Monday, April 27, 2009

are my travel plans farked???!!!!

see subject. SHIZNIT

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Howdy Folks

So right now I'm busy stuffing the new 91 trax I have into my brain. Part of DJing for me is this memorization ritual.

Obviously, it's impossible to memorize anything. But you have to understand what a track's about and how you feel when you play it. DJing is about creating a mood the crowd will enjoy. One where they want to dance and smile and laugh.

Dancing takes you to another place. My new tracks are ridiculously sick. If you could see me right now, you'd see I'm smiling widely

I'm getting ready to go out. It seems like so much of my energy is spent motivating to go out. I'd prefer to be by myself for a bit right now playing music... But since I'm travelling it's time to get the best out of every place. Saturday nights are for dance music.

When the travelling's done I'll be ready to get things going. I'm looking to throw a party in June so stay tuned

Friday, April 24, 2009


Seriously. I mean it. This clip from Gui Boratto in San Francisco is really, really, really bitchin'. Gui really ripped it up. Truthfully, I don't like most live performers but he was most excellent. I was exhausted and I'd start to leave and he'd yank me back in


we're dog-sitting this little bundle of trouble who refuses to detach himself from my lap. which is a little tricksy... white dog hair, black velvet courduroy... not so much

i have taught him sit and lay down so far. he's getting fat from all the treats....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This should be sufficiently interesting

So tomorrow or actually in wayyyy less than 12 hours I will see someone I haven't seen in umpty-ump years. I am serious. A long freaking time

I think 18 years it's been since I"ve seen this person. I also gave significant thought to contacting my college sweetheart, too. But after second thought.... NOPE. Not such a good idea. I'm sure he has the same hair cut he's had his entire life. and who knows why i even give a rat's azz about something so silly anywhosit?

But he's a rich interesting somebody you've all heard of. Why can't I just be a smart little girl and go ahead and take the plunge for money? Why? Why can't I just get with the program?

Working for it is way much harder.


Yeah, didn't want to see the ex. No need to go that far back. Although it would almost be worth it to see the utter look of shock & awe. I mean, i couldn't look anymore different than high school

tomorrow will be good. first meeting with a friend from 18 years ago!

wish me luck

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where am I??

Apparently I'm not allowed to add my own colors to my posts anymore. HURUMPH. FFFFFT

Yesterday I was working on this project house. By the way, none of the pictures in this post are clickable. They're all 400 pixel size only. Sorry, no time for clickable pictures today

Chalmette House

Today, I'm @ one of my two favourite coffee shops in the french quarter.

It's actually a little bit chilly right now. And i'm bundled up a bit. It's early yet.

I fell over in a heap the last few nights. Not from the work on the house... That was easy.

I just needed some rest I think. Being around a lot of people kinda wears me out. Although I must say, i really enjoyed the americorps and project site staff. they were really great

i think i feel this way because of all the all-night dance parties i've been to recently. more than i did all of last year all in 1 month it seems.

my friends get here thursday. happy b-day R!!!! it's french quarter festival. i hope i live through it. what can i say? wish me luck!

Friday, April 03, 2009

WMC 2009: Mobilee Showcase Party, 29 March 2009, Studio K, Miami, FL

Let me shout it from the roof tops! Mobilee Records of Germany in da' heezy! Mad props.

All these DJ/producers are as deadly on the decks as they are in the studios! This was my favourite party of all of WMC. The sound was the best. The people the best. Case in point... I was so tired my eyes were purple-red and i could barely stand up. my feet was sliced from several different pairs of sandals. i was pooped from 3 weeks solid of shift sleeping and all-night dancing compared with a heavy running/walking regimen.

started trying to leave @ 4 AM. actually left round about 6:15 AM. It was that good. See for yo' self! By the way... It sounds a little loud... That's a product of the fact that I'm literally vibrating right in front of the speaker and my camera's fairly sensitive. The sound was great!


This one's pretty awesome too!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Why we do relief work

As I get ready to go back to New Orleans I thought I'd post this clip of a Hurricane Katrina Survivor telling his story. It's easy to wonder why these people haven't been able to rebuild until you take a look @ Eddie. Most people that the relief organization I work with had flood insurance until the federal gov't removed the mandatory flood rider.

This sky-rocketed the price of flood insurance to the point where a lot of people couldn't afford it. Most of these people thought that if the federal government thought it was no longer mandatory, they were safe. They thought wrong.

This is a 7 minute video... FYI