Saturday, September 30, 2006

miss honey dijon

listen to minutes 9-14 of the new deep. most extraordinary song.

that's where my heart is right now.

points of clarification

1) ok. twas me.

2) thanks, victoria secret.

3) green velvet... luv' ya. would do it again maybe 300 times.

4) brothers leath. ditto.

Friday, September 29, 2006

quick thanks!

to everyone who came out last night... that was the most fun i've had in a while.

i'm buried at work right now but will see you all out & about this weekend i'm sure.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

this weekend

people keep asking about the summer music conference. what i'm doing?

1): Charles Feelgood at Roe. He's great. He's Baltimore. He's been DJing forever. Great guy. Even better DJ.

2): Come Unity @ 1015. later on.


1) Festival. After that... I'm curling up with a good book/video. No really.


1) Hmmmmm. Dunno.

sugar (9/28)

it's on!

What: Sugar (9/28) --> I'm back. Catch me as I'll be in New York the first couple of weeks in october.

Where: 377 Hayes @ Gough

When: 7 PM - 12 AM

Who: Rob Crush (Crush Collective, Stompy)
Native Intelligence (Rock It Science, Sleevin Records)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena)
PH Balance

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


we just passed the 1095 mark on plays off of my website: DJ Zenith of my latest CD. This isn't my space. I'm on there but it's not a my space music profile (translation... my cd won't be played automagic-ally. a user has to click on it.

It's Funkin' Deep --> Live @ the KZSU Summer Soul-stice

this week

i return to my thursday night @ sugar. i'm ready to go.

in the meantime i have my head down buried @ work finishing a project. stay tuned.

i'll send out the 4-1-1 when i hit deadline.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

one person can change your life

for good or for bad. nuff said

i don't know why ppl like my latest album so much better than the first. i think it's the subject matter. i was in a bad place. but i love the pondering and the music. of course, i'm biased. i think it's good. mixing isn't purrrr-fect but music is all good. it soothes me.

Demo on To Burning Man 2005.

the subject-line refers to the person who inspired that album. he's truly evil but i didn't think so at the time and so you have it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

check this out

i had a 8:30 AM phone call from best friend (also in PR) that the man who inspired me to DJ was on the cover of the bay guardian.

most cool. it's fun looking at the paper and realizing you know everyone in the pic.

the final frontier

i've fixed cars. i build software. i build things. so why am i afraid of my sewing machine??? it's the final frontier.

actually, i started using it again last night. it was great. i love to make things.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

more volunteer work

i just volunteered for PAWS. i love animals. it's time to do some good.

let's talk about fly

my rents are so gonna kill me for this. but they are featured in my let's fly this week.

i can truthfully say we had a pretty rough how many first years. honestly. i won't tell you how many. but why do i love them?

flat out. they are open to hearing what i have to say. even when we didn't get along, i knew i could call them and they would be to my side in a new york minute.

i credit my dad for my warped since of humour, passion for music and jazz, and uncompromising no excuses get it done attitude. also, he passed his love of all things geeky to me (we are super science dorks --> you've been warned --> maybe we're dorks in general).

my mum is fierce. see that red hair? it's all real baby. we came from somewhere btwn sweden and northern germany both. then down to south carolina.

my mum could kick your butt at golf, or in general (see red hair go up in flames), whilst cooking you up the best darned southern fried chicken this side of the mississippi. she has a marvelous sense of direction. i credit her for raising us boys and girls equally.

she also passed her popcorn addiction along to me (it's genetic). thx to her, i make serious home-made popcorn. i don't even own a microwave.

right now, in music i've been listening to my DJ partner Native Intelligence's cd: Live @ Sugar, Ghosts in the House. I like it cuz it does what I call the slow creep. Waney as I like to call (Duane) is master of the funky voice overs. I could pick his music out in my sleep, always. He mixes everything together.

In movies, I just saw: The 40 year-old Virgin. It's quite possibly the funniest movie made. I said on a continuous loop every 1-2 minutes, You poor b*stard. Thanks to K.K & M.S. for having me over Saturday.

A History of Jazz

Another book I'm reading is about the history of Jazz, by Geoff Ward and Ken Burns. There was also the movie.

It reads of a history of New Orleans and makes an excellent precursor to my trip.

It's sad to read about the events surrounding Plessy vs. Ferguson, the case that upheld separate but equal.

I read about the Robert Charles riot and how the Buddy Bolden Orchestra got caught up in it. How Big Eye Nelson's base got beat to shreds. What a sad day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a book i'm reading

The Ethical Sl*t

before you jump on the word sl*t.... realize that my friend Steve recently commented at a show that he's never even seen me have a drunken make out session.

some people purported that i was a lesbian because i didn't do *any* hookups. i'm really not going to cover what my values are/aren't. i'll have to claim a not-the-world's business on that one.

this book comments on what it deems to be myths on relationships and monogamy. it gives a list of do's & don'ts. it has a section about boundaries and honouring your partner and finding your own limits and doing what is right for you.

it's interesting to say the least. i love reading that book on the muni. i look up every so often to stares.


thank you to my friend Tony for offering up computers and PDAs for the St. Bernard Project.

