Monday, October 27, 2008

Video Clips from the Sunset Halloween Boat Party on You Tube

Garth Doing it Up! Fantastic San Francisco Backdrop!

Danny Ghenacia

Sean Murray

Solar on the Decks

N's Pics From the Boat Party

Here's some more pics from my friend N (aka, hot babe with gun)

#1 Sign you are a super-nerd

You run home from this fabulous par-TAY and post the photos on the "information super highway".

For those of you not in the know, San Franciscans take the day of the dead to epic proportions. Any excuse to let the freaks come out @ night... "We're ON it!"

Put in another way, this town goes cuckoo for cocoa-puffs. i mean Halloween.

So, here are some of my faves so far (gallery will follow in the next few days).

So you knew the ham shot would be first:

And a super-hot super sexy friend of mine (i'm scared!):

we have something deeply special here:

and what would halloween be without the ghost of marie antoinette?

what this world is lacking is more punk rock chicks with attitude. can we please turn up the attitude over here???!!!!

sarah cuda????

Medusa came hither and thither

Thursday, October 23, 2008

If you're out there THIS MINUTE!

you should be listening to Africa Mix on KALW. Seriously. Most spectacular tonight!

Thanks Pamela Brown.

Where I've been?

working myself literally into THE GROUND. Honestly.

But it's not my fault. My German teacher went off the deep end with last week's homework assignment. I did over 10 hours on it. As I do my homework the right way... slow & methodical. I look up every word I don't know. I "fully" look it up... with masculine and feminine and plural forms.

Although. I am reading this book... it's FABULOUS! Essential German Grammar by Guy Stern & Everett F. Bleiler. There are noun declensions. Therefore... I will no longer need to memorize the plurals... Just the types of nouns. WAAAAAAYYYYYY easier.

I walked into class and she said I looked horribly exhausted. Here I am in my bad-azz silk dress that cost a sweet amount not looking good? OH NO!

So I informed her the reason was because I had been up @ 4 AM every morning this week during her homework. This is completely a true story.

She showed mercy. She assigned barely any homework this week. The class was so bad tonight. No one could even function anymore. We've all been beaten down to little nubs.

But not this week! Sweet reprieve.

So now this post is brought to you from my new Mac Pro! Schweet! I haven't been on Mac but a handful full of times since I first touched it 28 years ago. That's right. I said 28 years ago beyotches!

But it's really like riding a bike. But much cooler. Safari is super easy. Now that I understand about the Mac equivalent of a control key I'm just fine.

So tonight is an all music night. Vinyl practice followed by serato then piano practice and sweet sleep.

So I'll be posting the pictures from meeting Ros Atkins from the BBC's World Have Your Say last week shortly.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meinen Neuen Kindern

I have a new baby. Say hello to my new MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core2 Duo Processor w/ 4 GB of RAM:

What's Next

I'm buying a Mac Pro lap top. Why? Well, good question. The answer is: Serato. I'm switching from vinyl to digital, not because I want to, but because I have to. To stay competitive. So in a little bit I go to look @ what likely is going to be my new lap top.

I'm also taking ballet. I am LOVING this new ballet workshop I'm into. There's something fantastic about dancing to classical piano. And this class is geared towards people who are interested in the why we do moves a certain way, complete with a skeleton she uses to show us joint rotation. Ballet is the fundamental of all dance. And ballet is all about balance and knowing where your center of gravity is.

Yoga: We follow that up on Saturday AMs with a yoga class. All I can say is phew. This is only the fourth yoga class I've ever done. And the first one in six years. And if I hadn't done gymnastics as a kid I would have been dead from this one. D-E-D (just kidding folks. I know how to spell dead). Gone. Poof. Expired.

Piano. yes! I finally got my key set back out and started playing again. I just love playing piano. It feels like it's where I belong. I'm thankful that my parents put me in front of a piano @ such young age. PARENTS: Give your kidz the gift of teaching them how to play an instrument. It's everything.

German: Still studying my fool head off.

Running/lots of long walks/walk-to-work-day/exercise: Still crazy into that.

A new CD: I have one more CD in me that's going to be all vinyl and I'll record it in the next few weekends. It will be a studio CD. It's a dance-drive mix that's going to be Deep Deep Tech House.

I'm Coining a Phrase: Deep Über-Tech House

Deep Über-Tech House. This describes Enter the Borg in a nutshell. Blame it on the fact that I'm studying my fool head off learning german.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hot Costume Action

This weekend I did a whole lotta me time...

But I did take a picture of the cool lamp @ my friend's house Friday night. I had the pleasure of attending a nice dinner party with fabulous food. Thank you, A & M. You guys rock!

And I also took this picture of some newly-wed friends of mine, and also yours truly @ a love parade pre-party.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

San Francisco Nights

The last couple of evenings have been the kind of nights that have me in love with San Francisco.

The truth is that in the last year or more I've tossed around the idea of moving from this city.

I know part of my reasons for moving are this innate wander-lust I have. Every two years or so on queue the urge wells up inside of me to move on. That's how I ended up in both Rome & Paris.

But recently I've come to the conclusion that I will go to Europe/somewhere else for 1 year max and come back. As I love it here so much.

My friends are so freaking talented. The creativity in this city is the "quoi" in the je ne c'est quoi that has people so in love with this city. This city and the bay area literally effuses creativity.

So tonight I got to German class with five minutes to spare to find out that class was cancelled. I was SOO happy. I am really enjoying German class but really wanted to watch the debate.

I knew some friends of mine were having people over for the vice presidential debate. I was in a cab and over to their house in less than 15 minutes.

I had an absolutely marvelous time. My friends are super rad and I enjoyed watching the debate with them.

Then I decided to walk home from their place (circa hayes & divisadero). There's nothing better than a walk home through San Francisco @ night. The nights are usually amazing and moderate. And i took some pictures for you with my camera phone.

Same standard disclaimers apply: low light causing a little blur but they are cool all the same? that about covers it. Bearing that in mind, here they are.

Northwest corner of Masonic Street @ Haight Street

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sometimes Life Is....

Spontaneously Blurrily Beautiful. And I look up and realize I'm exactly where I want to be in that moment.