Sunday, May 31, 2009


So today I proudly got my carcass out for some more touristing. I went to Hamburg Bahnof, a Berlin Contemporary Art Musuem and then wound my way through the Tiergarten to Siegessäule, Berlin's victory column. Siegessäule is situated in the center of the Tiergarten and the center of Berlin.

A long windy spiral staircase takes you to the top (sorry, no elevator kidz.... you're going to have to schlep your shiznit up some stairs). I'm proud to report I did the whole stair case, no break, no problem as I've gotten pretty fit during my time in Europe... Must be all that dancing and loose men! I'm joking.... or am I? That's for me to know and you to die wondering about!

Here's a subset of my photos, all clickable to full-sized pics












Look ma!!! I'm in Berlin... & I got no hands!!!

Save the date!!!

I'm proud to announce that on 18 July I will be throwing a party @ Anu with some of my favourite and also very talented DJs!!!

Headlining will be the very talented Monty Luke of Mothership who I will be bringing in from Detroit. Say it with me now... "Woo HOO"

Joining us on the decks will be the über-talented, über-versatile, and fabulous Chris Leath. Also joining us will be the one & only Dev E of Non stop. Come & get it while it's hot kidz!

What: Party @ Anu

When: 18 July 09

DJs: Monty Luke (Mothership)
Chris Leath (Leath-AL, EOM Sessions)
Dev E (Non-stop)
DJ Zenith (Funkentanzen)

Last Saturday night in Berlin

Well, technically my Sat night is still on. It's 10 AM and I'm too excited to sleep. I have my new Musik in my head. Saturday night was fabulous thanks to these two men: Brett Johnson & Dan Curtin. Unfortunately they were on @ the same time @ two different venues. Tough choice. Both are spectacularly talented DJs and super-cool human beings.

You're sooooo not supposed to take photos @ Watergate. Oops. My finger slipped. Five times. Oops.

This is what it looks like @ a sunrise set in Berlin. Sunrise is happening @ 0400 hours in Berlin this time of year as it's 50 + degrees north longitude. By the time summer solstice comes around, it will be light until 10:30 PM!!!! The Watergate is located right within view of Schlesisches Tor which is considered by many to be the one of prettiest Tors in Berlin.

Brett Johnson

And the infamous Watergate which I did not, repeat did not take a picture of... Because that's a no-no. And everyone knows I always, always, always obey the rulz...



Now we have the infamous Bar 25. A German friend of mine tells me he doesn't like the tourists that come there. I totally get that... You must be prepared to have your feet stomped and the dance floor is like a lesson in Bumper cars... But it has a lot of cool things going for it... and outside tree swing, a photo booth, it's along the water with tons of different seating areas and a second DJ area which looks remarkably like a circus tent... Go figure.

Dan @ Bar 25, also the sunrise set


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music news

So I will be releasing a double CD Release on 18 July @ Anu with Mad Love, the set from the Big Love Show on 11 May that so many of you have continued to rave about. I hear mistakes in it but you guys say i'm nuts... OK I am nuts... and too hard on myself so your wish is my command

I just downloaded about 40 new tracks so i will be recording a couple of weeks after I return home to San Francisco with someone completely all new... and surprise, surprise, surprise... about 100% all German. I can't help it... the music they are making over here is just too phenomenal for words.

So mark your calendars for 18 July, and put your dancing shoes on... we are going to have a party!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Berlin Zoologischer Garten

So today I spent 4 hours @ the Berlin Zoologischer Garten before getting kicked out and it STILL wasn't enough. I'm uploading the videos as I have time to you tube. May is such a great time to be @ the zoo as all the new babies are here and they are too cute for words!

