Monday, September 28, 2009

TekandHaus featuring Killswitch, 17 Oct 09 @ Anu

Thanks for a wonderful party everyone!

I had a great time! It was the funnest one yet. There's pics up off of face book.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mon, 21 Sep 09 Eclektronik Groove

Show runs from 9 AM - noon Pacific Time,
my set time will be from 10 AM - noon Pacific Time (7 - 9 PM Paris, Berlin)

On the radio in the Peninsula, South Bay, 90.1 FM

Holt Sorenson (9 - 10 AM)
DJ Zenith (10 AM - noon)

or listen live & online @

Thursday, September 17, 2009

18 Sep 09 @ Killswitch

6 - 10 PM

DJs: MossMoss (Nightlight Music)
DJ Zenith (Funkentanzen,TekAndHaus) set time (7 - 8 PM)
Jason Kendig (Honey Soundsystem)
Silence Fiction (Untitled & After)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tonight, Mon Sep 09 @ Wish Bar

I'm really excited to be playing Wish Bar for the first time tonight alongside Izzy & Supacreep! Woo hoo!

What: DJ Zenith @ Wish Mondays

Where: Wish Bar,
1539 Folsom Street, San Francisco

DJs: Izzy

Cost: FREE!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

2-Hour set from the Big Love Show

Here's the set some of you have been asking me about from the Big Love Show. There's some equipment swap-out hiccups @ the beginning but they are tolerable! I hope you like it...

Hella Lot of Love, DJ Zenith live @ the Big Love Show

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9-11, my own personal story

I'll never foret 9-11. I worked @ I lived less than 5 miles from the pentagon.

I had gotten back from my morning run before work. Back when I had a TV, I was in the habit of turning it on before work in the morning to watch the news while I did my "after run" stretching.

i turned it on just after the first plane had hit the one tower. i thought i was watching a clip from a new movie coming up. i hadn't yet comprehended that i was watching an actual plane getting ready to fly into the pentagon down the road

i called my boss. didn't even understand what he said... he said something in mumble speak and hung up. i knew better then to call back. i just headed to work as fast as i could...

that day of work will be etched in my brain forever. the technology team broke up into different tasks to help our website stay up during the extraordinary traffic.

my job was to monitor 5 of our web servers for potential hacks. other team members took all non-essential high-bandwidth hogging programs off of the front page and onto a 2nd front page in order to make our front page highly available.

we knew everyone would be on our site all day checking on loved ones and we knew it needed to stay up. we were the only major news website who stayed up with 98% availability that day!!! we were proud of that!

all of our lives were changed forever that day. not for the least of reasons that if i had stayed on my old career path from 2 years prior that i might have been with one of my old co-workers who died in the pentagon.

let us never forget all of those extraordinary human beings that lost their lives trying to save others. let us never forget.

remembering 9-11....

Friday, September 04, 2009

Limited pre-sale tix available for Burnski/Limaçon/Adnan Sharif/Zenith 26 Sep 09 @ Paradise Lounge

Limited Number of pre-sale tickets available for this fantastic DJ Line up here:

$10 pre-sale/$15 day of

Burnski (Poker Flat/Dessous)
Adnan Sharif (Forward SF)
Limaçon (Poker Flat/Auralism)
Zenith (Funkentanzen/TekAndHaus)

111 GBs of of for the month of July

holey shiznit! what a long way to come. last year the max was april where i did 19.86 GB.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

18 Sep 09 @ Underground SF: Killswitch

DJ AM, what a tragedy

It sucks that we haven't learned from the past. It sucks that the benzos they prescribed for DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein, for anxiety after his plane crash last year triggered a relapse for him after 11-12 years of sobriety. Apparently benzos are tricky and have done this to other people. Why did they prescribe them for him? Was there nothing else?

What a tragedy.

Here's the video here: