Monday, February 26, 2007

he didn't believe me

it's funny. i happen to be really good buds with an ex of mine. he said he can't believe what a nice and pretty person i am. he says he wished that more people had my world view. well thanks, hon. i wish more people felt the way you did.

the biggest DJs in the world

when i get an e-mail telling me the biggest dj in the world is coming to town.... i know a) no they're not, b) the person sending the e-mail is an idiot, and c) the show is going to s*ck.

what is the answer exactly?

the reason i named my CD the answer is??? the answer is love. why is their a broken heart on the cover? two reasons: 1) it's two little z logos... i put at least one on every cd. and 2) well, my heart is kinda braccha (in italian)... that's life in the fast lane for ya.

when i get some scratch together and release it officially, it will be much more obvious.

good stuffs

i'm listening to peg right now. yes. the steely dan song. i'm in the local art gallery trying to unfreeze myself. it's funny. i was listening to steely dan when i was 14. some things are just good and pleasant and timeless. i'm sure that i've officially dated myself as an old foagie but that's all right by me.

people just don't get it

love is unselfish. it's not about you. it's about the person you love. and for them it has to be about you, too.

these people are so farked up. if you loved me, you'd buy me that house and the white picket fence. if you loved me, you'd do _____ . that's such shite. any sentence that begins with if you loved me... is generally going to be a tad screwed up to begin with. that's conditional love. people say there's no such thing as unconditional love... they are wrong. in my world there is.

if you love someone.... you set them free. and if they come back to you then it was meant to be. i just did that recently. it ripped my heart out. but i did it. i still love him. hopefully it's all going to work out. that's all i can say right now.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


as one might expect.... of course on my way to a job interview muni trains screwed and backed up to four in number and i practically had to throw myself in front of a taxi to get there on time. the ride back was as fun. the only train that came in 25 minutes of standing at the embarcadero was one that went by the castro. i could see on the tv screens that nothing else was coming.

so i decided that i hadn't seen a friend in a while and got out at his place of employment. he got promoted. it's well-deserved. i'm happy for him. congrats! and thank you so much for the kind words of support and encouragement! you rock.

then by coincidence i ran into another close friend. he just got a great job. i am so happy for both of them. so i wanted to put a special shout out. they both deserve it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a personal note

i wanted to say if you and i used to date and we hung out on saturday.... i know i've been hard on you but i still think you're pretty awesome. all of our mutual friends are pretty awesome, too. good luck with your new job. see you soon.

i learn a ton of new things every day

yesterday i completely screwed a phone screen. well, not completely. but there is one question i didn't answer but it was so completely simple. my gutt said they weren't a place for me to work anyway so i am not sweating it too much.

i'm happy for the experience. i spent this AM developing some test software to prove a concept i had in mind and it was good to get my hands dirty.

its the people stuff that constantly schools me. i met a girl last night from montana. i told her what other people told me when i came to town. i have been here over four years. it takes one year for people to even take you seriously. that's because this town is so completely transient.

i'm still learning the game. everyone is super friendly but don't take that to mean anything deep.
and finally. you have to pick and choose your battles. it takes a lot to get me to stand up and fight. but when i do, look out. i'm serious. i'll take it to the mat at all costs.

who's my target you ask? my slum lord. i am using every legal recourse at my disposal to get my slum lords. enough is enough. i have taken more than my fair share of law classes. the tenant's board is there to protect me. i suspect that i will be getting out of next month's rent.

document. document. document.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

[3/17] DJing a goddess party

I will be DJing a goddess party complete with party bus on the 17th of March. Stay tuned. Let me know if you want in. It's going to be awesome. A small fee gets you a ride on the bus as well as free entry to the party. The line up will be good.

boyz and their phones

i have dated several men who are horrible with their phones. they either don't have a mobile or don't answer it in a timely fashion. it always ends up the same. eventually something happens and i don't call them to tell them about it.

then it comes out, "why didn't you call me???!!!"

because *you* don't answer your freaking phone. that's why. i don't play that game.


britney spears is about as dumb as you get

she goes to get a Kaballah tattoo only cuz it's the new hip thing. but she doesn't do her homework... so whoopsie. that's not a Kaballah tattoo at all. whoopsie.

then she starts wearing the white trash t-shirts like... milf in training. classy act, that one.

