Saturday, September 16, 2006

today/tomorrow (9/17)

well, tonight it's a hot saturday night at the office. no really. but don't feel sorry for me. when i get done with this project i get some badly needed time off. i'll be heading up for some early week camping in yosemite, then back to a gig here in san francisco.

but, tomorrow you ask? we're converging in the hood around noonish. we'll hit the store and decide what picnic supplies are needed and move from there. let me know if you want to take part.


jw said...

Sounds like you ended up with some great plans to end the weekend!

Went to a nice chili cookoff party at some friends who live nearby. Great time. It rained until about 3pm and stopped and thats when the party got rolling. Very little volley ball since people were afraid to slip on wet grass (a couple bad injuries at last year's event). Highlight was a buddy who proposed to his girlfriend on the driveway! It was supposed to be in the volley ball court, but it was too wet.. She nodded yes to a very graceful proposal (ok chicks- romantic, but I'm a guy!).
Sundays was a great sunny day (80+ degrees!) boating on the river to southern md.
We'll take you out if you ever want to sneak back into town (I won't tell anyone you where here!).

DJ Zenith said...

marriage. the final frontier.