Tuesday, July 31, 2007

morning runs

i wish i could take the feeling i get from my morning runs and bottle it up & share it with everyone. you get to know ppl on your runs.

runners do the good morning. it's akin to the wave you do when someone lets you in in traffic.... seldom talked about but widely known about.

and there's all the people that walk around stow lake in the mornings. there's the aging beagle i say puppyyyyyyyy to that wags his tail in happy response while his owners say good morning.

and there's that floating feeling i get as i drift by beautiful trees on my way down to the beach.

everyone should have joy like this.

custom chopsticks???

so the mystery is on. almost two weeks ago when I was picking up friends for the ben watt show, my girlfriend said she would be moving the bag in my back seat further back to the storage place in my vehicle. i assumed said bag was leftover from our campout over a month ago.

in said bag was 4 really nice bowls and custom designer chopsticks with their own very nice cases. each case has it's own beautifully done fabric case. i can't imagine someone isn't missing these! considering i've only had four people in my car in the last three months it's surprising that i can't identify the owner! i felt guilty unpacking the bag that's been sitting on my floor but... what do i do?

if you are the owner of these bowls... e-mail me and i'll get them back to you....

daft punk

i was told that the Daft Punk show i missed friday night was awesome. one of my DJ buddies was ooooing & ahhhing last night about how cool it would be to have this amount of coordinated laser light show @ your finger tips with your beats. he said there was stuff on Youtube (although the audio isn't quite on). check out the last 4 minutes of this video or so:

Sunday, July 29, 2007

happy sunday

here in the inner sunset it's foggy. my beautiful south-facing windows afford a nice view of it whilst i blog. if you know the lay of the land out here you know we have little bump we call turtle hill aka washington heights that provides a stunning view of fireworks, the park, and down to the palace of fine arts and golden gate bridge on a cloud-free day. on any kinda day our little "hill" will give you a workout you won't forget. you can even include a few of SFs brutal "hidden" staircases if you dare.

i can't believe how exhausted i have been this weekend. i have basically slept. it must be fate that kept me away from the campout. i don't see how i would have done anything other then lay around. it's really lame to do that in front of your friends. i think laying down and being antisocial is something you don't need to drive five hours to do.

what's in the works for me right now? so glad you asked...

website upgrade:
i still have my website upgrade in the works. i have taken my photos pages and upgraded the template to make room for the 1200 - 1500 pages that aren't up as well as the DJ photo sections. i have to do some organization around the DJ photos as those come from so many different sources.

now it's down to upgrading the computer program that generates these pages. it's a dirty little game of escaping metacharacters and getting spaces (aka   tags) just right. and not all elements of my overall website template belongs and/or fits in the photos pages templates. i can do this piece in a couple of hours i think but the other organizational pieces take longer.

right now, i am just finishing the website backup which has taken over 24 hours when all is said & done. i suffer from the same download/bandwidth woes as others. there's not enough disk space on my server to zip up all the content so i was forced to download the whole archive uncompressed. not that compression would have bought me that much when one realizes i have a lot of jpg and mp3 files up there...

cover art:
i have to start/finish the cover art for my last three CDs. i will be putting at least a small number of CDs five and six to CDs with cover art on them and a larger number of the latest.

throwing parties:
some friends and i are going to start throwing parties. we won't have a lot of energy for this until after they return from BM. i'm not going. i can't. and they are inundated getting ready. which is just as well... i will be very focussed on my day job during that time frame so it works out for everyone's schedule.

but for now... happy sunday!

today i'm going to get in a light run and see if i can rally some friends to go to the north beach jazz festival. my friend is playing tonight. i think it will be fun. i know... i don't like north beach that much but jazz is the magic word and i look forward to the opportunity of surprising my friend by showing up with some support.

and of course i'm going to play some music today in any case...

so happy sunday!

Friday, July 27, 2007

no i'm not @ the campout

i'm enjoying a much-needed weekend of exercise & relaxation.

one of my best friends is a fine photographer. he just gave me these pics from pride weekend. i had driven @ warp speed back from our campout with my peeps.

on the drive i thought, man... it's pride weekend and i haven't done anything. it felt strange. that's when C.K. called. i was home for maybe 30 minutes before i ran out to meet him & a few people for dinner.

