Tuesday, September 19, 2006

a book i'm reading

The Ethical Sl*t

before you jump on the word sl*t.... realize that my friend Steve recently commented at a show that he's never even seen me have a drunken make out session.

some people purported that i was a lesbian because i didn't do *any* hookups. i'm really not going to cover what my values are/aren't. i'll have to claim a not-the-world's business on that one.

this book comments on what it deems to be myths on relationships and monogamy. it gives a list of do's & don'ts. it has a section about boundaries and honouring your partner and finding your own limits and doing what is right for you.

it's interesting to say the least. i love reading that book on the muni. i look up every so often to stares.

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