my website this month to a higher bandwidth provider. the provider i currently have isn't set up to do this kind of bandwidth and has advised me as much on several occasions.

so thx. it should be getting easier to download progressively.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

you tube man.

dude. once again jason gives us a ringer.

Spiders on Drugs

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

CD Release [1/1/07] The Answer Is

At last! My new CD is ready: The Answer Is

It's every incantation of the word love: longing, yearning, spurning, breaking up, and getting back together.


thx so much to everyone who came out on my b-day! i want to give a special thanks to Nate, Chris, and Celso for making it memorable.

thx to everyone at stompy/sunset. i'm posting the new cd today.