now she thinks... what can i do that's cool to get attention. oh, i'm gonna pull a sinead. and now the press thinks its a cry for help. ok. i know about the rehab. but still.

it's not. it's a demonstration of extraordinary stupidity.

stop acting surprised. the girl is dumb or as we say in the south, she's dumb as a box of rocks. this shouldn't come as a shock at this point.

and one other thing. who cares if she has a shaved head anyway? seriously. hair grows back. it's kinda amazing like that. i shaved my head when i was 20 and it grew right back. i made money on that bet, too.

i did it/movies

my gay friends are incredibly offended that i haven't watched All About Eve but I have watched Sunset Boulevard. Ok, kidz. I ordered it in Netflix.

Recently I watched Wim Wender's Far Away, So Close. It was really good. It took me a while to watch it but it was really good. I'm told the prequel is even better.

thank goodness

my health is returning! i couldn't figure out what it was... i was drinking bad beer from this one bar. i was sitting talking to my friend B. and he described the symptoms of what sour beer will do and that was exactly what i had.

i had broken out in a rash and several mornings i was waking up and vomiting. i couldn't figure it out. i have great skin, usually. my grandfather's swedish and i'm blessed with some pretty awesome genes.

it was bad beer and a process an establishment was using to clean the tap lines.

that's why my skin would clear up and lo' and behold... a couple of days later it would go bad again. bad beer. as soon as i stopped drinking beer there my rash cleared up and i'm not sick to my stomach regularly anymore.

top 5 ways to get yourself dumped as my recruiter

5) Interrupt me. Your job is to find me a job I want. If you're not listening, you can't possibly do that.

4) Leave a voice mail and mark it urgent. If your client plans so poorly that they will drop over if I don't call you in an hour... then I most definitely don't want to work there. My life would become h*ll.

3) Say my name is Stephen. Your brain is blown by the fact that a woman could actually be in IT so my name must be Stephen. I excuse the French for this faux pas though... Yes, I have heard from Paris. Why? You remove an i from my name and it is Stephen in a french spelling.

2) Call me five times in a day, sometimes once per hour. It's bad phone etiquette. I don't reward harassment.

1) I used to write resumes professionally. I have a very good resume. You are getting a cut off of every hour *I* work (while you are sitting on your lazy butt). The only thing you are actually doing is a) reading my resume and b) passing it off to your client. If you tell me it would be easier that you didn't have to read my resume as in you are that freaking lazy and I should tell you what's in it. *NO* Your contribution is so little already.

The amazing thing is all this is standard common sense and better than that... it's common courtesy. My family came up from the south. You had better never forget your common courtesy. Not if you want to work with me.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

special thanks to those i spent valentine's day with

ok. fellow watchers of channel haight. youz guyz are always fun. thanks to C. for complimenting the way i looked although it really *was* a product of a laundry situation double code red. all compliments are cheerfully accepted.

tankey to my one of my best friends from university who texted me a happy valentine's day message first thing to let me know he was thinking about me. tankey! tankey!

that movie was weird & bizarre. we watched a japanese movie. i don't remember the exact name but will look it up. the set design was incredible and my friend's set designer at graduate school was the very same woman who did the set design for the movie. nuff said.

twas fun. twas fun.

my apartment take 2

so, we have my refrigerator having issues. property manager argued with me about whether or not it was working. i clearly demonstrated it wasn't working. he looks kinda bad. i had to redemonstrate the window problem. the shower now finally is back to its semi-original state.

my neighbour still has a problem with the buggies. and it impacts me. i keep my apt pretty clean. i scrub the bathroom every week and sometimes more when i feel compelled. i pick a patch of hardwood floor every week and scrub it down. eventually i make my way through the whole floor.

the only thing i'm guilty of is having four or five stacks of books laying about. i am actually reading all of them. i think by reading them simultaneously, i do better. as i have to get back to the point where i was which includes reviewing pages i have already read. so by the time i actually do finish a book.... i feel as if i understand it. at least on some level.

back to my original post. down with buggies from neighbours, broken refrigerators, broken windows, and slumlords.

sooooo one of those days

the plumbers were supposed to come at 10 AM. this is the second day in a row they were supposed to come at 10. yet the latest installment in my bathroom saga. nothing has *ever* worked in my apartment basically. and in the building for that matter.

