Wednesday, January 30, 2008

save 22 February for me! (and my friends)

Get it while it's hot!

Friday 22 February @ Temple it will be:

O'Henry (Stirty Beats)
Lil' Chris (Stirty Beats)
DJ Zenith (Zenomena, Funkentanzen)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

mad, unbelieveable props

ok, so my friend gave me... just gave me a 250GB USB external hard drive and wireless router. i knew he was cool when we walked into Fry's and he turns to me to ask me... what are we looking for first??? your RAM? well you go all the way down this aisle to the end and turn left and ask the guy at the desk... he'll help you!

ok. holy sh*t. guy's got Fry's memorized.

and he's an awesome cook, too. he feeds me every time he sees me. and he's got two awesome dogs, coal and shadow.

did i mention the mechanical massage chair with hella settings and up to 15 minute intervals? the thing sucked me in for over an hour the other night....

ok people, don't be jealous just cuz my friend's awesome and he's not your friend. don't be jealous!

A... you rock it.

what a stooge!

so john kerry has his revenge on Hillary. She had the nerve to comment on a comment that John Kerry made that was inappropriate.... I'm going to go out on a limb here and weigh in on Hillary's side... What did John Kerry say???

Something to the effect of: "If students don't study hard enough then they can go fight in Iraq."

yeah. you big dummy.

I realize John Kerry is supposed to be some intellect but in people smarts... i give him the two thumbs down. But we have the 2004 election as our proof.

i'm not saying who i'm voting for in the primary.

the only thing i'm saying is that i'd like to offer john kerry a nice big cup o' "shut the f*ck up."

that is all....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

party 23 February 2008

plans are in the works for me to be throwing an underground at the end of February. i'm still working out the details but stay tuned...


forewarned is forearmed they say :-)

i love the internet

thanks to this site (i have a different model but still...) and my new $7.99 computer tool kit and some new lap top RAM my new lap top has been upgraded from 512 MB of RAM to a speedy 2 GB (ok... not THAT speedy but much better)

i'm so stoked.

next inline is my studio computer which has more RAM then the lap top but definitely could do with some more RAM....

Sunday, January 06, 2008

People Wake Up

i know this is a DJ blog versus a political blog... but it's MY DJ blog. and i'm right there with George McGovern when he says he should impeach President Bush.