Saturday, July 14, 2007

a quick hello

i am just inundated right now but i feel pretty content. i'm working extremely hard.

i am actually about ready to head into the office for a solid four hours of work. but i'm not bummed about it. i want to complete the database aspect of this project i'm working on before monday. it's going to be pretty awesome when completed and it will relieve some stress on our team.

on top of that i need to take my new CD and put a fade out in to replace the chop off i had to do to put it on CD. i wanted it on CD quickly so i could hear the new CD on a bunch of other stereos. i like to do that before releasing it to make sure the levels aren't jacked. i'm really excited about this CD.

the plan is to have a bunch of copies ready tomorrow before I go to the word of mouth party followed up by a brunch in the east bay with some pretty awesome peeps. i'd post a link for the party but i can't seem to find it and don't have the time to hunt for it. sorry.

just want to say thanks to everyone for making my life a wonderful place to be.

luv 'ya! mwah.

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