the stink hole gets to my apartment finally at 2 PM. and. and. and. when i finally get to get to work, hotmail's server is too dang busy. goody gum drops. seriously. just another day in the life.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

new night

well, all my time as a resident fag hag has paid off.

to put it in the phraseology that margaret cho uses:

fag hag: n. two words that are completely offensive separately but mean something beautiful when used together.

i will more than likely be starting a night at the bar of my curly-headed foo foo. that's what i call a two for one. i love the owners. i love the people there. everyone loves my music there and keeps asking... yo yo yo... when you playing out????!!!!

well i'm going to make it easy for you folks and bring the music straight to your earz, and then to your rearz.

guess what? they own three other bars, too. mwahahahhahha

see the evil grin. i see a plot hatching.

i've felt for a long time that there should be more cross-over between DJs dee-jaying in the straight and gay scene.

i did something incredibly dumb

like wait too long to job hunt. but. something incredibly smart i did investment-wise when i lived in DC is saving my stupid butt. nuff said. i'm OK ppl. and not worried. i will be fine again soon and have an important job interview friday.

i also wanted to say happy b-day to teen-bean. TJ. welcome to the sexy women of 33 club. you've earned it.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I just received a form letter from a recruiter telling me I had been scheduled for an interview. We've never met. They told me I had to go to some website to find out what city is when... etc, so forth.

Why would I work with someone who works in such an unprofessional manner? I'm not an animal that needs to be herded. Last time I checked I'm a human being.

leonardo da vinci

all i did yesterday was sit and read and write. i was reading about leonardo da vinci. apparently, he allegedly talked to a pope. presumably pope leo X. he told him he had a dragon in a box. he got the pope good and scared. then he opened the box. out jumps a lizard painted silver with wings taped on it.

ok. not pleasant for said lizard. but. extremely funny you must admit. i love a man with a sense of humour.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

yes we had a show yesterday. i didn't get a chance to e-mail. i had a job interview thursday and put all my energy into it. technical interviews can be a challenge. especially when you get 10 years in your career. they can ask you anything. and do....

Thursday, February 08, 2007

toshiba lap tops

if you get an offer for a really good deal on a n-used toshiba lap top a30-a35 series. don't. i mean really. don't. i have mine with beefed up RAM and it still stinks. granted, it's 3 years old. but still.

i nuked the entire operating system recently and redid everything and it still stinks. i have no databii installed at present and it *still* sinks.

mad props to DJ Tim B

i met him at the local watering hole the other day. he graciously offered to help me solve a computer problem and did so within 24 hours! w00t.

you can check out his music here:

i've earned some good karma

three weeks ago i had what could quite possibly be one of the most difficult of my existence. several of my friends suffered what i term as seriously egregious tragedies. i don't call that many people to be in my close friend circle... but when you get there, i will bend over backwards to help. and i absolutely refuse to turn a back on a friend in need. ever.

i can't really put up what we went through on the internet. even in general terms... i have too much respect for my friend's privacy.

so yesterday i was talking to a recruiter. he asked me why i want to do contracts. i told him about new orleans and how i want to have the flexibility to go back. how i like to have the time to visit my parents on the east coast every so often. how they aren't getting any younger.

we had this long talk about a blind society. one free of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, color, religion, you name it. two great things happened: 1: he's proactively submitting me to a GLBT magazine, and 2) they offered to put me on their health care plan and PTO package as a contractor. that's so rare!

why is 1) great? most of my friends are either gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender. why you ask? so many people are so hung up on sexuality. we're taught it's bad. well i don't believe that. it's healthy. most of my GLBT friends aren't. i can have real dialogues with them about things like sex and it's not taboo. i find them to be way more in touch with themselves. at least my friends are.

so to be able to work at a place where i can do something to help promote GLBT rights and/or awareness is exciting.

i also have another interview this afternoon.

wish me luck.


i was kinda dumb-founded during the presidential address that more people didn't jump on the health care tax thing. i was happy to hear a scathing address from jim hightower this morning regarding the idiotic idea.

ok. tax the middle class who have "gold-plated" policies. what a great idea. no wait, you said you wouldn't raise taxes. whoopsie. but i thought you were an honest guy. *NOT*

and then let's have the poor people who typically have more health problems *buy* a policy. whoopsie.

