Tuesday, February 20, 2007

top 5 ways to get yourself dumped as my recruiter

5) Interrupt me. Your job is to find me a job I want. If you're not listening, you can't possibly do that.

4) Leave a voice mail and mark it urgent. If your client plans so poorly that they will drop over if I don't call you in an hour... then I most definitely don't want to work there. My life would become h*ll.

3) Say my name is Stephen. Your brain is blown by the fact that a woman could actually be in IT so my name must be Stephen. I excuse the French for this faux pas though... Yes, I have heard from Paris. Why? You remove an i from my name and it is Stephen in a french spelling.

2) Call me five times in a day, sometimes once per hour. It's bad phone etiquette. I don't reward harassment.

1) I used to write resumes professionally. I have a very good resume. You are getting a cut off of every hour *I* work (while you are sitting on your lazy butt). The only thing you are actually doing is a) reading my resume and b) passing it off to your client. If you tell me it would be easier that you didn't have to read my resume as in you are that freaking lazy and I should tell you what's in it. *NO* Your contribution is so little already.

The amazing thing is all this is standard common sense and better than that... it's common courtesy. My family came up from the south. You had better never forget your common courtesy. Not if you want to work with me.

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DJ Zenith said...

funny. right after i made this post, someone called, left me a message, and called me stephen.