Tuesday, February 06, 2007


when i see a guy is going to ask me out and i'm not interested... i do everything in my power to try to discourage. tactics include ranting about my ex and what he means to be non-stop.

trust me. if i am romantically interested in you... ex-schmex. seriously.

or looking in other directions. or ignoring you.

i guess it's cuz this stuff normally happens in bars... booze clouts the guys judgement.

why? why do i do this? two reasons:

1) a lot of guys mistake my *interest* in talking as a romantic interest. i like talking. i freely admit it.

i'm interested in what makes people tick i'm interested in other individual's experiences and learning from them. it's too bad that a lot of men (not all) don't see anything valuable in a woman outside of dating.

that having been typed.... i have a lot of really wonderful (and yes straight) male friends who don't behave in this way.

2) grudges. seriously. there's a guy that asked me out four years ago and is now living with her. he still makes nasty remarks to me every time i see him. yes, he's a jack arse. and i wish he was an exception to the rule.

just as a heads up... if a girl likes you... you don't have to try to pin her down to kiss her. you don't have to lie. you can just be yourself and it works out just fine.

people. i don't date a lot. i just don't. i don't take people home from parties that i don't know. it's not safe and the idea doesn't appeal to me. i don't pick up boyz in bars. i'm not frigid. just picky.

i don't hook up with boyz i just met on the first night.

sorry. don't take it personally.

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