Sunday, September 16, 2007

Treasure Island Music Festival, 15 September 2007

So, we got there @ around 5. By far, the two best acts were Gotan Project & Thievery Corporation. Thievery Corporation made the whole evening worth it. Gotan Project was also quite good.

Mad props to Thievery Corporation!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


the word of the day? german. german tech house. german language. german. i'm going german folks.

i am listening to the rest of the catalogue from one of my favourite german labels. two shipments arrived this week from the UK and will be featured in my next project. it's untitled as of yet.

i plan to record this weekend. it's a project for Boom Boom Woods. stay tuned.

PS -- if you don't know what ausgezeichnet means... it means excellent (not distinguished as google language tools will tell you... although it could mean that in certain contexts... not this one)

DNS switched back

well, the new provider technically didn't have the staff and infrastructure in place to support my needs.

so i'm on the lookout for a new place... again. my buddy has referred me to this place out of canada. i'll be checking them out this weekend.....

anyway. we're back at my old place so please scuse the long download times... i'm working on it.



where were you on 9-1-1, 2001? i was at Washington monitoring web servers 9 - 13 against hacker attacks while my coworkers broke off the high-bandwidth portions of our site to a second home page... while we made the main page an information space for family members worried about their loved ones in the pentagon and the world trade center.

let's all think kind thoughts for the survivors and those lost to the attack....

Sunday, September 09, 2007

DNS switched!

on once i see that's good i'll switch the .net and .org also.

addendum: i realized this is a dumb plan. sweetching .net and .org in other browser tab.

An article that hits why I don't claim to be from DC

although i was actually born there... and spent a little over 15 years there in different segments:

Fred on Everything

Village Music

My coworker (tankey kindly J.S.) placed the Pacific Sun on my desk to point out an article about Village Music in Mill Valley (north bay) is going out of business. Sadly. At the end of September they are shutting their doors.

Right now they are having a ridiculous sale. And DJ Shadow is playing there all throughout the month of September (using their catalogue... not his own). Although he took a day off yesterday as he had stuff to do. But mad props DJ Shadow him for playing the rest of September.

Yesterday, I got 30 records for a mere $39.33. I had prepped myself for the sticker shock as I carried the mother load to the register. He said 39.33 and I sputtered with glee, made out the check, and went on my way with a smile.

This AM I am listening to some of the records... Right now we have Sonny Rollins circa 1977 going. Yesterday I listened to some Count Basie. I purchased everything from Patrice Rushkin, Count Basie, and Sonny Rollins to Flock of Seagulls & Guadalcanal Diary. Yes... I did.

Anyway, vinyl lovers... now's your chance. Village Music @ 9 E. Blithedale Avenue in downtown Mill Valley.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

it's time for a test cut!

it's not finished. i'm waiting for a couple of shipments of german records from the UK. Get it? roight...

here it is:

Test Cut: Screw Arounds

a classic

the boyz (and goilz) are back from Burning Man

and famous on you tube apparently!!!! check it out yourself....

Friday, September 07, 2007

pack instincts

there's someone i know who comes over to ask me questions and then constantly interrupts my answers. yesterday he interrupted, threw in, "i know, i know, it's ______.... but i'm not doing that."

but once again, he got it wrong.

i informed him that he should stop interrupting me every 5 seconds and that every time he interrupted me to complete my sentences... he got it wrong.... 100% of the time.

after he left... someone within ear shot asked me if it was only men who did that or was it women, too???

i have thought about it long & hard. thursday nights (last night) i drive (drove) 45 minutes down to the peninsula so it gives me some time to think....

and here's my thoughts:

many pack animals have signs of submission & signs of dominance.

baby horses open and close their mouths repeatedly. when you see it... it's the cutest thing. they tend to do it until they are about 3 or 4.... sometimes 5. it's a... "please, please... i'm a baby... don't hurt me. i submit."

with dogs... they lie down. sometimes they completely roll over. if the other dog is in serious alpha mode... it will put said other dog's neck in it's mouth.

alpha dog doesn't bite down on the submitting dog's neck. that's not the point. the point is that the alpha dog *could* bite down. it's complete dominance.

it's my idea that the act of interrupting someone and attempting to complete their sentences like that... it's an alpha-dominance trait. it's also an act of complete arrogance and presumption.

and i can only think of two women who have ever done this to me. one does it when she's loaded. frankly, i really can't stand it when she does that. i take it as a sign she's wasted beyond the point of good company and avoid her.

and as far as the only other woman that does that to me.... i'm not speaking to her anymore. and she's a relative. that's one of her many myriad social issues. she doesn't get on with anyone by the way... and constantly points to every one else as having problems (not her of course).

i don't wish to dominate or to be dominated. i want to just be.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

dhis & dhat

the time? farking early! and yet i'm up.....

i hooked my studio puter back to the internet to update some tools to allow me to use this puter to update my DJ website. i'm overhauling the photos pages which are chiefly resident on this puter and require better tools to get the job done more quickly.

german class is going well for me now... but it's quite a bit of work.

and then there's that pesky computer work i do for a living. i have more studies to do with that. i studied some last night after class... but i'm still a tad under the weather so my body just cut out on me...

so the smart thing to do is to get up early and go for a run today before work??? right?

well, i'm doing it.

look for an e-mail to come shortly when the site is updated & moved and also look for a new mix! i'm getting some records this week and have something on the burner.

this CD is part of a larger project that i have in the works....

Monday, September 03, 2007

new project in the works

i'm about ready to make a new mix to record some fantastic new records i have and some that are on the way from the UK. i should have those midweek.

additionally i've been digging through my current collection trying to decide what to keep. i found some great stuff! i'm not very good @ getting rid of records, sadly.

oh well, i can't be good at everything. ho hum.

web site move almost completed

i'm just about ready to change the DNS entries to change one of my domains over to the new provider. i'm going to post here when i've switched it. please let me know if you hit it after i switch and you find broken areas to the site.

i am pretty sure the new site will be fine and i'm going to test it a bit myself but i think the beatles had the right idea when they said... "i get by with a little help from my friends..." (among other things they did with their friends) -- hee hee hee

busy, busy times

i cut out on the sunset party last night a little early-ish. i felt bad doing it but i have so much to do these days!

don't feel too sorry for me having a productive sunday... i really love what i am doing!

what the h*L! am i doing you ask???!!

well, lesseee... i have a ton of german homework today. and i have some computer-studies to do... i'm teaching myself some new technology.

but don't feel too sorry for me just yet... the last couple of days i have studied in a bikini. in two different beaches. i achieved nice glow status yesterday! the weather report says the sun will come out later. wish me luck!

i'm moving my website to a new provider. we will say buh-bye (& don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out) to 1 hour download times for CDs!!! yeah. we're almost done on this one.

record shopping. today i'm giving my favourite UK online record store some serious bizness. Juno... I luv yah! Mwah!

Updating my website. I'm overhauling the computer script that generates the picture pages and adding pictures.