Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where I've been?

working myself literally into THE GROUND. Honestly.

But it's not my fault. My German teacher went off the deep end with last week's homework assignment. I did over 10 hours on it. As I do my homework the right way... slow & methodical. I look up every word I don't know. I "fully" look it up... with masculine and feminine and plural forms.

Although. I am reading this book... it's FABULOUS! Essential German Grammar by Guy Stern & Everett F. Bleiler. There are noun declensions. Therefore... I will no longer need to memorize the plurals... Just the types of nouns. WAAAAAAYYYYYY easier.

I walked into class and she said I looked horribly exhausted. Here I am in my bad-azz silk dress that cost a sweet amount not looking good? OH NO!

So I informed her the reason was because I had been up @ 4 AM every morning this week during her homework. This is completely a true story.

She showed mercy. She assigned barely any homework this week. The class was so bad tonight. No one could even function anymore. We've all been beaten down to little nubs.

But not this week! Sweet reprieve.

So now this post is brought to you from my new Mac Pro! Schweet! I haven't been on Mac but a handful full of times since I first touched it 28 years ago. That's right. I said 28 years ago beyotches!

But it's really like riding a bike. But much cooler. Safari is super easy. Now that I understand about the Mac equivalent of a control key I'm just fine.

So tonight is an all music night. Vinyl practice followed by serato then piano practice and sweet sleep.

So I'll be posting the pictures from meeting Ros Atkins from the BBC's World Have Your Say last week shortly.

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