Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i learn a ton of new things every day

yesterday i completely screwed a phone screen. well, not completely. but there is one question i didn't answer but it was so completely simple. my gutt said they weren't a place for me to work anyway so i am not sweating it too much.

i'm happy for the experience. i spent this AM developing some test software to prove a concept i had in mind and it was good to get my hands dirty.

its the people stuff that constantly schools me. i met a girl last night from montana. i told her what other people told me when i came to town. i have been here over four years. it takes one year for people to even take you seriously. that's because this town is so completely transient.

i'm still learning the game. everyone is super friendly but don't take that to mean anything deep.
and finally. you have to pick and choose your battles. it takes a lot to get me to stand up and fight. but when i do, look out. i'm serious. i'll take it to the mat at all costs.

who's my target you ask? my slum lord. i am using every legal recourse at my disposal to get my slum lords. enough is enough. i have taken more than my fair share of law classes. the tenant's board is there to protect me. i suspect that i will be getting out of next month's rent.

document. document. document.

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