Other links: Common Ground Relief

You don't have to get on a plane to help: Volunteer Match

Monday, September 18, 2006

heading to new york

i'm going to new york! mid-october. i'll be working out of the new york office for a day, taking a couple off, and mostly cavorting with my awesome buddy, chris. i'm stoked! look out, here i come.


guess what? the number of opium fields in afghanistan has doubled. wasn't that one of your objectives in blowing them up in first place? or was it to catch osama and defuse al qaeda???!!! whoopsie. didn't do that either, did you?

hmmm.... so why is it you did what you did? and what did you accomplish?

you s*ck.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

music this week

i discovered Afro pop. The other day they played a program featuring the beginnings of latin jazz in new york in the 1920s-30s. It was so good! Now I'm listening to a program on Mali. you heard it here first.

today/tomorrow (9/17)

well, tonight it's a hot saturday night at the office. no really. but don't feel sorry for me. when i get done with this project i get some badly needed time off. i'll be heading up for some early week camping in yosemite, then back to a gig here in san francisco.

but, tomorrow you ask? we're converging in the hood around noonish. we'll hit the store and decide what picnic supplies are needed and move from there. let me know if you want to take part.

Friday, September 15, 2006

to my friends

i wanted to say once again how much rock. everyone from saturday night, rocks. everyone who cheered me up sunday, rocked. A who i had dinner with twice, rocks (that was the best italian food i've had since italy... werd)! to M. it goes without saying you rock.

i'm truly blessed! i'm totally going to return the favour.

new orleans

so, it's on. 13 - 20 January I'll be there. They need donations in the way of microsoft office software. i need well wishes & luvin' in between time... so i can give them some happy vibes.

wish me luck!

i am so happy to be doing something for someone else, i can't even tell you

i'm going to be teaching kids who are struggling in math & science. i'm a geek. why not use it?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

the lowest common denominator is violence

the state of the world is deteriorating. why? standards of acceptable behaviour is sinking. people say, he does wrong and she does wrong... so why should i do the right thing??? and it deteriorates, and deteriorates. the downward spiral begins.

30 years ago, making a left turn from the right lane was hideously unacceptable. or reversing on the exit ramp was unacceptable. now, someone makes a mistake (and misses their exit) and rather than suck up the consequences, and go to the next exit and safely go to their destination, they endanger everyone by reversing on the exit ramp.

i still seethe with rage when i think of one such incident in DC 5 years ago (about). the woman caused a 25 car pile up with her own selfishness and irresponsibility. she missed an exit and reversed on the exit ramp.

so now bush thinks we should lower the standards of acceptable treatment of detainees. heck, he's lowering all of our standards. he thinks he is so smart and knows so much that he gets to decide where/who gets wire tapped, with no check or balance.

what is that going to do to future american prisoners? what happens when the rest of the world follows suit and decides it's ok to try american prisoners with confidential information? what happens when all countries are doing it to each other's citizens?

what happens when people from other people start kidnapping our citizens and putting them in secret prisons? what happens when our sons/daughters disappear of the map without explanation? how would you feel if your son/daughter disappears?

once we cede power, we can't get it back. why would they give it back? cuz it would be the right thing to do? history has shown that they have no intention of doing the right thing.

it's time to rise up. not to sink down. it's time to stand up and do the right thing. no matter how difficult it is. let's stop the deterioration. let's uphold some standards, ethics, and morals.

besides voting, what can you do? how about showing your fellow man(woman) some compassion... some respect. how about telling the truth? how about random acts of kindness? how about supporting your friends, even at your own inconvenience? help someone in need.

no matter what you do... please, let's get these selfish greedy wankers out of office. by all means, let's vote. this is the most corrupt congress/house *ever*. on both sides of the party line. for real. a large majority of them stink.

let's get them out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

bad girl

well, if you read this you already know this... thanks to my buddy M.R.

he had a b-day party. trouble is, i didn't read the invite so i had no idea who's b-day it was. it's bad when they say happy b-day and i say, "it's a b-day? who's b-day?"

and it's my *friend's* b-day. aw well.

there was a hot tub involved.

here's some pics:

it wasn't me:

and my personal favourite... my macgyver impression:

baby canada geese

i did my walk in golden gate park this AM. i saw my favorite baby canada geese family. i photographed them when they were two weeks old although i remember meeting them right after they were born.

this AM i stopped to say hello and tell them how pretty they look and all grown up and one of them slowly moved his breakfast time over near me... i had my hands in pocket. i wasn't feeding him... he was just nibblin' his breakfast inches away... i hoped it was because he recognized my voice.

see them in their snuggly goodness on 19 june of this year:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

my 9/11 story

9/11 2001 i worked at i lived 1.7 miles from work. i had just got done running and stretched out for my morning stretch in front of the news. i turned on the tv to see a plane crashing through a twin tower.

i thought this must be a caricature. but the cbs replay was in one of the tv corner. and then it flashed to the pentagon. i still couldn't believe my eyes. i called my boss.

he mumbled something and hung up. i didn't hear what he said but knew i had to get to work.

i got there as quickly as possible.