guess what. in 2003 i had an annual check up on a surgery i had had over 1 year prior. My cobra ran out. I was paying $396/month for said cobra.

kaiser said because i had been to the doctor in the six months prior, that i was uninsurable. come back in a month. i guess bush-whack hasn't had to deal with any real world medical scenarios.

now i'm paying $166.10/month for catastrophic insurance. which means if you have anything up to $2500 it's on you. they negotiate what they like to call discounts for me. well. one time they saved me a whole $25. too bad the rest of the tab was $227.12.

he wants to knock out the middle class. that's his main objective. it's getting more to a dictatorship every minute. he thinks he's getting line item veto. what i think he deserves is closer to the impeachment area.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Clam Win

A friend of mine insists it's the best antivirus software out there. and it's free. my main beef with it is that it takes four hours longer than norton. i have to leave my lap top on for six hours for it to complete. which isn't practical.

especially since my first power cord for this lap top caught on fire. yes, fire. thank god i was home. i started to smell something and looked down and caught the fire before it burned my carpet, my home, and most importantly... my dj equipment.

but the price is right.


when i see a guy is going to ask me out and i'm not interested... i do everything in my power to try to discourage. tactics include ranting about my ex and what he means to be non-stop.

trust me. if i am romantically interested in you... ex-schmex. seriously.

or looking in other directions. or ignoring you.

i guess it's cuz this stuff normally happens in bars... booze clouts the guys judgement.

why? why do i do this? two reasons:

1) a lot of guys mistake my *interest* in talking as a romantic interest. i like talking. i freely admit it.

i'm interested in what makes people tick i'm interested in other individual's experiences and learning from them. it's too bad that a lot of men (not all) don't see anything valuable in a woman outside of dating.

that having been typed.... i have a lot of really wonderful (and yes straight) male friends who don't behave in this way.

2) grudges. seriously. there's a guy that asked me out four years ago and is now living with her. he still makes nasty remarks to me every time i see him. yes, he's a jack arse. and i wish he was an exception to the rule.

just as a heads up... if a girl likes you... you don't have to try to pin her down to kiss her. you don't have to lie. you can just be yourself and it works out just fine.

people. i don't date a lot. i just don't. i don't take people home from parties that i don't know. it's not safe and the idea doesn't appeal to me. i don't pick up boyz in bars. i'm not frigid. just picky.

i don't hook up with boyz i just met on the first night.

sorry. don't take it personally.

yes i have mellowed

but i'm more resolute than ever.

one of my two best friends from university called me friday night to tell me how much he & his wife were living vicariously through me. to say they admired my gutsy choices. it was badly needed support at an opportune moment.

just so everyone knows where i've disappeared off to... i *have* to finish these articles. *have to*.

i'm making a regular rotation of my friends. a wonderful friend of mine suffered a serious tragedy and i want to be there for her. it's the right thing to do. and a lot of people i know are suffering in serious ways. i have the best friends in the universe so naturally i'd do anything for them.

and i'm exercising a boat load while i can and have the time to. i'm about ready to go back to work again and i want to cherish the opportunities i have while i have them.

give me a call! you have my digits.

technical difficulties...erp

for those of you who don't know, we had technical difficulties again last week. the only consolation prize for me is that i drove. i weigh 120 pounds. records weigh about 50. you do the math. it's freaking heavy. even with wheelie-ma-bobbers... getting the records up and down stairs and such without bludgeoning myself is an art form in and of itself.

Friday, February 02, 2007

[2/2] on

Thanks so much for your well wishes. I battled a stomach flu/cold off & on for two weeks. I was a tad on the skinny side there. Fortunately I just have cold remnants now. I have stocked my fridge with good food and am eating healthy once again.

I'm ready to play again. I will be playing with some new sound styles today and breaking out some seriously old skool sheet. Like, stuff from when I was born... 16 years ago ;-).


What: DJ Zenith on

Where: I repeat:

When: 12 January, 3 - 5 PM PT --> West Coast
6 - 8 PM ET --> East Coast
12 AM - 2 AM Paris, Amsterdam, Remini

PS -- Just so you know. There's usually no one there before me. So if you get on before 3 and I'm not there, it's cuz we haven't started, yet. In this case, the player will shut down on you. Typically, I've been on before three but not always.