Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm alive.... well sort of

I have spent the last few days just playing music, working on computers, and going for long walks each day... between 1:15 mins - 2 hours. One long walk a day keeps the doctor away. Sometimes I take my iPod but sometimes, it's all ambient noise... i call it san francisco street bogie

i have been fighting with this computer of mine trying to get a different operating system on this new internal drive i got. now i'm going to put os 10.5.6 for the intel chip on it... wish me luck!

i am recording a new set in the next few days also... so i will not be out & about until Friday night... I've just got too much to do

I'm upgrading my studio computer and my 5 year old lap top... i'll be ghosting hard drives & such


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