Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This should be sufficiently interesting

So tomorrow or actually in wayyyy less than 12 hours I will see someone I haven't seen in umpty-ump years. I am serious. A long freaking time

I think 18 years it's been since I"ve seen this person. I also gave significant thought to contacting my college sweetheart, too. But after second thought.... NOPE. Not such a good idea. I'm sure he has the same hair cut he's had his entire life. and who knows why i even give a rat's azz about something so silly anywhosit?

But he's a rich interesting somebody you've all heard of. Why can't I just be a smart little girl and go ahead and take the plunge for money? Why? Why can't I just get with the program?

Working for it is way much harder.


Yeah, didn't want to see the ex. No need to go that far back. Although it would almost be worth it to see the utter look of shock & awe. I mean, i couldn't look anymore different than high school

tomorrow will be good. first meeting with a friend from 18 years ago!

wish me luck

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