Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Double CD Release Party? A true life story

Well I'll tell you why. Because when I was first trying to book this party @ Anu it was suggested that I do the CD release party. I think the individual in question was unaware that I do a CD release every 3 - 4 times/month anyway just 'cuz.

I just wanted to book the party and was willing to say whatever to hurry the process along. I'm a busy girl. So I said yes.

Along comes the Big Love Show and it was my favourite ever. Or one of them. The reason why is this student couple heard me on the radio in my first record and decided to come to the studio and hang out with the DJ. That happened about 15 mins in. The campus isn't that big in a car I s'pose.

I had such a good time with them there although I didn't pay enough attention to my mixing (if you ask me). But I was so happy and it was so fun so so what? Hmm? So that ended up being CD Numero Uno.

Mad Love: Live @ the Big Love Show, 11 May 2009

but that was 11 May. Party was 18 July. Berlin changed my life. Profoundly. Changed me. I know what I want now.

So it was time to go into the music and document just how much this year's travels have changed me.

What I love about this CD is every one I met along the way had a hand in it. Someone would invite me somewhere or tell me to go see someone else... It was like an adventure following bread crumbs. Also, I've had the pleasure of witnessing a lot of the artists on here's handywork... I feel so lucky. So here it is:


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