Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where am I??

Apparently I'm not allowed to add my own colors to my posts anymore. HURUMPH. FFFFFT

Yesterday I was working on this project house. By the way, none of the pictures in this post are clickable. They're all 400 pixel size only. Sorry, no time for clickable pictures today

Chalmette House

Today, I'm @ one of my two favourite coffee shops in the french quarter.

It's actually a little bit chilly right now. And i'm bundled up a bit. It's early yet.

I fell over in a heap the last few nights. Not from the work on the house... That was easy.

I just needed some rest I think. Being around a lot of people kinda wears me out. Although I must say, i really enjoyed the americorps and project site staff. they were really great

i think i feel this way because of all the all-night dance parties i've been to recently. more than i did all of last year all in 1 month it seems.

my friends get here thursday. happy b-day R!!!! it's french quarter festival. i hope i live through it. what can i say? wish me luck!

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