Saturday, August 25, 2007

my bad!

i *should* have told you that the EOM Sessions go on Deep Mix Doh!

Friday, August 24, 2007

part deux!

last night we had DJ Tsen on the EOM Sessions... He was most excellent! Apparently he has 18 years and boy does it show. That's what I love about the bay area... You go places and hear a jewel such as DJ Tsen.

I hopped on for a half an hour from maybe 10:15 PM or so on....

Mad props to the folks @ the EOM Sessions!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

EOM Sessions

i'm now heading down for the EOM Sessions. I'll have my records but I believe we are giving the stage to another DJ so give it up for him (Holla)

It's a really good time... so if you are down on the peninsula and have the occasion to catch this Thursday night phenomenon (zenomenon) then you should jump to it with both feet.


thanks to those of you who tuned in! Sorry for the late start... Part of it had to do with a stalled car in the left lane on 101. I'm so sorry for that... I had set up a reminder for folks who requested it that I would be on in 15 minutes. Only problem is that went out @ 8:40 AM... I came on @ 10ish. We had a few technical difficulties and then I was on my way.

It was about 30 minutes or so in before I finally found my groove and away we went...

I promised JC info about one track. If he checks his inbox he'll find the 4-1-1. A lady never kisses & tells on the internet. But the label for the curious is Mothership. That's all I'll say....

Thanks again... Twas fun.

For me these days, playing is the closest I get to heaven on earth.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

EOM Sessions part 1 post mortem

I'm listening to my EOM Sessions. The set is riddled with energy so far. Two serious technical difficulties. ARGH. And it's the first recording I have of myself in machine mode...

What is machine mode? Just what I described above: lots of loose (& sometimes misdirected) energy. Energy comes better with relaxation and flow.

Aww, shucks. If my memory serves me correctly, I settle it down and it gets nice which is probably why I walked away with such good memories.

I have a feeling I'll be posting some of this. The interview was pretty funny. That may get posted.

holey b00ts batman!

i spent money on Burning Man-esque things this month. The only problem is uh... that I'm not going to Burning Man.

This very second I am breaking in these lil' beauties:

I got the ones with the black glitter, for the curious. They have 5 1/4" yes 5 1/4" heels. They are platforms. But wow! And yes the star cutout in the heel is for real.

EOM Sessions

i'll be heading down to the EOM Sessions this Thursday night. Not to play, just to hang out. I saw the boyz recently. I felt pretty bad when I saw them... I've been fighting off a head cold but they are awesome company! Thanks to A., P., C. for being adoreable and fun as always!

They have turned it into a cheffing festival as well. They asked me to mail them my food ideas... You bet. I love them. They have a new cat apparently that thinks he's a dog. And there's always Stella the wonder-dog who loves to goose folks in the armmpit when they dig for records. A second favourite pasttime is sitting on feet.

I'm currently reviewing my 14 June set and interview from the show as I type this post. Mad props to the boyz for doing what they do so well.

EOM Sessions, here I come!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


so this is my second time climbing with my boss, his fiancee, coworkers, etc. i feel as if climbing is teaching me everything i need to know...

coworker dynamics... you learn a lot about yourself when your peer has a looottt more experience than you and you have to take the back seat as a novice... after 10+ years in the IT field you learn your technical confidence. it's hard to start over. but humbling and worth it...

patience. climbing isn't like running. you have to trust the rope and the person doing belay. you don't just plod through any old way like running. it's deliberate. you have to allow yourself to rest in a position hanging off of a rock. and you have to perservere... period.

it's a serious mental challenge. not to mention stomach marathon.

i just in-haled a bowl of yake udon. inhaled. burp.

a friend of mine from Paris

i found an english friend of mine that i met in Paris had linked up to my blog... so we return the favour...

now where are your pics mister???!!!

he's in Toronto @ present and as it would seem has a little bit of the wander lust... check out his blog.