Here's some elephants with an elephant baby:

and the name tag said this: Sibirischer-Steinbock i don't know what that is except a brown long-horned cloved hoove animal... he's got to get his itch scratched. it's great. and there's the baby whatever the heck they are watching the whole thing.

and now we have some Giraffes:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Real "Duck Pond"

Some of you guys may remember that wonderful BM Fundraiser party I DJed back in 2006 for the infamous Duck Pond BM Camp in Dolores Park? Fabulous wasn't it? Well yesterday I video-ed the real "Duck Pond" Camp in the Tiergarten in Berlin!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So this AM I went to my favourite local coffee/crepe place where my friends work on my way to my morning walk. My buddy was in the back so I talked to the other people that work there that I've been getting to know & love. These people are fabulous. They've made my stay in Berlin most enjoyable

I heard this other guy talking on the phone and I understood the entired conversation. When I first got here, I didn't even understand the train conductors. It was sad. I was stuck to reading signs. It all sounded like a blur to me. But now, my ears have finally hit the frequency and some people now I either mostly or fully understand

When my friend got done with what he was doing he came out and told me he was listening to me talking German the last few days and he said I've really improved a lot. He said he understands me perfectly now.


This has been such a humbling experience for me. I had the worst German teacher ever. Seriously. We did almost no speaking. So I was quite a bit bummed out when I got here and felt completely helpless in conversations. Reading I'm really good but speaking is what you want to do anyway, right?

Well I'm on my way now. Did I say woo hoo?


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Friday night (15 May 09) @ Zypyz Factory

I'm a bit behind on my pictures. Last night I went to Watergate where Stimming, H.O.S.H., und Solomun we're playing the main room. They don't comfiscate your camera and give you a ticket like @ Berghain but I respected their wishes and didn't take any pictures. So I leave you with these pictures

Last Friday night @ the Zypyz Factory in Kreuzberg which I'm falling in love with I take these pictures @ a party called Techno Taverna with Miss Jools of Mobilee headlining

The Venue

And the Fabulous Miss Jools

Friday, May 22, 2009

E-mail is completely working now

you can now e-mail anything @, .net, .org, or .de and it will all get to me. e-mail away

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Announcing another Funkentanzen, 18 Jul 09

Mark your calendars for another Funkentanzen on 18 July 09 in downtown SF. I'll be bringing SF to Detroit transplant Monty Luke (Mothership) back to headline this party. For those of you who haven't caught Monty on the decks in recent years, boy I feel sorry for you. He's fantastic. Stay tuned for more lineup details and mark your calendar kidz. It's going to sizzle fo' schizzle

Monday, May 18, 2009

Travel Update, From Amsterdam

Last night I came in @ 2330 and it was like I never left. Some of the regulars on the same bar stools that I left them on practically. The hotel bar is a happening place to be. It was even the bar keep I thought it was going to be.

I love these people. I don't go out so much here except to the same places. I have a built-in community @ this little hotel I go to and so there's not so much reason to leave... Save for to take a walk on a pretty day or to tourist. I'm seeing some more museums here and i think I'm going to check out Ann Frank's Huis (House).

Everything's not all sunshine, though. My knee's finally about dropped out completely on it. I finally had to face the facts 2 weeks ago regarding my future and running. I'm going to have to hang up my running shoes for good. Years of abuse as an ex-overweight distance runner just did it. If I keep running, I'll end up having knee surgery. Period. I may have to have one anywhosit. It doesn't matter that I'm not big anymore. Because now my knee is just gone.

The owner brother here who is absolutely one of my top 5 favourite people on the planet earth. He's hounding me to ride a bike the whole time i'm here instead of pushing my knee. but i won't.

i'm too scared i'll get killed. i've always been a little lackadaisical. i don't pay attention to what i'm doing because i'm always thinking about things like music. and i bump into things. so... no bicycle for me.

Freaking Dutch. This internet connection is "smart" which is preventing me from direct connecting to upload a DJ set. Tricksy Dutch. Nobody likes no smartey-pants. Dangit. When I get back to Berlin I will upload my set from the Big Love Show.

