Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CD Release: Our Great Green Earth [10.5.07]

Our Great Green Earth is a CD created for the new DJ Collective Boom Boom Woods. These tremendously talented DJs have had an impact on my music. You can hear it for yourself. It's driving from the first minute right to the end. This file is available as a compressed zip archive to promote downloading all the tracks in one click.

Tracks - 320kbps [approx. 147.7 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
Tracks - 128kbps [approx. 70.6 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
Single Track mp3 320kbps [approx. 179.6 megs]: Our Great Green Earth
Single Track mp3 128kbps [approx. 73.6 megs]: Our Great Green Earth

site move complete

so we are officially off of my old hosting provider... Many thanks to the folks at PKR Internet. it's been a good two years. they warned me they were low bandwidth when i put my site there but their CEO is my ex's best buddy from high school and so it goes. he also happens to be in my top 3 list of computer gods so there you have it. and it's nice to have the mobile on the guy hosting your site... kinda like the bat phone and such.

the new peeps @ Penguin Web Hosting have really been bending themselves into a pretzel to support me. and i must say they are fast like speedy gonzalez! no lie.

no more 24 hour downloads. yippee. enjoy.

so fast, so fast, supa fast.

this is how we roll in my neighborhood b*Tch

Saturday, October 20, 2007


i placed an order recently with my ex's (from university) company. i ordered a couple of smart-allecky coffee mugs (WTF and RTFM) and a uber-geeky (yes, i used the word Uber... get over it :-) ) french-cut Pi shirt.

as i was washing one of said coffee mugs i found two sticker on the bottom that read:

1) Made in China (insert loud gasp here)
2) Prop 65
The materials used as colored decorations on the exterior of this product contain lead lead compounds, and/or cadmium, which are chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

things that make you go hmmm.....

what else?

well today i have plans all day long which is why i'm up so freaking early, still.

i want to run and enjoy the weather.

i'm fixing a home computer networking problem.

i've uploaded my dj files at the new provider but i have yet to test/verify/and switch the DNS over. i'm doing the .org first and the rest will follow after.

the new CD, Our Great Green Earth, will be up there for download as soon as it's done!!! then we can verify the download speeds and switch all my domains over.

later today I'll be jamming it out with some of my DJ partners.

tomorrow I'm going to the sunset party with my amiga. you should meet me there.

stay tuned!

Meth Coffee

so my coworker stars in this highly warped video. seriously. it's his company with his better half that makes this highly potent substance. by my third cup... i usually find my lips be a-tingly....

i'm back

i'm up ungodly early this AM (for a saturday, especially). Why???

i'm finishing up with my CD. The sheer task of retracking the version mastered by my DJ partner has been a challenge. I tried to track it in T-racks. For some reason t-racks is determined to put markers in a set spot. so even if i clicked at 6:06 seconds... the track was always going in at 6:28 seconds and there wasn't a darned thing i could do to change that.

so i reverted back to cubase. it's been nothing but troubles here. the tracking i can do just fine but somehow the process of importing what my dj partner did and then trying to track it back out is causing me trouble. i'm not processing it or anything like that... it just ends up roughly sounding like shite.

so now i'm reverting back to the original version to see if perhaps normalizing that and tracking that will yield better results.

sigh. so i'm still a chugging. and i'm drinking my meth coffee.

my next post is going to be about meth coffee

Friday, October 12, 2007

CD almost ready

we worked on it last night. There's more to do. I'm still moving my website. It's taking an obscenely long period of time because my upload speed from home is 384 kbps and I'm uploading 8 - 9 Gigs of files.

we're creating the background images & logos for Boom Boom Woods. I'm hopefully going to finish with my mock up of the splash page this weekend.

Monday, October 08, 2007

site move v2.0

so i'm moving one of my domains to another new hosting provider..... searching for more bandwidth so i can host my posse's stuff here, too. sigh. only 13+ hours left on the upload. only. only. so after i go to work tomorrow sometime it will be uploaded. mostly. sigh. sigh. sigh!

stay tuned. patiently.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

woo-woo-woo woo w00t!

so i recorded my new CD: Our Great Green Earth Friday night. I finished the cover art for said CD. Additionally, I took a few stabs @ the logo for Boom Boom Woods.

I think tomorrow night I will do cover art for you're a star.

I had a great weekend amongst friends and good music. What more could a girl ask for in terms of creative inspiration??!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Congratulations R. & La La

i just wanted to say congrats to my friends R. & La La who are getting married in less than month now! Yeah R & La la!


i recorded a set for Boom Boom Woods last night that is by far the best I have ever done! It will be a few more days before I post it on the internet. I will be turning up the volume on it a little and having it professionally labelled with cover art. Stay tuned!