the tech team divided up. it was our job to keep the website up so frightened people could find out about loved ones. it was decided that the dynamic, high band-width part of the site should be moved onto a second home page. one of my team members took most of the images to an image storage facility we paid for... taking the burden off of our servers.

most of my team of four was told to monitor web servers for hackers. i had a cluster of three to monitor.

the day was a total blur. what i remember was going back and forth from the tv screen cluster in awe, just shaking my head. i remember finding out i had lost an ex-coworker, vicki yancy. my heart goes to her family. had i not quit a previous job i could have been with vicki.

i remember my ex boyfriend calling me with a frightened voice. he explained he was calling everyone.

we all called everyone that day. everyone was worried that someone may have had an inadvertent trip to the pentagon. we *all* called our new york friends... with the rest of the nation.

proudly we were the only major news national web site with over 98% availability that day.... thanks to someone's quick thinking (i can't take any credit)

the next morning (9/12) i decided to run to work. i was sitting at my desk having a telephone conversation. i had to hang up the phone mid-sentence. i couldn't breathe. i told my coworker.

he said, "i'll call an ambulance".

i said no, "it's just asthma, probably (i didn't know... i just didn't want to get hauled out on an ambulance in front of my whole work space)".

a coworker rushed up with an inhaler. it did no good. i'm glad my other coworker had ignored my ambulance protestation. the stretcher showed up instantly.

i was hauled off to arlington hospital. i remember the sounds of the fighter air craft flying overhead in the short ambulance trip. mostly because my father had taught me they are not allowed to fly over cities. they were there that day.

i sat there in E.R. there with so many with needs much greater than mine. i was merely frightened. i still couldn't breathe but there were burn victims coming in one-by-one as they dug them out of the wreckage. they hand bandages over pieces of their face and/or hands or everywhere.

finally, two hours later i rang the bell of the nurse when i couldn't feel my extremeties anymore. please, don't think i'm feeling sorry for myself. i'm not. they did a wonderful job and they had so much to deal with. i was only in mild trouble, not like those around me.

they gave me a breathing mixture which put me to right quickly. i'll never forget that scene in the ER that day. i'm sure it was much worse throughout new york and pa but it made an impact on me.

they said i had inhaled the still burning jet fuel running up the steep hills next to courthouse metro in arlington. it is invisible and it had burned all night. they said many people came in for breathing traumas.

i thank my coworkers (i don't work there anymore). but i will never forget those days. the days of 9/11 and the days after. the grief the nation felt.

i bow my heart in silence for the victims of 9/11, of terrorism, of war. each life has a value and should never be squandered.


i plan to post my 9-1-1 story as i was in arlington when it happened and within two miles of ground zero. i'm pretty swamped with work right now but stay tuned.

Monday, September 11, 2006

two weeks off

i'm taking two weeks off of DJing in public.

see you in a few weeks.


i have *the* best friends in the universe. i've never felt so blessed as i did on the way home saturday night. and sunday.

i don't know what i would do without them.


if you are in any kind of know about the gay community, you have heard of a beard. a beard is the woman a gay man dates while he's telling himself he's not gay. while i understand how difficult it is to be a gay man, even in San Francisco... being a beard really hurts.

so i would like to caution gay men in the closet against this behaviour. it's not healthy for anyone.

Friday, September 08, 2006

black 47

my buddy steve's band, Culann's Hounds is opening for Black 47 tonight! Red Devil Lounge.

It's going to be so fun. Black 47 hasn't been to SF in years.

more pictures

from last weekend... :-) all i can say is that i'm glad this sign sits next to a fire extinguisher :-) also, i wouldn't enter this person in a spelling bee. bad bet.

and j-bird. mr. j-bird if you're nasty.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

is there anyone who wasn't born in september???

apparently september boasts the most births of any month. something about drunken sex at new year's eve parties or something. hee hee.

3 b-days this weekend. you count 'em up. one-two-three. yee-haw

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

let's talk about fly

say hello to ben!

why do i like ben? i haven't known him that long... he's a transplant by the way of chicago... he thinks he knows house & stuff ;-)

actually he *does* know house & stuff. he gave me some records that are wonderful. and.... well... he's fly.

see ben's artwork:

this week i'm listening to Michael Franti & Spearhead. Their new album is Yell Fire! I love the entire album. It's zeitgeist.

Politically motivated tracks Time to Go home and I know I'm not alone hit the spot.

I'm a girl so I do like a good love song. Track 7 obliges me: track 7: One Step Closer to You: "Even when I'm falling down... my heart says follow through. I take one step closer to you."

Monday, September 04, 2006

fun times

last night was so fun! many thx to b., t., & j.... you were fun. today i'm just going to relax, get some exercise... clean, and get some work done.

good to see you this weekend!

on a sad note... say goodbye to steve irwin, the crocodile hunter. you'll be missed. and i don't even have a TV.

Friday, September 01, 2006

saturday night boogie-down

an apartment floor early-evening soiree is brewing at my place. 8 PM. my neighbours apparently *like* house music. which might explain the lack of complaints i get. so. it's on. then we head to the end up to see my favourite lady DJ, miss honey dijon!

i'm so stoked. fun-fun.