Saturday, January 12, 2008

mad, unbelieveable props

ok, so my friend gave me... just gave me a 250GB USB external hard drive and wireless router. i knew he was cool when we walked into Fry's and he turns to me to ask me... what are we looking for first??? your RAM? well you go all the way down this aisle to the end and turn left and ask the guy at the desk... he'll help you!

ok. holy sh*t. guy's got Fry's memorized.

and he's an awesome cook, too. he feeds me every time he sees me. and he's got two awesome dogs, coal and shadow.

did i mention the mechanical massage chair with hella settings and up to 15 minute intervals? the thing sucked me in for over an hour the other night....

ok people, don't be jealous just cuz my friend's awesome and he's not your friend. don't be jealous!

A... you rock it.

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