Friday, April 03, 2009

WMC 2009: Mobilee Showcase Party, 29 March 2009, Studio K, Miami, FL

Let me shout it from the roof tops! Mobilee Records of Germany in da' heezy! Mad props.

All these DJ/producers are as deadly on the decks as they are in the studios! This was my favourite party of all of WMC. The sound was the best. The people the best. Case in point... I was so tired my eyes were purple-red and i could barely stand up. my feet was sliced from several different pairs of sandals. i was pooped from 3 weeks solid of shift sleeping and all-night dancing compared with a heavy running/walking regimen.

started trying to leave @ 4 AM. actually left round about 6:15 AM. It was that good. See for yo' self! By the way... It sounds a little loud... That's a product of the fact that I'm literally vibrating right in front of the speaker and my camera's fairly sensitive. The sound was great!


This one's pretty awesome too!

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