Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Saturday night in Berlin

Well, technically my Sat night is still on. It's 10 AM and I'm too excited to sleep. I have my new Musik in my head. Saturday night was fabulous thanks to these two men: Brett Johnson & Dan Curtin. Unfortunately they were on @ the same time @ two different venues. Tough choice. Both are spectacularly talented DJs and super-cool human beings.

You're sooooo not supposed to take photos @ Watergate. Oops. My finger slipped. Five times. Oops.

This is what it looks like @ a sunrise set in Berlin. Sunrise is happening @ 0400 hours in Berlin this time of year as it's 50 + degrees north longitude. By the time summer solstice comes around, it will be light until 10:30 PM!!!! The Watergate is located right within view of Schlesisches Tor which is considered by many to be the one of prettiest Tors in Berlin.

Brett Johnson

And the infamous Watergate which I did not, repeat did not take a picture of... Because that's a no-no. And everyone knows I always, always, always obey the rulz...



Now we have the infamous Bar 25. A German friend of mine tells me he doesn't like the tourists that come there. I totally get that... You must be prepared to have your feet stomped and the dance floor is like a lesson in Bumper cars... But it has a lot of cool things going for it... and outside tree swing, a photo booth, it's along the water with tons of different seating areas and a second DJ area which looks remarkably like a circus tent... Go figure.

Dan @ Bar 25, also the sunrise set


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