C.K. will take his camera to the grave. he always has it with him. for good reason, too! check out these pics from sunday night on pride weekend....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

another camp out on the way

yesterday we had our public launch @ work. and now i am frantically running around trying to get out of town to a camp out. great beats under the stars is the *only* way to fly. camp outs are some of my favourite places to play.

as a bonus, some of us are going up thursday night late to hike half-dome friday! w00t.

i'm going at a blistering pace and am looking forward to sitting on my butt soaking up sun next to a pool and waterfalls on saturday.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


thanks for the overwelming positive feedback re: my latest CD. i apologize for the long download times. My hosting service had to cap my downloads as to keep me from ruining service for his other clients.

but thx! luv 'ya.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

CD Release: You're a Star [7/7/07]

Heya Peeps!

I have just finished another CD. Yup. Number 7. Lucky number 7 on 7.7.07.

I'm really excited about this one. I have been playing with some amazing DJs who have inspired me. This CD is the by-product. Enjoy!

I have attached a high-fidelity version and a lo-fi version. The standard disclaimer with my website applies. There's very little bandwidth here. Read a 900 page novel while it's downloading and come back. It should be done by then (PS -- my hosting guy warned me that his setup didn't have a lot of bandwidth, so don't blame him). It's not streamed so you need to save this to your hard drive and wait for it to finish (this could be over an hour).

Hi-Fi: You're a Star - 320 mbps

Lo-Fi: You're a Star - 128 mpbs

Saturday, July 14, 2007

a quick hello

i am just inundated right now but i feel pretty content. i'm working extremely hard.

i am actually about ready to head into the office for a solid four hours of work. but i'm not bummed about it. i want to complete the database aspect of this project i'm working on before monday. it's going to be pretty awesome when completed and it will relieve some stress on our team.

on top of that i need to take my new CD and put a fade out in to replace the chop off i had to do to put it on CD. i wanted it on CD quickly so i could hear the new CD on a bunch of other stereos. i like to do that before releasing it to make sure the levels aren't jacked. i'm really excited about this CD.

the plan is to have a bunch of copies ready tomorrow before I go to the word of mouth party followed up by a brunch in the east bay with some pretty awesome peeps. i'd post a link for the party but i can't seem to find it and don't have the time to hunt for it. sorry.

just want to say thanks to everyone for making my life a wonderful place to be.

luv 'ya! mwah.

Friday, July 13, 2007

game face

when i'm trying to hear a track i go into the focus zone. i used to play here all the time. what's the problem you ask?

well, your friends waving their hands in front of your face for five minutes... all the while you not noticing... it's extremely rude when someone shows up to a party to hear you play and you don't even notice they are there. i am a lot better about this now.

but i was at a friend's house here so no harm no foul. (see other post about i love my friends)

i love my friends!

Say it with me kids... awwwww shucks.

How Weird Festival, 6 May 2007

So here's a pic from How Weird Festival 2007:

Saturday, July 07, 2007

hot friday night leads to hot saturday day

what's my idea of a hot saturday night? i'm sooooo glad you asked! a bunch o' new records and me, myself, and my turntables.

which is a great segue for saturday. i just recorded a cD with said new records. and i'm rearing to go for our beats & bbq in the park.

it's a little cloudy but the weather man says that will clear up by some in the afternoon.

translation: there will be plenty o' sun by the time i'm playing.

so come on out. i'll see you there.

Friday, July 06, 2007

This Saturday [7/7] in Golden Gate Park!!!!

What: Beats in Golden Gate Park
Speedway Meadows Golden Gate Park
approx. 30th & Fulton

DJs: Trev (Boom Boom Woods)
DJ Zenith(Zenomena,Boom Boom Woods)
Kool Karlo
Mo Po
Big Dolla Bill
Victor Vega

When: Sat. 7 July 2007
Noon - ?
Set time is after 3 PM