Friday, February 02, 2007

[2/2] on

Thanks so much for your well wishes. I battled a stomach flu/cold off & on for two weeks. I was a tad on the skinny side there. Fortunately I just have cold remnants now. I have stocked my fridge with good food and am eating healthy once again.

I'm ready to play again. I will be playing with some new sound styles today and breaking out some seriously old skool sheet. Like, stuff from when I was born... 16 years ago ;-).


What: DJ Zenith on

Where: I repeat:

When: 12 January, 3 - 5 PM PT --> West Coast
6 - 8 PM ET --> East Coast
12 AM - 2 AM Paris, Amsterdam, Remini

PS -- Just so you know. There's usually no one there before me. So if you get on before 3 and I'm not there, it's cuz we haven't started, yet. In this case, the player will shut down on you. Typically, I've been on before three but not always.

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