Friday, January 19, 2007

drug violence in the middle haight

yesterday @ somewhere between 4 and 5 PM three cowards walked up to another man. this was haight street at masonic. the other man wasn't very tall. the tallest said get him and the two men started beating the crap out of the other guy. the bicycle cops came so quickly. i don't know where they came from.

i'm walking back to meet my friend and some jack arse is saying "f* the pigs."

i was so angry. i was happy they were there. police are doing a job. and it's not an easy one. it's not fair to say all police are bad. somebody has to watch out for us.

i turned to him and said, "dude. not cool. they just saved this guy's life over there."

a couple of people stopped to listen in. then this guy starts telling some story which i could tell was going to end up in violence.

i said, "i don't like violence."

one of the on lookers said, "i don't like violence either."

guy keeps going on with his story. i said, "seriously, i don't like violence. i don't like stories of violence."

he kept going with his story.

he stopped the story and walked on.

my friends and i had this discussion. why is the violence escalating? san francisco is now in double digits for murders. why?

republicans eliminate the middle class. they are taking money away from people. people are desperate.

i was listening to howard zen yesterday. he is truly inspirational. he talks of how our founding fathers were 55 rich white guys who didn't have our better interests at heart. yes, they made things more democratic. but precious few got to vote. translation: white boyz got to vote. african americans were disenfranchised with poll tests. and to heck with women.

these men in power don't have our better interests at heart. we don't even have two parties.

apathy is killing us.

as howard explains it (i'm paraphrasing so forgive me howard): the US is a train going on a direction. you are on the train if you live here. to be apathetic is to trust someone else to drive your train. do you trust these people?

this is me, not howard speaking... i don't trust those yo-yos. "h*llz no."

someone should be able to work 40 hours a week and feed themselves and pay rent. period. the fact that a lot of people *do* work 40 hours a week and can't pay rent is despicable. what does that say?

it's a world economy. poverty escalates violence. if you think iraq won't affect you or poverty won't affect you, you would be mistaken.

san francisco isn't safe anymore. i'm bummed about that. i don't feel safe here anymore.

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