Thursday, May 14, 2009

But wait... there's more !!!

bugger must have stole my phone cuz...

being the web ninja that I am, i went on my data usage plan for my mobile to look up to see what numbers may have been dialed or texted from my phone since i lost it. they sent three texts and i'm sure none of them worked. how do i know this?

for the life of me i haven't been able to figure out how to text local phones. i was able to text friends in san francisco, know how to dial out of the country just fine on a regular phone, but texting local is different. can't local text for some reason. can't call from mobile @ all because german telephone companies don't let unregistered SIM cards on their network or some such

so person who took/stole my phone tried texting three numbers and then dialing a few international numbers. i had a local german friend call the numbers for me. of course, the one local mobile number that *did* work & answer said he doesn't know anything about phone.

don't tell me he wasn't trying to text his own phone to find out my phone number. guy *really* doesn't speak english. this i believe. i talked to him myself.

but the reality was the times on the first call was 3:49 AM and then 4:45 AM on a text and then three texts @ 10:45 AM, 10:47, 10:52

the truth is if that person wanted me to have my phone back, it would be @ tresor in the lost & found.

so sadly i will have to shell out some $$$ for a new phone. prices are f*ing ridiculous. thank you US gov't for assisting in creating a couple telephone monopolies that f*ck their customers royal. ditto for the electric company situation also. thank you US govt. thanks to you there's only a few phone companies to go with and they all suck donkey terds.

moral of the story is... i suspended my phone service until 4 June. don't panic. i didn't get eaten by a lion @ a techno club or anything... phone is just suspended.

will somebody please try texting/calling my phone and e-mail me about what happens. i don't know if suspended means... you can't do anything with my phone or that my texting/voice mail is gone too. please... one of you blog readers help a sister out

i'm kinda worried i'll get an important business call and they won't be able to leave a voice mail. thanks.

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