Saturday, May 02, 2009

Washington, DC

I am very happy to report that the DC dance music scene is going strong! Very Strong. In fact it's the best that it's been in a long time!

I took some pictures whilst out & about. Enjoy!

Muse has two sweet rooms, both upstairs and downstairs. I realize it doesn't look packed in these pictures... Silly me I waited until everyone left to remember to take pictures! The weekend I was there they had Andrea Ferlin, Garth, chris burns & dirty one @ a party called Electric Cabaret Thursday night and then Justin Martin of Dirty Bird Friday night.

Here's Chris Burns DJing Upstairs:

The Downstairs Bar

The Über Cool Upstairs Bar

Jimmy Valentine's
This venue is a rad 150 person venue in North East without so much as a sign! But those who are in the know... are really *in the know*

Juan Zapata of East Coast Boogiemen was on the decks when I visited this fabulous venue....

18th Street Lounge
Last but not least, there's 18th Street Lounge, Thievery Corporation's place which is a ridiculously cool space with three rooms and a balcony/lounge outside in the back.

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