Monday, July 27, 2009

Ridiculously good music

You people's must I mean must check out the mobilee podcasts!!!

I have really loved the Marcin Czubala, Dan Curtin, Anja Schneider, and Pan Pot mobilee podcasts... The new Pan Pot is phenomenal! I mean it. Both Pan pots... all good.

if you like dance music, that is

I haven't checked out excercise one or hector yet

Sunday, July 26, 2009

what the f*ck up with me and hard drives???!!! no i'm serious

In an *awesome* feat of luck and coordination, I managed to actually shred the power cord (yes, literally, cord went right through shredder before i could turn the thing off... and anyway... said hard drive needs fixing now.

my buddy has offered to see if he could fix it. wish him luck it's hard work to do things this ri-donk-ulous

i got it on sale but still it cost $$$

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Double CD Release: Open (6 Jul 09) and Mad Love (11 May 09)

Open - 6 July 2009ZENR-CD-014
This set was recorded in Zenomena Studios on 6 July 2009. This CD explores the euro-minimal melodic sub-genre in many different types of driving and rolling rhythms. This set is the story of one of the funnest nights of DJ Zenith's life in Berlin. 
This set is available in several formats. This set is available as a zip archive to promote downloading all the tracks in one click at both 320kbps and 128kbps fidelity as well as in one track in both 320 kbps and 128kbps fidelity.

High fidelity [approx. 156.0 megs]: Open
Low fidelity [approx. 73.9 megs]: Open
Single Track mp3 320kbps [approx. 191.5 megs]: Open
Single Track mp3 128kbps [approx. 76.7 megs]: Open

Open CD Cover

Mad Love: Live @ the Big Love Show - 11 May 2009

This set is another fun time @ the Big Love Show. This set skates the border between deep tech house and broken beat seamlessly.

This set is available in several formats. This set is available as a zip archive to promote downloading all the tracks in one click at both 320kbps and 128kbps fidelity as well as in one track in both 320 kbps and 128kbps fidelity.

High fidelity [approx. 157.2 megs]: Mad Love
Low fidelity [approx. 70.0 megs]: Mad Love
Single Track mp3 320kbps [approx. 177.3 megs]: Mad Love
Single Track mp3 128kbps [approx. 70.9 megs]: Mad Love

Mad Love CD Cover

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Double CD Release Party? A true life story

Well I'll tell you why. Because when I was first trying to book this party @ Anu it was suggested that I do the CD release party. I think the individual in question was unaware that I do a CD release every 3 - 4 times/month anyway just 'cuz.

I just wanted to book the party and was willing to say whatever to hurry the process along. I'm a busy girl. So I said yes.

Along comes the Big Love Show and it was my favourite ever. Or one of them. The reason why is this student couple heard me on the radio in my first record and decided to come to the studio and hang out with the DJ. That happened about 15 mins in. The campus isn't that big in a car I s'pose.

I had such a good time with them there although I didn't pay enough attention to my mixing (if you ask me). But I was so happy and it was so fun so so what? Hmm? So that ended up being CD Numero Uno.

Mad Love: Live @ the Big Love Show, 11 May 2009

but that was 11 May. Party was 18 July. Berlin changed my life. Profoundly. Changed me. I know what I want now.

So it was time to go into the music and document just how much this year's travels have changed me.

What I love about this CD is every one I met along the way had a hand in it. Someone would invite me somewhere or tell me to go see someone else... It was like an adventure following bread crumbs. Also, I've had the pleasure of witnessing a lot of the artists on here's handywork... I feel so lucky. So here it is:


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Eindlich!!! Finally!!!

Sheessus H. Christ. I finally finished cutting this new CD into tracks. The one from May 11th is still yet to be done. This was the longest cutting session I have *ever* had. You who use iPods and tracks are going to notice a huge difference in the transition between songs on the mp3s...

By the way, if you iPod/iTunes folks hadn't realized... After importing you should highlight all tracks in the albums and do a get info. Navigate to the last tab in that dialogue box (i forget the header name). Select gapless album: yes. That way, you can hear the music as it's intended to be heard.

As for me, I figured I would at least get one whole CD with art work done to pass off tomorrow when my friend usually makes his way up for the weekend. That way he can get to work reproducing @ least one of the CDs this weekend. Although his huge monthly is also Sunday so we'll see 'bout that.

So now I'm finishing the cover for the CD and reproducing a few advance copies for people and uploading everything to the internet

I'm so busy right now that I am just *now* getting around to eating despite the fact that my studio is actually the larger half of my kitchen. I sit right next to a refrigerator and I'm still too busy to eat. Seriously.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Double CD Release: Jul 18 09 TekandHaus Party

Why a double CD release??? Well... long story. But for the same low price of FREE, I will be releasing two CDs:

1) Mad Love, 11 May 2009 Live @ the Big Love Show ... and...

2) Open, 6 July 2009 from my studios...

First 50 people through the door @ the party below get a copy of both... for FREE. I said FREE

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm alive.... well sort of

I have spent the last few days just playing music, working on computers, and going for long walks each day... between 1:15 mins - 2 hours. One long walk a day keeps the doctor away. Sometimes I take my iPod but sometimes, it's all ambient noise... i call it san francisco street bogie

i have been fighting with this computer of mine trying to get a different operating system on this new internal drive i got. now i'm going to put os 10.5.6 for the intel chip on it... wish me luck!

i am recording a new set in the next few days also... so i will not be out & about until Friday night... I've just got too much to do

I'm upgrading my studio computer and my 5 year old lap top... i'll be ghosting hard drives & such