I wasn't going to but I changed my mind. One of the best things about it is it's imperfections

Those tracks just *should* be shared. Love you guys. Miss you. Peace!

djzenith AT is not working, use djzenith AT

see subject people. Penguin web hosting is the worst web hosting provider ever

Sunday, May 17, 2009

e-mail for is completely broken

try instead

i'm so upset. i can't even get into how upset i am. try

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wed Night @ Tresor

last night i heard a DJ play a 2.5 hour set and not bobble. NOT EVEN ONCE. what was the difference? he was master of his game... and patiently mixed it on in. speaking of last night...

last night a DJ saved my life. ok. not quite. but i still had an awesome time! By the way, sorry i didn't photograph Playlove. i'll get her saturday @ her 3 AM set @ the villa instead i think. She did a lovely 3 hour set that showed a ton of depth and skillz as a DJ. I really enjoyed her. She's a pretty cool chic also.

Tresor with Dave DK on the decks (2.5 hour with no mistake man)

Osker Offermann (left in the middle of his set circa 7 AM and still no mistake yet man... 1.5 hours in)

And Tresor itself

And I know you guys are just dying to see what the bathrooms in an industrial warehouse club in Berlin looks like... aren't you?!!! Admit it.

I like to call this one "Bathroom Ham-a-licious"... Notice. someone totally misspelled ich dich in isch liebe disch. too funny. not sure if it's intentional

Berlin Update

wow. so i'm having a hard time choosing for tonight (it's 3:30 AM now) between Guido Schneider & Dan Ghenacia @ the Horst & then Shonky & Daniel FX @ the Tape Club. And I already promised to be @ the Villa circa 3 AM as some DJ/producers I met will be playing there and I love to go support cool talented friends. What to do?

i know what you guys want... you want me to quit my yammering & get to the pictures. right?!!!!

It's been beautiful & sunny here in Berlin which i'm told is rare..... i took these pics walking through Mitte.

I walked along the Spree River next to the Berliner Dom and shot these:

The Fersehnturm

And a few pics from the 360 degree panoramic up top

Below is Alexanderplatz

Next to the Fersehnturm (and across from the Radisson with the Aquadom in it is the Marien Kirche (Marien Church)

And right next to the Fersehnturm and in the same platz is the Rotes Rathaus (Red Town Hall):

in case you didn't get the very important message


i repeat. my phone will be out of service until 4 june.

please e-mail me your phone number if you want to make sure i have it: djzenith AT as someone purposefully & willfully took my phone. i know this as they tried to use it. i saw in my att online that they had.

i'm repeating this in case some of you didn't read the previous post.

will somebody please try texting/calling my phone and e-mail me me about what happens. i don't know if suspended means... you can't do anything with my phone or that my texting/voice mail is gone too. please... one of you blog readers help a sister out

i'm kinda worried i'll get an important business call and they won't be able to leave a voice mail. thanks.

But wait... there's more !!!

bugger must have stole my phone cuz...

being the web ninja that I am, i went on my data usage plan for my mobile to look up to see what numbers may have been dialed or texted from my phone since i lost it. they sent three texts and i'm sure none of them worked. how do i know this?

for the life of me i haven't been able to figure out how to text local phones. i was able to text friends in san francisco, know how to dial out of the country just fine on a regular phone, but texting local is different. can't local text for some reason. can't call from mobile @ all because german telephone companies don't let unregistered SIM cards on their network or some such

so person who took/stole my phone tried texting three numbers and then dialing a few international numbers. i had a local german friend call the numbers for me. of course, the one local mobile number that *did* work & answer said he doesn't know anything about phone.

don't tell me he wasn't trying to text his own phone to find out my phone number. guy *really* doesn't speak english. this i believe. i talked to him myself.

but the reality was the times on the first call was 3:49 AM and then 4:45 AM on a text and then three texts @ 10:45 AM, 10:47, 10:52

the truth is if that person wanted me to have my phone back, it would be @ tresor in the lost & found.

so sadly i will have to shell out some $$$ for a new phone. prices are f*ing ridiculous. thank you US gov't for assisting in creating a couple telephone monopolies that f*ck their customers royal. ditto for the electric company situation also. thank you US govt. thanks to you there's only a few phone companies to go with and they all suck donkey terds.

moral of the story is... i suspended my phone service until 4 June. don't panic. i didn't get eaten by a lion @ a techno club or anything... phone is just suspended.

will somebody please try texting/calling my phone and e-mail me about what happens. i don't know if suspended means... you can't do anything with my phone or that my texting/voice mail is gone too. please... one of you blog readers help a sister out

i'm kinda worried i'll get an important business call and they won't be able to leave a voice mail. thanks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost my mobile @ Tresor last night/this AM

Heya people. If you are calling my mobile... don't be surprised if I don't call ya' back.

