Thursday, October 02, 2008

San Francisco Nights

The last couple of evenings have been the kind of nights that have me in love with San Francisco.

The truth is that in the last year or more I've tossed around the idea of moving from this city.

I know part of my reasons for moving are this innate wander-lust I have. Every two years or so on queue the urge wells up inside of me to move on. That's how I ended up in both Rome & Paris.

But recently I've come to the conclusion that I will go to Europe/somewhere else for 1 year max and come back. As I love it here so much.

My friends are so freaking talented. The creativity in this city is the "quoi" in the je ne c'est quoi that has people so in love with this city. This city and the bay area literally effuses creativity.

So tonight I got to German class with five minutes to spare to find out that class was cancelled. I was SOO happy. I am really enjoying German class but really wanted to watch the debate.

I knew some friends of mine were having people over for the vice presidential debate. I was in a cab and over to their house in less than 15 minutes.

I had an absolutely marvelous time. My friends are super rad and I enjoyed watching the debate with them.

Then I decided to walk home from their place (circa hayes & divisadero). There's nothing better than a walk home through San Francisco @ night. The nights are usually amazing and moderate. And i took some pictures for you with my camera phone.

Same standard disclaimers apply: low light causing a little blur but they are cool all the same? that about covers it. Bearing that in mind, here they are.

Northwest corner of Masonic Street @ Haight Street

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