Monday, May 18, 2009

Travel Update, From Amsterdam

Last night I came in @ 2330 and it was like I never left. Some of the regulars on the same bar stools that I left them on practically. The hotel bar is a happening place to be. It was even the bar keep I thought it was going to be.

I love these people. I don't go out so much here except to the same places. I have a built-in community @ this little hotel I go to and so there's not so much reason to leave... Save for to take a walk on a pretty day or to tourist. I'm seeing some more museums here and i think I'm going to check out Ann Frank's Huis (House).

Everything's not all sunshine, though. My knee's finally about dropped out completely on it. I finally had to face the facts 2 weeks ago regarding my future and running. I'm going to have to hang up my running shoes for good. Years of abuse as an ex-overweight distance runner just did it. If I keep running, I'll end up having knee surgery. Period. I may have to have one anywhosit. It doesn't matter that I'm not big anymore. Because now my knee is just gone.

The owner brother here who is absolutely one of my top 5 favourite people on the planet earth. He's hounding me to ride a bike the whole time i'm here instead of pushing my knee. but i won't.

i'm too scared i'll get killed. i've always been a little lackadaisical. i don't pay attention to what i'm doing because i'm always thinking about things like music. and i bump into things. so... no bicycle for me.

Freaking Dutch. This internet connection is "smart" which is preventing me from direct connecting to upload a DJ set. Tricksy Dutch. Nobody likes no smartey-pants. Dangit. When I get back to Berlin I will upload my set from the Big Love Show.

I wasn't going to but I changed my mind. One of the best things about it is it's imperfections

Those tracks just *should* be shared. Love you guys. Miss you. Peace!

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