As the subject of this post indicates... I lost my mobile.

I'm going to try to hook up a calling card later after I get some sleep and call it but in the mean time... Forget about getting in touch with me in any immediate fashion. You guys have my e-mail address so please feel free to use it

Monday, May 11, 2009

Today, 11 May 2009 on the Big Love Show!!! Live on the internet & 90.1 FM, KZSU Stanford

What: DJ Zenith (Zenomena, Funkentanzen)
Native Intelligence (Rock It Science, Sleevin')on the Big Love Show @ KZSU Stanford

When: 11 May 09, 1500 - 1800
1630 - 1800 (Set Time, Pacific Daylight Time)
1930 - 2100 (Eastern Time)
0130 - 0300 (Paris, Amsterdam, Remini, Berlin)

Where: 90.1 FM or on the internet @ KZSU Stanford!

How Weirde Festival, 2009

What a fabulous How Weirde Festival. I fell in love with San Francisco all over again yesterday. I got to see so many people that I love that I haven't seen in so long... Everybody looked fabulous in costume...

Here's a picture of yours truly hamming it up once again!!!

Here's a clip i put up to you tube... Sorry. I was dancing my fool head off. You should @ least enjoy the music...

Friday, May 08, 2009

11 May 2009 on KZSU Stanford

What: DJ Zenith (Zenomena, Funkentanzen)
Native Intelligence (Rock It Science, Sleevin')on the Big Love Show @ KZSU Stanford

When: 11 May 09, 1500 - 1800
1630 - 1800 (Set Time, Pacific Daylight Time)
1930 - 2100 (Eastern Time)
0130 - 0300 (Paris, Amsterdam, Remini, Berlin)

Where: 90.1 FM or on the internet @ KZSU Stanford!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

2 hour set tonight on

Join me tonight on Deep Mix FM. Com as I get back on the decks with Leath-AL @ the EOM Sessions

What: DJ Zenith & Leath-AL on EOM Sessions


When: 7 May 09, 6 PM - 10 PM
8 PM - 10 PM (set time)
11 PM - 1 AM (Eastern Time)
5 AM - 7 AM (Paris, Berlin)

DJs: Leath-AL
DJ Zenith (Zenomena, Funkentanzen)

Monday, May 04, 2009

This Thursday night (7 May 09) on

You are cordially invited to join me as I get back on the decks with the menzzz-es of Leath-AL @ the EOM Sessions!!!

What: DJ Zenith & Leath-AL on EOM Sessions


When: 7 May 09, 6 PM - 10 PM
8 PM - 10 PM (set time) (11 PM - 1 AM ET) (5 AM - 7 AM Paris, Berlin)

DJs: Leath-AL
     DJ Zenith (Zenomena, Funkentanzen)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Washington, DC

I am very happy to report that the DC dance music scene is going strong! Very Strong. In fact it's the best that it's been in a long time!

I took some pictures whilst out & about. Enjoy!

Muse has two sweet rooms, both upstairs and downstairs. I realize it doesn't look packed in these pictures... Silly me I waited until everyone left to remember to take pictures! The weekend I was there they had Andrea Ferlin, Garth, chris burns & dirty one @ a party called Electric Cabaret Thursday night and then Justin Martin of Dirty Bird Friday night.

Here's Chris Burns DJing Upstairs:

The Downstairs Bar

The Über Cool Upstairs Bar

Jimmy Valentine's
This venue is a rad 150 person venue in North East without so much as a sign! But those who are in the know... are really *in the know*

Juan Zapata of East Coast Boogiemen was on the decks when I visited this fabulous venue....

18th Street Lounge
Last but not least, there's 18th Street Lounge, Thievery Corporation's place which is a ridiculously cool space with three rooms and a balcony/lounge outside in the back.