Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wed Night @ Tresor

last night i heard a DJ play a 2.5 hour set and not bobble. NOT EVEN ONCE. what was the difference? he was master of his game... and patiently mixed it on in. speaking of last night...

last night a DJ saved my life. ok. not quite. but i still had an awesome time! By the way, sorry i didn't photograph Playlove. i'll get her saturday @ her 3 AM set @ the villa instead i think. She did a lovely 3 hour set that showed a ton of depth and skillz as a DJ. I really enjoyed her. She's a pretty cool chic also.

Tresor with Dave DK on the decks (2.5 hour with no mistake man)

Osker Offermann (left in the middle of his set circa 7 AM and still no mistake yet man... 1.5 hours in)

And Tresor itself

And I know you guys are just dying to see what the bathrooms in an industrial warehouse club in Berlin looks like... aren't you?!!! Admit it.

I like to call this one "Bathroom Ham-a-licious"... Notice. someone totally misspelled ich dich in isch liebe disch. too funny. not sure if it's intentional

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