Thursday, July 09, 2009

Eindlich!!! Finally!!!

Sheessus H. Christ. I finally finished cutting this new CD into tracks. The one from May 11th is still yet to be done. This was the longest cutting session I have *ever* had. You who use iPods and tracks are going to notice a huge difference in the transition between songs on the mp3s...

By the way, if you iPod/iTunes folks hadn't realized... After importing you should highlight all tracks in the albums and do a get info. Navigate to the last tab in that dialogue box (i forget the header name). Select gapless album: yes. That way, you can hear the music as it's intended to be heard.

As for me, I figured I would at least get one whole CD with art work done to pass off tomorrow when my friend usually makes his way up for the weekend. That way he can get to work reproducing @ least one of the CDs this weekend. Although his huge monthly is also Sunday so we'll see 'bout that.

So now I'm finishing the cover for the CD and reproducing a few advance copies for people and uploading everything to the internet

I'm so busy right now that I am just *now* getting around to eating despite the fact that my studio is actually the larger half of my kitchen. I sit right next to a refrigerator and I'm still too busy to eat. Seriously.


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